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Top 21 Best Blogging Site List

Those individuals who have been offered the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the processes of the world of words often find that the therapeutic process of writing may be highly relieving. 

People like that often seek peace by writing down their thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

A few decades ago, the ideal way to communicate these ideas was in the form of books or entries in a diary;

however, the popularity of writing skyrocketed after the advent of platforms for Blogging.

Out of the 1.9 billion websites that are currently available online, there are around 600 million blogs,

as stated in a report. Businesses use blogs to promote content and increase brand awareness;

creative writing is only one of the many uses for blogs.

This blog post will discuss the top 20 best Blogging site list and their available features.


1. Punnaka.com

This is the best platform to promote your business through an article published on this website.

The punnaka.com platform posts articles on business, beauty, education, food, health, holiday,

technology, software, shopping, marketing, digital marketing, travel, services, and other general categories.

They allow two do-follow links per post; the article will be permanent. The article will be Google Indexed as per Google norms.


Features of punnaka.com include:

● This is an excellent platform for promoting your business through article publication, business listing, offers, coupon listing, and more.

● It allows you to design many pages with a dynamic layout. This can make your blog website look very professional and eye-catching. 

● If you want to publish an article or blog on punnaka.com, email [email protected] for article publication.

● They also display offers, coupons, and vouchers on punnaka.com; you must email them to display your business and brand offers and coupons.

● They also feature business listing services; you can email them for activation of business listing in the punnaka.com



2. WordPress 

WordPress has established itself in the Blogging world in the last half-decade as no one else has.

According to a recent report, there are around 60 million blogs on WordPress.

For those who need to become more familiar with this, it is an open-source CMS (Content Management System) invented in 2003. 


Features of WordPress include: 

● WordPress allows you to host your web pages on your self-hosting platform. It allows you to keep your data safe. 

● It allows you to design many pages with a dynamic layout. This can make your blog website look very professional and eye-catching. 

● There is no requirement for code in designing the website on WordPress.

It lets you install plugins on your website's cpanel or control panel. With the help of plugins, you can add many features. 


3. Wix

Wix is a free website designing tool that can be easily installed and managed by someone with zero experience in coding.

It was introduced in the year 2006 in Tel Aviv.

It provides a drag-and-drop feature, so there is no headache with backend development. 


Features of Wix include: 

● Wix gives you the option of using 800+ themes and templates. It can save you time in designing. 

● It also renders DDoS (Distributed-Denial-of-Service) protection. 

● The data on Wix can be easily managed and saved, as it has an in-built recovery system. 

● Provides good security. 


4. Blogger

Blogger.com was launched in 1999. Even though its popularity has decreased recently,

Blogger remains one of the oldest free blog platforms available.

It provides a selection of themes for users, each with a unique skin,

sophisticated color sorting, and several different minimalistic widgets.

However, there will be no complex customization or anything overly creative. 


Features of Blogger include: 

● Private blogs can be written on blogger.com. 

● The blogger addresses can be modified according to the geographical location.

● Allows raw conversions 


5. Linkedin 

Although many people would not agree to consider Linkedin as a blogging platform,

nobody can repudiate that the business world exists on this platform.

The content marketing strategy is used quite successfully on Linkedin.

There are around 30 million businesses active on it. If Blogging is to be done in the field of business, there is no parallel to LinkedIn. 


Features of Linkedin include: 

● Like a social media platform, writing is relatively straightforward. 

● There is no requirement for design; hence, a writer can focus entirely on writing without wasting time on design strategy. 

● The algorithm of post virality is better on Linkedin, and hence there are higher chances of consumer engagement. 


6. Medium 

Medium is an open-access publishing platform where users may share their thoughts on various topics.

The main benefit of using Medium instead of one of the many other free blogging platforms is that a large audience will see your posts. 


Features of Medium include: 

● The editing panel of Medium is very friendly, and one can go through all the features without learning coding.

● Customizations can also be made in the form of blog layouts. 

● Automated story description feature is also there. 


7. Ghost 

Ghost is a popular writing platform that helps you design customized websites with many fancy features.

The installation process of Ghost is somewhat complicated, but once the site is built, the control panel has easy navigation. 


Features of Ghost include: 

● Post scheduling is a pop feature in Ghost. 

● Backups are automatically created. 

● Ghost also provides tools for search engine optimization. 

● Role-based permissions are provided through cpanel. 


8. Joomla 

Compared to the other free blog sites out there, Joomla is analogous to WordPress.org, but it is less widely used than the former.

The software can be downloaded for free, but you must pay for hosting and a domain name.

In terms of how simple it is to use, the platform offers a classic editor that is similar to Microsoft Word in specific ways.

It provides options for the font, color, size, emoticons, tables, and backdrop that you can select.

To clarify, the tools in the menu give the impression that you are working in a Word window.


Features of Joomla include: 

● Just like Ghost, post-scheduling is also provided by Joomla. 

● The control panel is easily navigable. 

● There is no need for coding knowledge to manage websites on Joomla. 


9. Jimdo

Jimdo provides a tool for creating websites.

You may build a free website, blog, or online store to serve whatever function you choose with the assistance of this tool.

It is a blogging platform that is perfect for use by smaller companies.

Jimdo is much more than simply another example of a free website for Blogging.

However, considering Jimdo's rudimentary capabilities, weblogs come highly recommended for use with the free edition of the service.


Features of Jimdo include: 

● No coding knowledge is required.

● Everything is done on the front end, giving you a better design experience.

● The site is highly optimized for mobile users. 

● When you have the premium version of Jimdo, you can access unlimited storage.


10. Weekly 

Weebly is a tool for creating websites that is simple to use and allows for drag-and-drop functionality.

