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120 Best Guest Posting Websites List - High DA PA Guest Post Sites list

Guest posting has become a potent tactic for growing one's online profile, connecting with new audiences, and acquiring high-quality backlinks in the rapidly evolving digital environment.

You can establish yourself as an industry authority and expose yourself to a larger public looking for new ideas by submitting high-quality articles to reputable websites.

We have compiled a thorough list of the best 120 guest posting sites that can significantly increase your online authority and visibility to assist you in taking full advantage of this opportunity. Because the guest posting industry is constantly changing, it's essential to research and stays current on the most recent possibilities and trends.

So, let's dive in and unlock the power of guest posting by leveraging these top 120 sites to elevate your online presence. Numerous websites accept guest posts if you're looking for chances.

We'll list the top 120 guest posting sites in this blog post. These websites all have a huge audience and are of a high caliber. Increase the SEO of your website, create backlinks, and reach a larger audience by guest posting on these websites.

120 Best Guest Posting sites List

1. Punnaka.com

Punnaka is a well-known commercial website that covers a variety of topics. An extensive and active readership, the chance to create thought leadership and authority, networking opportunities, cooperation opportunities, and potential SEO advantages through backlinks are just a few perks of guest posting on Punnaka.

Thanks to its well-established reputation and diversified content, Punnaka provides a powerful platform for guest contributors to reach a broad audience, improve their online visibility, and demonstrate their expertise in various subjects.

2. Forbes

Prestigious business publication Forbes welcomes guest posts from recognized authorities. There are many benefits to guest posting on Forbes, including better recognition and credibility in the business world.

Forbes is famous for emphasizing business, investing, finance, and market movements. Furthermore, through backlinks, Forbes' robust internet presence and domain authority help with search engine optimization.

Guest writing on Forbes gives writers tremendous exposure and establishes them as reliable sources for their fields.

3. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is an ideal platform for guest posting due to its dedicated focus on entrepreneurship and wide recognition within the business community.

Experts gain access to a targeted audience of aspiring and established entrepreneurs seeking valuable insights and advice by contributing a guest post to Entrepreneur.

Guest posting on Entrepreneur enhances credibility within the entrepreneurial sphere, demonstrates thought leadership, and provides a platform to connect with like-minded individuals. It enables experts to contribute to the entrepreneurial conversation, inspire others, and attract new business opportunities.

4. Inc.

Reaching a target audience of entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals seeking helpful advice and information with a guest post on Inc. is a great opportunity. Although Inc. mainly publishes articles written by their staff, they accept guest posts relevant to their audience's interests and provide helpful guidance.

Experts can demonstrate their expertise, position themselves as leaders in their fields, and increase their visibility within the entrepreneurial community by submitting a guest article to Inc.

Having a guest post published on Inc. builds credibility, exposes authors to a relevant audience, and may open doors to networking and collaboration with other business professionals.

5. HubSpot 

Inbound marketing and sales platform HubSpot is well-known for its tools and training resources. Guest posting on HubSpot presents a unique chance to connect with a niche group of marketers and companies looking for insightful information and practical advice.

The platform allows guest contributors to share their expertise with a relevant audience and covers various topics, including content marketing, SEO, social media, and sales.

Industry experts and practitioners may increase their credibility, become more visible in the marketing community, and perhaps even draw in new business prospects by writing a guest article for HubSpot.

Guest posting on HubSpot provides:

- A forum for showcasing expertise.

- Establishing thought leadership.

- Establishing connections with other marketing and business professionals.


6. Business Insider

Business Insider is a viral business news and analysis website with a broad readership across different industries and markets. Using Business Insider as a platform for guest posting presents an excellent chance to be seen by a sizable and attentive audience interested in business and financial-related topics.

Though Business Insider mainly consists of its writers' staff, they accept guest posts from professionals in particular sectors. Industry experts can use Business Insider's vast audience by writing guest posts to increase visibility, develop thought leadership, and perhaps even draw in new clients.

A good forum for sharing views and knowledge with an engaged audience is offered by Guest writing on Business Insider.

