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Top 20 beauty guest posting sites that allow you to write for them

The beauty industry is immense, and in modern times, all businesses prioritize online presence. There are millions of beauty websites and online businesses helping the global community to get access to their products and services just within a few steps. For an online presence, you will need different strategies. You will need to have a website, and you have to optimize your website for your business requirements and users' interests. Design your website correctly to engage your audience. You have to implement proper SEO strategies for your business website.

What is SEO, and how can you do it? 
SEO stands for "search engine optimization". You have to optimize your website according to Google's algorithms.


What is the Google algorithm?
Google follows a proper procedure for ranking a website. Google has different algorithms; some are the major algorithms, and some are called core updates. Google is continuously changing itself; you have to work according to Google and optimize your website for on-page, off-page, and technical issues.


What is on-page, off-page, and technical SEO?
These are the types of SEO.

1. On-page SEO: On-page SEO is based on what you need to change on your website.
You have to optimize your website. Heading 1 with keywords, and you have to check whether the content is optimized or not with proper keywords. You have to add keywords in the first 600 words, and I suggest adding keywords in the first paragraph. You also have to add a substantial tag behind the keywords. It would help if you found a way to fix your website's UI/UX for a better user experience. You have to do proper image SEO. You have to check the alt tag in the image. You have to compress and use Webp Image for image SEO. According to Google's instructions, you must optimize your meta tags with proper keywords. Content marketing is required on your website to optimize the search results. Internal linking would also help in engaging the audience. 


2. Technical SEO: Technical SEO helps to fix errors on your website, such as canonical errors and indexing issues; add structure data, add hreflang; fix broken link errors; fix all the errors in the search console; and also add a robots.txt file to guide your Google along with the sitemap.

3. Off-page SEO: Off-page SEO is about link building. You have to get backlinks from different websites where you can get link juice plus traffic that will help you and improve your performance in search engines. You can get no follow and do follow; it's up to the site owner what link they offer. Before getting backlinks, you must check some requirements, such as website domain authority, website traffic, website backlinks, and website age.

How many types of backlinks
People follow different back-linking strategies to achieve their goals and make different backlinks. Here is the list of backlinks you can make. 


Web 2.0 Forum backlinks Image submission Video submission
Social bookmarking EBook sharing PPT sharing Blog comments
Video Submission Classified ads Local citations Profile Submission
Donation links Sponsorship Niche Edit Guest Posting
Haroo backlinks Free tool Webinar backlinks Wikipedia


Which one is the best and has strong backlinks?
If you find a high-authority backlink on the Moz Bar website, You can make backlinks to them. According to my experience and research on niche editing and guest posting,

How can you get backlinks, and where can you find guest beauty posts for your beauty business?

Finding the best guest posts is a big challenge that allows you to write for them and get backlinks. You have to check several things.
1. Spam Score
2. Website Traffic
3. Website Domain Authority
4. Website Backlink Condition
5. Website Category
6. Website content quality
Here, we will share a list of guest-posting sites for beauty sites. 

  Website Domain Authority Spam Score Monthly Visit


40 1 22.2k


71 1 1 m


25 1 21.4k


49 1 165k


49 1 140.6k


33 1 22.1k


59 1 44.4k


77 1 19.1m


42 1 29.5k


78 1 8.6m


39 1 77.8k


53 1 694.8K


40 1 62.1k


32 1 40.3k


44 1 97.2k


55 1 165.2k


33 1 22.1k


34 1 61.2k


19 1 34.6k


35 1 49.2k


These websites are the best sites where you can submit articles. These sites' domain authority is good, and they are getting good traffic. These are the top-ranking sites.

How can you submit them as guest posts on these sites?
You can contact them through their phone number or email and ask them to guest post, write SEO-optimized content, and submit content to the site owner if they ask you about money and negotiate with them. 

How does your guest post help to rank in the search engine?
After posting for some time, Google Bots will render your post and index it in their database. With time, you will see that you will get traffic and ranking from Google and the link you post in a guest post. You can share this link with your social media accounts, increasing your trust score.

What other steps can you take to increase your beauty business online?
Influence marketing is one of the best methods of increasing a beauty product business. You can ask influencers to do a product review on their social media accounts and ask viewers to buy the product from your platform.


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