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20 Premier Educational Guest Posting Sites to Amplify Your Voice

We have compiled a list of 20 guest posting sites for your tutorial in this post. This is a verified list because I checked their pages to see if they allow guest posts. Additionally, I've included Moz DA ratings.

Domain Authority or DA is a score that ranges from 0 to 100 for each website. Sites with high DA rank highly on Google and vice versa.

We would recommend doing guest posting in the country where you want to rank and target a specific country audience

Sites with high DA rank higher in the table, while sites with low DA rank lower.

No   Website Domain Authority Spam Score Traffic
1   https://www.edutopia.org 83 1 240.8K
2   https://www.timeshighereducation.com 68 1 2.2m
3   https://www.chronicle.com 54 1 236.6K
4   https://tutorful.co.uk 43 1 57.1k
5   https://climbtheladder.com 44 1 103.2K
6   https://elearningindustry.com 56 1 391.2K
7   https://www.teachthought.com 46 1 63.5K
8   https://www.theedadvocate.org 49 1 157K
9   https://www.edsurge.com 45 1 43.2k
10   https://www.edweek.org 58 1 489.9K
11   https://teach.com 47 1 118.4K
12   https://www.kqed.org 54 1 487.5K
13   https://www.edsurge.com 45 1 43.2K
14   https://www.teachforamerica.org 47 1 61.6k
15   https://www.commonsense.org 62 1 1.4M
16   https://gradschool.duke.edu 69 1 2.6m
17   https://www.educationworld.com 47 1 215.1K
18   https://www.varsity.co.uk 42 1 47.3k
19   https://www.cv-library.co.uk 53 1 507.7K
20   https://edugorilla.com/ 40 1 193.8K


Let’s talk about these sites in detail so you can trust on these sites. These sites have high domain authority with high traffic you will get good high-quality backlinks that will increase your authority and also you will get high traffic from these sites

1. Edutopia

If you are willing to write about the assessment or teaching then you are acceptable for this site to contribute. These sites are precious insights to fellow teachers and students. Ensure that you are delivering valuable, informative, and unique content, and your article must be according to site guidelines. After writing content submit them through email.

2. Times Higher Education

Times Higher Education (THE) is a renowned platform that provides valuable information, analysis, and rankings in the field of higher education across the world. It is a respected authority and provides comprehensive coverage of college news, trends, and reviews. It is a very good site for getting backlinks.

3. Chronicle

The Chronicle of Higher Education stands out as an impeccable choice for a guest post for its authoritative voice and broad influence in academia. With a diverse audience of educators, administrators, and policymakers, contributing to The Chronicle provides a unique opportunity to share insights, research, and opinions on the critical issues shaping higher education. So it will help target your educational website.

4. Tutorful

Tutorful.co.uk is a respected and long-standing platform for guest posting in the education field. When you become a part of Tutorful, you are presented with a special chance to engage with students, parents, and educators. Tutorful emphasizes personalized learning and academic help, making it an ideal platform for sharing ideas, knowledge, and advice. By joining this site, employees have the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the educational journey of a diverse audience that seeks academic assistance and guidance.

5. Climb the ladder

This site focuses on career workplace strategies, career development, and professional growth. It offers great opportunities for contributors so they can write for them. You can submit informative and unique content so they will accept your guest post content must be original and valuable. You can also write for them a career guide, success stories, and your opinions.

6. eLearning industry

ELearning is one of the best guest posting sites for educational websites.  You can contribute to this site with trending topics related to online education and strategies for online education promotion.

7. Teach thought

Tech Thought.com offers a dynamic space to share experts' ideas, and expertise and contribute with content. So you can share your educational content with them. It’s a platform where you can provoke discussions, enabling contributors to impart knowledge and engage with a global audience.

8. Theedadvocate.org

This website is a premier platform that focuses on educational content to educate people. You can submit original and unique content. The main focus of this website is to advocate for reform equity and innovation in education

9. edsurge.com

10. EdSurge.com: It’s a leading platform for contributors. EdSurge guest posting focuses on education, promoting creative ideas, and adding value to the educational community. This platform is perfect for contributors those looking to write about education, entrepreneurs, and some leaders to share ideas that can make the future of education through highly researched content.

11. edweek.org

Edweek focuses on dialogue for education and creativity within the education sector. Edweek is open for educators, policymakers, and thought leaders to share expertise and perspectives so they can share their knowledge and experience to shape society.

12. Teach.com

To get a teaching license, students need to learn pedagogy, methodology, and teaching techniques ensuring they are well experienced in teaching something. This site is different then others because of the terms and conditions for the contributor however site has high domain authority and good traffic.


This is a top guest posting site that allows content contributors to write for them to add value in the education industry with embarking words. This site welcomes content contributors to write engaging content 


This is a top platform for educational content contributors as you can see traffic is very high on this site and domain authority is also good on this site. By writing for this site you can make your bio more effective and if you have a website you can drive traffic to yours by getting backlinks.

15. teachforamerica.org

This is an American site this site aims to encourage youth and tell them their power and this site program is a transformational relationship between students and leaders so you have to design your content according to that. You can read their terms and conditions before writing content. Submit them healthy content.

16. commonsense.org

This site is very best for getting backlinks and writing content your post will be indexed in a few days and you can rank because site authority is high.

You can write on these topics

● Media Choice
● Digital Equity
● Digital Literacy and Citizenship
● Tech Accountability
● Healthy Childhood

17. gradschool.duke.edu

This site can provide links to graduate school policies and forms. You can submit them by email and ask them about the backlink. Before writing content must read their policy because you have to follow and fulfil their requirements and you must have a schooling website.

18. educationworld.com

Education World is a hub online for education. This is a good website for school teachers school staff, and administrators.

This website is providing

● Daily news briefs curated for educators. 
● Lesson plans, printables, worksheets, and tons of classroom-ready resources.
● EdTech tips, app and website reviews, and tech product ideas. Extensive library of professional development articles and columns.

This is a free resource for educators since 1996.

19. cv-library.co.uk

This is a website where people can learn they can get different courses and after getting proper knowledge and training they can apply here for the jobs on this site. As you can see this website traffic is 507.7K and domain authority is 53 so you will get a plus point from this you can increase domain authority and get traffic.

20. edugorilla.com

This is an Indian website where you can get different knowledge. This website covers current affairs, educational topics, and daily news. If you have an Indian website or an Indian school or you want to target Indian traffic this website is good for you otherwise for getting backlinks this is a good site because you can increase your domain authority by sharing link juice and you can also get traffic from this website.


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