7. Mashable 

Mashable is a digital media and entertainment website known for its coverage of technology, digital culture, and internet trends. Although Mashable mainly produces its content, they have in the past welcomed guest pieces.

A fantastic opportunity to connect with a tech-savvy audience interested in the newest trends and developments is to guest post on Mashable. Experts can offer their knowledge, ideas, and insights on cutting-edge technology, digital phenomena, and internet culture by writing a guest post for Mashable.

It provides a platform to gain exposure to a large audience, build a reputation within the tech community, and draw new business opportunities, alliances, or collaborations in the digital sphere.

8. Fast Company

Fast Company is a corporate media brand emphasizing innovation, technology, and leadership. A fantastic option to reach their significant readership interested in business trends, entrepreneurship, and social impact is to use Fast Company for guest posting.

Experts and business executives may establish themselves as thought leaders in the business world by writing a guest article for Fast Company and showcasing their distinctive viewpoints and insightful observations.

The benefits of guest posting on Fast Company include:

- Increased credibility.

- Exposure to a large audience of decision-makers and professionals.

- The possibility of networking and cooperation opportunities.

It serves as a forum for the exchange of creative concepts, the igniting of critical debates, and the acknowledgment of colleagues in the business.

9. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is a technology news site renowned for its coverage of the newest trends, products, and companies in the tech sector. Reaching a tech-savvy audience interested in ground-breaking technologies is made possible by using TechCrunch for guest posting.

Even though TechCrunch focuses mainly on the work of its team, they occasionally allow experts and business owners with distinctive perspectives to contribute.

Industry professionals may increase their visibility, establish thought leadership, and demonstrate their knowledge to a highly engaged audience of technology enthusiasts, investors, and business insiders by submitting a guest post to TechCrunch.

Sharing insightful knowledge, igniting debates, and even drawing fresh business leads or alliance possibilities within the tech ecosystem are all made possible by guest posting on TechCrunch.

10. Lifehack 

Lifehack is a helpful site for guest posting, especially for anyone interested in productivity and self-improvement. Using Lifehack for guest posting, you can connect with a motivated audience looking for personal and professional progress and provide valuable tips, tricks, and productivity hacks.

Although Lifehack focuses primarily on its material, they have previously accepted guest contributions, giving professionals a place to share their expertise.

By writing a guest post for Lifehack, people may position themselves as experts in the field of personal development, get their work in front of a committed audience looking for self-improvement advice, and possibly draw in new readers, followers, or clients who are looking to improve their lives Guest posting on Lifehack allows for sharing valuable insights and strategies that can positively impact the lives of readers.

11. Medium 

Medium is an online publishing platform that enables people to express their thoughts, stories, and ideas. It boasts a sizable community of writers and readers and covers many themes.

A benefit of guest writing on Medium is that it exposes you to many interested readers. As a guest author, you may use Medium's platform to demonstrate your knowledge, increase visibility, and establish connections with readers considering the topics you write about.

Furthermore, Medium makes it simple to distribute material and offers chances for networking and collaboration with other authors and thought leaders.

12. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine periodical for online design and development Smashing Magazine. For designers and developers, it offers articles, tutorials, and resources on coding, UX/UI design, and graphic design.

Web design and development professionals may benefit from guest writing for Smashing Magazine. It allows you to present your skills and experience, position yourself as a thought leader, and get in front of a specific group of designers, developers, and tech enthusiasts.

You can establish your reputation, enhance your brand, and even open up new clients or employment chances by submitting quality content to Smashing Magazine.


SitePoint provides web designers, developers, and business owners with tools and information. It offers guides, books, and articles on web development, design, and online business-related issues.

On SitePoint, guest posting has several benefits. It enables you to establish yourself as an authority in your subject by sharing your knowledge with a community of online industry experts and fans.

You can gain recognition, create leads, and build relationships within the web development and design community by publishing valuable and educational material.

Furthermore, the SitePoint platform can offer a beneficial backlink to your website or online portfolio, increasing your online visibility and authority.

