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Top 20 guest post websites in Brunei – High DA PA Website List

In this blog post, I'll list the top 20 websites that accept guest posts from Brunei. These websites all have a lot of traffic and are of high quality.


1. Punnaka.com

You may submit articles and blogs to www.punnaka.com for publication on various broad topics, including business, finance, fashion, services, software, education, travel, and more.

Punnaka.com allows you to create permanent do-follow links. The article will be indexed here according to Google guidelines.

If you are interested in publishing an article or blog on www.punnaka.com, please email us at [email protected] with article topics or articles for publishing.



              SEOFISSION provides a platform for guest posting services to increase traffic and bring backlinks to your site.

This is the platform for general or can, say, any guest posting except gambling, adult, or content that are vulnerable or breaks the terms and condition of the site.



              ASEAS is allowed guest posts about southeast region-related topics, whether it is about Southeast Asia, social sciences, area studies, interdisciplinary, open access, cultural and social anthropology, communication, development, geography, cultural studies, regional studies, politics, tourism, etc.


4. Expat

              Expat is a website that provides information and helps those who are living or wishing to live overseas by giving them information and advice about their issue.


5. Singapore Business Review

              Singapore Business Review is the magazine in Singapore for the business best things. This is the only magazine in Singapore that ensures to reach the right decision-makers in the top companies.


6. Borneo Bulletin

              Borneo Bulletin is the oldest news agency in Brunei and a leading English daily news agency in Brunei. Borneo Bulletin is the foremost source of local and foreign affairs and regional business news.

              They are proving platform for business, sports, lifestyle, technology, and entertainment related guest posting service. 


7. Alvinology Media

              Alvinology.com has been blogging since 2007, the site was in the starting stage of blogging as a one-person blog and now it is a full-fledged content writing portal with the professional content staff.


8. Aseanup

              ASEAN UP is a platform that is digitalize thair broadcasts, publishes and provides resources, information and services to empower businesses and professionals to build their businesses and their business skills in ASEAN and its member countries.


9. East of Borneo

              East of Borneo is the magazine publisher for the contemporary art and its history. They encourage writers to read their online article and familiarize themselves with the Borneo’s editorial approach.

East of Borneo accepts pitches for online magazine in long form critical essays and interviews.


10. the Scoop

              The Scoop is an independent journalism platform with thoughtful stories about people, trends and issues. They are not a daily news but provide news in a more effective and relevant way.


11. Media Permata

              Media permata is a news publication agency and they are publication on weekly basis. Media Permata is the best Malay language daily newspaper and became a primary choice of the Brunei readers. 


12. BusinessBN

              BusinessBN is a governmental service that provides essential guidelines to traders and the public about governmental services and business-related reforms in Brunei Darussalam.

BusinessBN is a portal that provides easy access and information to the businesses in Brunei on procedures, laws, guidelines and government services related to business.


13. WJRR

              WJRR is an international reviewed journal. Open access model can motivate the research across the world. They aim to bring out the talent and the works done by scientists, academia, engineers, practitioners, scholars, post graduate students of Engineering and Science. They publish research articles on Science, Technology, Engineering, Management, Life Sciences, Education, Mathematics, Marketing, and Human Resource.


14. Bizz Brunei

              Biz Brunei is an initiative to provide a platform for local businesses to share their journey with the world. They also take initiative to share tools and tips and ensure businesses to stay up to date with the latest business developments in Brunei.


15. Rano360

              Rano360 is a blogger site since 2002, they are providing platform to submit blog, article, guest post on its platform by mailing then on its mail id.


16. LoogleBiz

              LoogleBiz provides valuable strategies to accelerate business by posting or submitting blog, guest post, article etc. on one platform. They are helping to increase the presence of business and brand on the internet. 


17. OpenBrunei

              OpenBrunei provides a platform for encourage, discussion and exchange ideas, encourage sharing of data and should be related to Brunei. OpenBrunei thinks to provide platform to those who enjoy sharing exciting content about Brunei.


18. BorneoInsiderGuide

              BorneoInsiderGuide is the quarterly new magazine I Brunei that aims to entertain and guide the viewer of businesses and leisure traveler to Brunei. They provide writers to give their ideas and opinions on businesses and traveling in Brunei.


19. impur

Simpur is the blog and news broadcasting site. This allows writers to give their ideas and opinions on the site by writing content on the topics that are really helpful and educational to the readers. 


20. Borneo Talk

BorneoTalk is the associate to discovery. It is the online quarterly magazine publisher about the Brunei issues and traveling guide to visitors and Brunei locals.


Marketing Introduction: 

“Marketing” - The word with which we are aware exceptionally well and if we are doing a business then we are very well related to this word. Yes, marketing is the base of any business, to remain in the ring of the business and to survive in the forest of commercial forest everyone must have do to Marketing their own business or its product. 


Why Digital Marketing?

As in the starting of this article, mention the short difference between traditional marketing and online marketing and through this we have some idea why the Digital Marketing. But if you need more clarification with this here some more guidance about the difference and benefits of Digital and Traditional Marketing.


Digital Marketing Tools

Digital Marketing is also called Internet Marketing as we read at the beginning. As it works on the Internet and internet has a vast sea of possibilities to reach an audience. So, here we will see the tools to reach the correct audience for any business.


1. Social Media Marketing: 

              Social Media the word is enough for its introduction. Yes, we all know about social media and its marketing is called “Social Media Marketing”. 


In Social Media we have many platforms and some of them are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. and they are giving a platform to businesses to do advertisement of their product or services from it by costing minimum amount and help to connect to B2C directly.


2. E-Mail Marketing: 

              As per the name E-Mail Marketing is as simple as we are doing the routine mail. E-Mail is also used in Marketing techniques. E-mail marketing helps to stay connected with your subscribed customer or prospects.


3. YouTube Marketing: 

              As a social media marketing, you can consider YouTube Marketing. YouTube marketing ranks advertisement better because it is the second largest search engine in the world.



4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): 

              Instead of considering SEO or Search Engine Optimization is considered as a technical tool for Digital Marketing. SEO is a Science and the art to make a website or web pages attractive. SEO uses multiple tools to make a website rank higher and get higher search results. 


●      On-Page SEO 

●      Off-Page SEO 

●      Technical SEO 


5. Content Writing: 

              In content writing, SEO has a significant role in content creation, the strategy has to be created by SEO to target audience by creating valuable and relevant content.


There are different types of platforms to write content.

●      Blog

●      Guest post

●      Article

●      Press Release

●      Whitepaper

●      Infographi

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