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The top websites in Kenya are related to electronic media and news channels. Some of the top guest posting websites are related to the Niche of Business and finance. But most of the websites in Kenya are related to the News and current affairs. This is due to the influx of the News industry in Kenya, and every Newspaper media house has now established a News Channel. This is one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya. 

The spread of cable TV and the reach of the Internet has made it possible for media houses to invest in the news industry. The other factor for the investment in the News industry is the uncertain political situation of the country. Everybody wants to listen to the news to know what the current situation is in the country.


This article gives a list of the top 20 guest post websites in Kenya.

1. The Star Kenya (the-star.co.ke)

The Star Kenya (the-star.co.ke) is a leading news website in Kenya covering a wide range of topics like news, business, and lifestyle.

2. Nation Africa (nation.africa)

The Nation Africa (nation. Africa) offers thorough news coverage, including politics, sports, business, and current affairs. There are always real-time updates on the website, like breaking news, to keep the reader well informed. 

3. Standard Digital (standardmedia.co.ke)

The Standard Digital (standardmedia.co.ke) is a news website accepting guest post articles on different topics. Bangla Tribune predominantly presents its content in the African language, reflecting the extensive presence of the Bengali population. The range of topics on the website includes national and international news and current affairs updates.

4. Bizna Kenya (biznakenya.com)

Bizna Kenya (biznakenya.com) is a business news website focusing on entrepreneurship and Kenya's economic condition. Suppose you are interested in knowing the latest economic conditions in Kenya. The Bizna Kenya is one of the best platforms for knowing the economic location of the country.

5. Kachwanya (kachwanya.com)

The Kachwanya (kachwanya.com) blog provides information about Kenya's ecosystem. The diversity of life in Kenya is excellent; hundreds of species live on the continent. The most attractive species are living in the Kenyana ecosystem.

6. Hapa Kenya (hapakenya.com)

The website covers technology, lifestyle, and current affairs in the country. You should know the recent developments in the region, and then the website is an excellent asset for the viewers.

7. KenyaMoja (kenyamoja.com)

The KenyaMoja (kenyamoja.com) is a news website accepting blog posts on current affairs, politics, and business. The latest news and developments in the country are accessed in this blog.

8. Kenyan Wallstreet (kenyanwallstreet.com)

The Kenyan Wallstreet (kenyanwallstreet.com) specializes in presenting the latest financial news in the region. If you want to know the latest developments in commerce and finance, then the website is created for you.

9. Nairobi Wire (nairobiwire.com)

The Nairobi Wire (nairobiwire.com) presents and features the country's trending news, entertainment, and viral content. Trade and commerce are some of the most severe topics in the country today. The reason is that the country is progressing in every aspect of life.

10. Tuko (tuko.co.ke)

The Tuko (tuko.co.ke) is a popular website for news and entertainment in Kenya. Feel free to visit the website and discover the most recent updates on political, financial, and entertainment news. It is an infotainment website that provides the country's latest news and trends.

11. Pulselive Kenya (pulselive.co.ke)

The Pulselive Kenya (pulselive.co.ke) is a trading website, and you can explore various business-related news on the website. Get all the latest information on trade and commerce in the country of Pulse Live Kenya. You can get all the information regarding Keyna's stock exchange and the latest business opportunities in the country. As tourism is a massive industry in the country, the hotel industry is one of the best for investment purposes. 

12. E-LABZ (e-labz.info)

The website is created for the country's technology, business, and IT trends. The website also accepts blog posts and is open for bloggers and content writers on technology, business, and IT trends. Connect to the latest developments in IT and technology in Kenya. 

13. Career Point Kenya (careerpointkenya.co.ke)

Career Point Kenya is a job-related website that provides information on job searches in Kenya. You have the option to look up the most recent details about both public and private sector employment opportunities in the country. If you are searching for the latest job, then the website can assist you in finding one.

14. Kenyan Fix (kenyanfix.com)

The Kenyan Fix (kenyanfix.com) is a news website covering fashion-related topics. The website is also open for blog posts and content writing.

15. Kenya Insights (kenyainsights.com)

The Kenya Insights publishes news and analysis on various topics. You can contact the latest expert opinion on various topics on the website. Kenya is one of the most visited countries by tourists in Africa. The country's Safari is famous due to the diverse population of animals in the region.

16. Afrocave (afrocave.com)

It is a lifestyle blog website and has topics related to fashion news. You can access the website and get information regarding the latest fashion news in the website. Fashion and art are getting their footing in the country due to the revival of order in the region.

17. Techweez (techweez.com)

Techweez (techweez.com) focuses on the latest news and reviews in technology and tech. The reviews are related to tech news and the latest trends in the country.

18. Hepa Kenya (hapakenya.com)

Hapa Kenya (hapakenya.com) is one of the blog websites related to the topic, including technology, current affairs, and lifestyle. You can reach out to the website for publishing your blog post and the latest content writing articles on technology, current affairs, and lifestyle.

19. Urban Kenyans (urbankenyans.com)

Publish content on lifestyle, business, and art in Kenya. The website is one of the relevant sites for the art and culture and represents a diversity of Keyna. People worldwide are interested in Kenya due to its cultural diversity. African content is still holding the same old tribal culture.

20. Kenyans (Kenyans.co.ke)

Kenyans (kenyans.co.ke) is an interactive platform for interactive news in the Kenya. People worldwide are interested in Kenya due to its cultural diversity. African content is still holding the same old tribal culture.



Kenya is one of the most diverse cultures in the world. Tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world; millions of tourists come to the country every year. People around the world are always in search of the latest political conditions in the region. You know there are always disputes and fights in the African content. The tourism industry needs a stable business environment and commencement.

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