14. Search Engine Journal

Leading information and news sources on search engine optimization (SEO), sponsored search, and digital marketing may be found at Search Engine Journal.

It offers articles, guidelines, and market insights to assist marketers in staying current with emerging trends and tactics. A guest post on Search Engine Journal can be a practical approach to demonstrate your SEO and online marketing knowledge.

It offers the chance to reach a sizable audience of professionals and companies looking for reliable data and insights. You can acquire recognition, position yourself as an expert authority, and possibly draw in new customers or business prospects by producing high-quality content.

Additionally, the reputable domain of Search Engine Journal might offer beneficial backlinks to your website, raising its search engine rankings.

15. Copyblogger

The website Copyblogger specializes in copywriting and content marketing. It provides valuable tools, training, and articles to assist writers and marketers in honing their writing abilities, producing engaging content, and developing lucrative internet companies.

Connect with a community of authors, marketers, and businesspeople passionate about content marketing and copywriting by guest posting on Copyblogger.com.

By publishing insightful and educational articles, you can showcase your knowledge, acquire exposure to a specific audience, and draw in potential customers or partners in the online business sector.

Your guest articles will be more credible and well-known thanks to Copyblogger's standing as an authority in the field, and the platform's active community will allow you to network and advance your career.

16. The Guardian  

A reputable international news source that covers a variety of subjects, such as news, politics, culture, technology, and more, is The Guardian. It offers top-notch journalism and has a sizable global readership.

The opportunity to contribute to a renowned platform and connect with a large and diverse readership through guest posting on The Guardian is available.

You can interact with readers interested in current affairs, social issues, and many facets of culture and technology by expressing your opinions and insights through guest articles. Your guest pieces will have more credibility and visibility because of The Guardian's extensive readership and reputation for high-caliber journalism.

This will allow you to have an impact and draw attention from a wide range of people, including business professionals, influencers, and thought leaders.

17. The Huffington Post

The online commentary site The Huffington Post covers various subjects, including politics, entertainment, lifestyle, and more. It has a wide variety of writers and offers a forum for exchanging viewpoints and thoughts.

You can join a community of voices and contribute to significant discussions by guest writing for The Huffington Post. You can interact with readers interested in current events, cultural trends, and lifestyle subjects by sharing your distinctive perspectives and skills.

The platform of The Huffington Post gives you access to a large and active audience and allows you to connect with people who might have similar interests or different viewpoints.

Additionally, publishing in The Huffington Post can enhance your credibility and provide a platform to showcase your expertise and thought leadership.

18. Moz

Moz is a reputable website in the SEO industry. It provides a collection of SEO resources, tools, and educational materials to assist companies and marketers in raising their search engine rankings and visibility.

You may establish your credibility in the SEO sector and connect with a niche group of individuals and companies looking for trustworthy information and insights by guest writing on Moz.

You can demonstrate your knowledge, offer helpful advice, and draw the attention of potential customers by producing high-quality content. Your guest posts will be more credible and have a greater chance of being shared and acknowledged within the SEO community, thanks to Moz's standing as a reliable source in the area.

Furthermore, guest posting on Moz provides an opportunity to build connections with other SEO experts and practitioners, fostering collaboration and professional growth.

19. Social Media Examiner

Businesses and marketers interested in social media marketing should check out Social Media Examiner. It offers articles, lessons, and market insights to assist companies in using social media platforms for marketing and commercial growth.

You can share your knowledge in social media marketing with a focused audience of business people and professionals by guest posting on Social Media Examiner.

You can become recognized as an expert, draw attention from those looking to improve their social media strategy, and create new leads or business prospects by publishing educational and valuable content.

Social Media Examiner's platform offers visibility and credibility, providing a valuable opportunity to showcase your knowledge, share best practices, and connect with like-minded professionals in the dynamic field of social media marketing.

20. Content Marketing Institute

One of the best resources for content marketers is the Content Marketing Institute. It provides research, training, and instructional materials to assist marketers in producing and distributing valuable content that draws in and engages audiences.

You may establish yourself as a thought leader in content marketing and establish connections with other professionals looking for knowledge in this area by guest posting on Content Marketing Institute.

