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Top 20 Best Guest Posting Sites in Norway


Guest posting effectively expands your online presence and improves your website's search engine ranking. In Norway, many websites accept guest posts on various topics. If you want to boost your SEO efforts and gain exposure for your brand in Norway, it's essential to know which websites are the most popular and well-respected. In this blog post, we will highlight the top 20 Best Guest Posting Websites in Norway, providing a comprehensive guide to the best platforms for guest posting in the country. Whether you're a blogger, marketer, or business owner, this list is invaluable for connecting with a Norwegian audience.


Why do people do guest posting?


Guest posting is a widespread practice among bloggers, marketers, and business owners for several reasons. Firstly, it allows them to reach a new and potentially larger audience by tapping into the readership of other websites. By posting on a high-traffic website, they can attract more visitors to their website or blog, increasing their online visibility and brand awareness.


Secondly, guest posting can help improve a website's search engine ranking. When a website links to your content in its guest post, it signals to search engines that it is authoritative and relevant, enhancing your website's ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).


Thirdly, guest posting allows one to establish oneself as an expert in a particular industry or niche. Authors can build credibility and authority by contributing high-quality content to other websites, leading to more collaboration opportunities, speaking engagements, and other business ventures.


Overall, guest posting is valuable for those looking to increase their online visibility, improve their search engine ranking, and establish themselves as industry experts.


The 20 Best Guest Post Website in Norway

1. Punnaka.com

Punnaka.com is a website available for guest post submission in Norway. It is an excellent platform for writers, bloggers, and content creators to showcase their work and reach out to an international audience of readers. Punnaka.com offers high-quality content from all over the world, including local authors from Norway. We are publishing guest posts to Punnaka.com, making it an affordable way to share your work with thousands of viewers around the globe. 


They accept content on general topics like, Online Shopping, Shopping, Business, Education, Technology, Beauty, Travel, Holiday, Health, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Services, Human Resources and more.


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If you want to publish an article or blogs on any interesting topics in punnaka.com then email at [email protected]


2. socialbarrel.com

Guest posting on SocialBarrel.com can benefit businesses and individuals looking to increase their online visibility.

It allows them to reach a larger audience of tech-savvy individuals interested in social media and technology.

Guest posting on SocialBarrel.com can improve a website's search engine ranking by providing a high-quality backlink to the author's website.

Guest posting on SocialBarrel.com can help establish the author as an authority in their field, leading to more business opportunities and collaborations.


3. rionews.com.ua

Suppose you are interested in submitting a guest post to Rionews.com.ua from Norway. In that case, it's essential to review their guest posting guidelines carefully and ensure that your content is relevant to their audience. By following these guidelines and submitting high-quality content, you can increase your chances of being accepted as a guest contributor on Rionews.com.ua and benefit from the exposure and credibility that comes with it.


4. musclecarszone.com

MuscleCarsZone.com is a popular automotive website that caters to car enthusiasts and lovers of muscle cars. The website features articles and videos on various topics related to muscle cars, including car reviews, car modifications, news, and events. The website has a large readership and a solid social media presence, making it an excellent platform for guest posting.


5. travel.prwave.ro

This website offers valuable information for travelers looking for inspiration and guidance for planning their trips. Photos accompany the blog posts, and there is also a section with travel tips and recommendations. You can also do guest posting here.


6. virascoop.com

A perfect website for guest posting in Norway. The website is a news and entertainment website that covers a variety of topics such as politics, lifestyle, sports, health, and technology. The website features articles, videos, and images that aim to inform, entertain, and engage its audience.


7. litabi.com

This website is a language learning platform that offers a range of courses and resources for individuals interested in improving their language skills. The platform provides English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic courses.


The website provides a range of features to assist learners in their language learning journey, such as interactive exercises, quizzes, and tests to improve vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Additionally, the website offers a blog section where learners can find helpful tips and advice to aid their language learning process.


8. nepalvisitors.com

The website offers comprehensive information about Nepal as a travel destination, including activities, accommodations, and sightseeing recommendations. This website is available for guest posts. Additionally, the website provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for travelers to search for and book tour packages and accommodations.


