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About us

punnaka.com provides malls information, it's a mall\r\ndirectory and a local business directory. Now it's the free local business\r\nlisting directory. Here customers can come to know about what’s happening in\r\nmalls.

In order to make sure the customer prefers visiting a\r\nmall, he or she must be aware of all the malls with their brands, offers,\r\ndiscounts, events, promotions, theme and look forward to experiencing their\r\nservices. Here we provide essential information, which makes it easier for\r\ncustomers and they can take advantage of the smooth customer service and\r\nsatisfaction.


It is the right place to know about all the happenings in\r\nthe malls as it helps in creating brand awareness as well. The customer can\r\ngive their feedbacks for other customers who will be approaching the same.\r\nRetailers or brands can post their job openings, retail job seekers can get to\r\nknow about postings for any job vacancies.