This blogging platform provides you with fifty different pre-designed themes that you may modify to build a blog that is unique to your company.

It is another website builder that not only allows you to blog but also allows you to sell things or present your portfolio.


Features of Weekbly include: 

● No coding experience is required. 

● The blog template can be edited later. 

● Highly customizable for SEO. 

● Free plan option can be availed for learning the atmosphere of this platform. 


11. Squarespace

Squarespace is a platform for building websites that is well-known for having templates built by professionals.

This application gives you hosting, templates, and themes for your blog, all in one easy-to-use package.

CMS, online shopping cart software, and customer service are all rolled into one package.


Features of Squarespace include:

● Squarespace allows you to add custom CSS codes. Through this, the functionality of the website increases. 

● Content framework can be architectured according to the needs. 

● The platform is highly synchronized with social media and thus allows good optimization. 


12. Tumblr

Tumblr is now one of the top free platforms for Blogging.

It provides a centralized dashboard from which you may upload multimedia information to microblogs and social platforms.

Tumbler allows you to manage many accounts and monitor your content calendar in one place.


Features of Tumblr include: 

● a fantastic feature of Tumblr is that it automatically posts the blog on Facebook and Twitter.

● Post scheduling feature is also available here. 

● Pages for the blogs can be customized. 


13. Typepad

Various companies of all sizes publish their blogs on the trustworthy platform Typepad provides.

The framework gives users control over the designs of their websites, as well as individual articles and web pages.

It is one of the greatest free blog sites, allowing you to choose the Blogging approach that works best for your website.


Features of Typepad include: 

● The UI of Typepad is beautiful and thus helps to maintain a reading environment for the readers. 

● Easily navigable admin panel. 

● Reader's financial contribution option is also available on this platform. 

● SEO tools are available on Typepad and help rank better on Google. 


14. Drupal 

Drupal is an online content management system (CMS) that is open-source and free to use.

It was created in PHP and is provided under the GNU General Public License.

A minimum of 1.2% of the top 10 million websites in the world are powered by an open-source backend architecture provided by Drupal.

These websites range from individual blogs to corporate, political, and government websites.


Features of Drupal include: 

● Drupal gives you access to more than one thousand themes. 

● The scalability of Drupal is far better. 

● Websites are customizable. 

● Easily ranked on Google. 


15. Postach 

Postach.io is a service that assists users in transforming their notebooks into aesthetically pleasing websites or blogs.

Users may create fresh articles or sections and post them regardless of whether they are available on the desktop.

It can be easily navigated and controlled through mobile devices. 


Features of postach.io include:

● The source code can be easily accessed. 

● The platform provides options for branding the product. 

● The custom domain option is also available. 


16. Svbtle

Svbtle is a Blogging tool that assists users in collecting and curating thoughts,

developing those ideas into posts, and publishing when they are prepared.

This writing framework was developed from the bottom up to function precisely as your brain operates.


Features of Svbtle include: 

● The content, once published on Svbtle, will permanently remain on the internet. 

● The web designs can be customized according to your business needs. 

● Handles uploaded photos and embedded videos from websites like YouTube and Vimeo.


17. Write.as

Write. as is an online space for authors and publishers that emphasizes protecting the author's privacy.

This instrument helps you differentiate between reading and composing.

You may rest easy knowing that you won't be sidetracked by alerts concerning likes and comments. 


Features of write.as include: 

● Individual articles can be published here.

● Good for both writers and readers. 

● No coding is required to manage the platform. 


18. Site123

It is an easily navigable platform for website building in less time.

Aside from Blogging, small business websites or eCommerce stores can also be created on it. 


Features of Site123 include: 

● Search Engine Optimization friendly websites. 

● 250+ themes are available on the platform, which can be used for further modifications. 

● Websites built on Site123 are responsive on all devices. 


19. Jekyll

Jekyll is a website generator that only creates static pages. It allows you to write text using the markup language of your choice.

It is one of the most excellent free blogging platforms available,

and it enables users to construct static websites using templates and layouts.

You can customize the appearance of your site's URL, the data displayed on the site, and other aspects of the site.


Features of Jekyll include: 

● Jekyll has Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets (SaAs) and CoffeeScript support.

● Content can be imported from WordPress and can be used here. 

● Jekyll is known to have been the quickest provider of a blog webpage. 


20. Hubspot 

The HubSpot Content Management System (CMS) is a highly effective and reliable CMS platform designed with marketers and developers in mind.

The drag-and-drop functionality of HubSpot's website builder makes it simple for casual bloggers to take advantage of the company's comprehensive promotional ecosystem. 


Features of Jekyll include: 

● SEO-friendly frameworks. 

● Themes can be customized according to requirements. 

● Marketing tools are embedded, such as; email marketing, lead generation, etc. 


21. Web.com

Another well-known website builder and writing framework, Web.com,

enables you to build your website or blog with only a few mouse clicks in minutes.

Although it is less potent than Wix, it offers many features that make it appealing.

One of the most remarkable things about Web.com is how easy it is to use,

which is one of the reasons why some people may choose Web.com over WordPress for uncomplicated websites. 


Features of web.com include: 

● Many free themes are available for customization. 

● The hosting is already included. 

● The design is supposed to be done on the front end. Therefore, the drag-and-drop option is preferred by non-technical users. 



Have you decided to embark on a career as a writer?

If you already have a blogging platform, the question is whether or not you discovered anything fascinating in the blog that was just read.

Are you considering moving to a different platform for your writing?

If this is the case, you may get in touch with us to find out more about the benefits and drawbacks of each of the different platforms.

Depending on the project's goals, the appropriate framework must be selected.

A website that is optimized for those aims will be established.

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