9. celebcrunch.net

The entertainment and guest post website features news and articles about celebrities and pop culture. The website includes sections such as "Celebrity News," "Fashion," "Entertainment," and "Beauty," among others. You can use these categories for guest posting.


10. Counteract.co

Counteract.co is an online resource for people in Norway interested in submitting guest post content. It offers an easy-to-use platform that allows contributors to share their knowledge, wisdom, and unique perspectives with a broad audience. Not only can readers benefit from the free articles, but they can also connect with others on the site and even publish their work.


11. thereviewsarein.com

The website https://thereviewsarein.com/ provides a unique platform for guest posting in Norway. It allows users to submit their content to be reviewed and published, enabling them to connect with the local Norwegian audience and build relationships with potential customers. The website is also very user-friendly, making it easy for people of any experience level to post their content quickly and effectively.


12. thedaisycutter.co.uk

The Daisy Cutter is an excellent website available for guest posts in Norway. The platform has become a popular destination for many Norwegian bloggers, entrepreneurs, and content creators. The site offers a variety of topics related to lifestyle and wellness, giving members access to helpful information about health and living healthier lives. Additionally, Daisy Cutter allows contributors to post their original content on various topics, such as travel, business, finance, and more. 


13. just-football.com

Just Football is a popular website catering to those interested in football, especially in Norway. The website offers news and opinions on the world's most popular sport and has been featured in major publications such as The Guardian, ESPN, and Premier League. For those looking to contribute content, Just Football also offers the chance to become a guest contributor.


14. handzaround.com

HandzAround is the premier destination for guest posts in Norway. It provides writers, bloggers, and influencers with a comprehensive platform to create unique and engaging content with high-quality visuals and imagery. The website offers an easy-to-use interface that allows users to quickly add content without understanding any coding or programming. With its extensive library of articles, videos, images, and infographics, HandzAround enables users to create compelling content that can be shared on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. 


15. Barzrul.com

Barzrul.com is an online platform for guest posting in Norway, providing a space for writers and content creators to share their ideas and experiences with the world. With its one-click submission system, it has become an easy way to get published in no time. Barzrul also offers a wide range of topics to choose from and guarantees quality control through a thorough editorial process that ensures all blog posts are of the highest standards.


16. UnderstandingItaly.com

UnderstandingItaly.com is an online resource that provides visitors with information about Italy's culture, history, cuisine, and travel. UnderstandingItaly.com welcomes guest post submissions from authors in Norway and worldwide who have knowledge and experience that adds to the conversation about Italy. With its rich cultural traditions and exquisite sights, this website is a great place for guest writers to share their expertise on what makes Italy unique. 


17. The-art-world.com

The-art-world.com is an excellent website for those interested in art in Norway. It offers a platform to find the latest news, reviews, and updates about the Norwegian art world. It also allows guest posters to write about their experiences and opinions about the arts in Norway. This website provides comprehensive information about exhibitions, galleries, and events in the country. 


18. Organisedeveryday.com

Organisedeveryday.com is a website dedicated to helping people organize their everyday lives and tasks. It provides a platform where guest posters can submit content related to organizing and productivity in Norway, tailored to the Norwegian audience. Through this website, users can gain more insight into simplifying their daily routines and creating effective habits that serve them in their everyday lives. 


19. nettnord.no

Nettnord.no is a prominent news source for Norwegians and those interested in Norway-specific coverage. It is one of the country's most popular online media sources and provides news, analysis, and opinion on current affairs, politics, culture, and lifestyle. As well as this, the website also offers guest posting services to those wishing to express their ideas and promote their work. 


20. kinfolklife.com

Kinfolklife is a website dedicated to promoting the Norwegian lifestyle and culture. This website offers visitors the chance to discover interesting stories, experiences, and insights from locals in Norway. The site also provides guest post opportunities to share their unique perspectives about the country. Guest posts are great for showing your expertise or knowledge about Norway's culture, people, and places. Kinfolklife encourages writers from all backgrounds to submit their stories or ideas to be shared with others.


These are the top 20 best guest post websites in Norway.

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