You can build credibility, draw attention from marketers trying to enhance their content strategies, and widen your business contacts by offering your thoughts, case studies, and helpful advice.

Being featured on the platform of the Content Marketing Institute gives you visibility to a niche group of content marketers and gives you a chance to add to the ongoing discussion surrounding efficient content production, distribution, and audience engagement.

Top 100 Best Guest Posting Websites lists:

There are top 100 Best Guest Posting Websites lists which are as follows:

1. Top Shopping Guest Posting Sites List:


●  No Starch Press

●  Shopplax

●  Dazzling Point

●  Styles Weekly


2. Top travel Guest Posting Sites Lists:

●  Luxurylaunches

●  TravelPulse

●  Asia Times

●  Viator.com

●  Viatoro.com


3. Top food Guest Posting Sites Lists:

●  Muscle & Fitness

●  Food Tank

●  Food Safety News

●  VegNews

●  Kitchen


4. Top Fashion Guest Posting Sites Lists:

●  Business of Fashion

●  Next Luxury

●  College Fashion

●  Fibre2Fashion

●  The Fashion Police


5. Top Blogging Guest posting Sites Lists:

●  Creative Bloq

●  B2Bmarketing

●  Thesitegirls 

●  CoSchedule

●  The Blog Herald


6. Top lifestyle Guest posting Sites Lists:

●  Ultra Updates

●  Pinstripe Magazine

●  JewelsNext


●  The Art of Living Foundation


7. Top entertainment Guest posting Sites Lists:

●  Metro

●  ScreenRant

●  HelloGiggles

●  Autostraddle

●  Contactmusic.com


8. Top education Guest posting Sites Lists:

●  Lean Forward

●  ProProfs

●  EdSurge

●  Edutopia

●  Naukri.com


9. Top casino Guest posting Sites Lists:

●  https://casinotops.online/

●  https://onlinewager.pro/submit-a-guest-post/

●  https://casinopoker.co/

●  https://besttcasino.com/

●  https://1casino.online/


10. Top Poker Guest posting Sites Lists:

●  https://betcoin.bid

●  https://besttfreeslots.com

●  https://askanyquery.com

●  https://1000freeslots.com

●  https://24inside.com


11. Top Cryptocurrency Guest posting Sites Lists:

●  coinDesk

●  CoinTelegraph

●  CryptoCoin News

●  NewsBTC

●  Coinbase

12. Top Digital Marketing Guest posting Sites Lists:

●  Smashing Magazine

●  Business 2 Community

●  ProjectCubicle

●  Business Insider

●  Freshdesk

13. Top health and fitness Guest posting Sites Lists:

●  Mind Body Green

●  Fitness Magazine

●  Breaking Muscle

●  Yoga Basics

●  Wealthy Gorilla

14. Top business and finance Guest posting Sites Lists:


●  Investing.com

●  OilPrice.com

●  openDemocracy

●  Money Crashers

15. Top real estate Guest posting Sites Lists:

●  MyFancyHouse

●  Money Crashers

●  Real Wealth Business

●  Grown and Flown

●  Flex House

16. Top technology Guest posting Sites Lists:

●  Smashing Magazine

●  Tuts+

●  Business 2 Community

●  ProjectCubicle

●  Business Insider

17. Top web design Guest posting Sites Lists:

●  https://wpnewsify.com

●  https://mywptips.com

●  https://www.themecircle.net

●  https://wpreset.com

●  https://www.webfactoryltd.com

18. Top family Guest posting Sites Lists:

●  CafeMom

●  Busy Creating Memories

● TakeLessons

●  Red Letter Christians

●  Working Mother

19. Top photography Guest posting Sites Lists:

●  LightStalking.com

●  Steves-Digicams.com

●  Digital-Photography-School.com

●  iHeartFaces.com

●  PhotoPoly.net

20. Top Dogs and Pets Guest posting Sites Lists:

●  Listverse

●  One Green Planet

●  The Spruce Pets

●  Petfinder

●  Petful



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