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Top 8 Shopping places in Goa that are tourist attractions

Goa is an attractive place for Indians, and global tourists are planning to visit travel. 

Goa is a nearby state from Mumbai(Bombay in India), which offers fantastic famous beach and farm views, Portuguese Indian restaurants, waterfall views, famous temples, forts, etc. 

Shopping places in Goa attract travel enthusiasts from all across the globe. 

If you are in Goa or planning to visit Goa and you like shopping a lot, this post is especially for you to explore the best shopping places in Goa

Note: Your financial traveling budget is much more critical to manage while traveling, so make sure you do not spend all your money on shopping; learn to shop like a pro by staying within your budget. 

One of the best advantages of shopping in Goa is affordable pricing because there are many places to shop. 

Here in this article, let's learn about the top 8 shopping places in Goa that are tourist attractions. 


Top 8 shopping places in Goa that are tourist attractions: 

1. Anjuna Flea Market 

2. Panaji Market 

3. Mackie's Night Bazar 

4. Night Market in Arpora 

5. Baga Market 

6. Calangute Market Square 

7. Ashwem Beach Market 

8. Mapusa Market 

9. Cocoroots 

10. ingo's Saturday Night Bazar 


1. Anjuna Flea Market: 

 Location: Anjuna Beach 

Open: Wednesday 09:00 AM to 07:00 PM 

Shop for: Clothes, décor, trinkets, shoes, jewelry, bamboo slim bags, and other related items

Anjuna flea market is a local street market open every Wednesday on Anjuna beach.

This is one type of street market from which you can buy clothing, décor items, shoes, jewelry, bamboo slim bags, waffles, junk jewelry, handcrafted art pieces, tattoos, etc. 

There are a lot of Indians and foreigners who visit this market. Here you can show your bargaining skills and shop for the items you want.


2. Mapusa Market: 

Location: Municipal market, Mapusa

Open: Everyday 08:00 AM till late evening 

Shop for: Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Seeds, pickles, etc. 

Mapusa market is a local street food market located in Mapusa, Goa. Mapusa is a good place located with residential surroundings.

Mapusa market is one of the best shopping places in Goa.

One of the most significant ways to get acquainted with Goa's authentic cuisine is to visit this market.

Go to Mapusa Market in your spare time if it's your first time in Goa, and your trip will last for a while.

You may buy some actual one-of-a-kind textiles, antiques, and souvenirs here. 

The most fantastic time to visit the market is if you have a passion for traditional handicrafts.

You can get some pickles, spices, and Goan ceramics there. This attraction is best experienced during the day, as it closes at sundown.

We advise taking your time when browsing the market as it is pretty extensive.


3. Mackie's Night Bazar: 

Location: River Baga, Panjim Goa

Open: Between November and April, From Afternoon till Midnight 

Shop for: souvenirs, handicrafts, clothing, jewelry, antiques, etc.

Mackie's Night Bazaar is held on Baga Beach every Saturday from 4 in the afternoon to midnight, making it the ideal destination for any shopper with a passion.

It has more than a hundred stores where you may buy clothes, jewelry, antiques, and other trinkets as souvenirs. 

You may relax at one of the many restaurants or nightlife hotspots when you're not out enjoying the fantastic shopping opportunities.


4. Night Market in Arpora:

Location: H. no. 392 Aguada-Siolim Rd, Goa

Open: Saturday 06:00 PM to 02:00 AM

Shop for: local vendors, street items, and other related stuff 

The evening market in Arpora continues well into the night. Both domestic and international vacationers can shop for souvenirs at the market. 

Numerous merchants sell everything from food and clothing to trinkets and curios. You can find plenty of clubs around the market with ample parking. 

Before continuing your shopping, you can go to one of these bars and have as much fun as you want.


5. Baga Market: 

Location: Baga Road 

Open: Saturday Night, Midnight 

Shop for: Men's and Women's Accessories and other related stuff. 

You may shop for unique jewelry and accessories from October through May at a Tibetan market on Baga Road.

On top of that, you may shop for everything from furniture to prayer flags and bells to decorative showpieces. 

Every Saturday night, thousands of people flock to Baga Beach for the bustling market that has become a staple of the area.

You may buy unique items at such stalls, including jewelry, handiwork, clothing, trinkets, and more.

Shacks and terrace cafes in the area provide this spot an extra oomph to draw people in.


6. Calangute Market Square: 

 Location: Calangute, North goa

Open: Every day, 09:00 AM to 08:00 PM

Shop for: Handicrafts, jewelry, and other stuff

Calangute, or the region around the central bus terminal and car park, is a hub of activity throughout the week and sees a large influx of local visitors on the weekends.

More upscale bars and clubs, such as those on Tito's Rd., may be found in Baga.

Calangute Market Square is one of the best places to shop in Goa, with a wide variety of goods ranging from summer wear to jewelry.

You may find everything from handcrafted goods to beachwear to leather goods to seashells, rugs, and trinkets.

Every traveler flocks to the numerous shacks and kiosks that line Calangute beach to purchase trinkets and other souvenirs.


7. Ashwem Beach Market: 

Location: Ashwem Beach

Open: 08:00 AM to 06:30 PM

Shop for: Fruit, Vegetables, Meat, Textiles, etc.

Ashwem Beach's Wednesday Flea Market is the place to go if you're looking for a shopping experience different from North Goa's norm but still has some familiar elements. 

You can get all the most current trends there. Everything from revealing gowns to sturdy footwear to boho-chic hand-sewn outfits is readily accessible.


8. Ingo's Saturday Night Bazar: 

Location: Between Anjuna and airport city resorts

Open: New Year Seasonal Market, 04:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Shop for: carpet, fashion accessories, textile, etc. 

The merchants in this well-known Goan marketplace set up numerous booths selling a wide variety of goods, including carpets, fashion accessories, handicrafts, textiles, spices, and more. 

Authentic Goan handiwork is quite remarkable, and you won't be able to find such quality anyplace else. Exhibit some haggling skills when making purchases at the market. 

Typically, it's open every day in November between 4 PM to 11 PM.



1. Name: Which are the top 5 restaurants in Goa as per Google?

According to Google reviews and ratings, the top five restaurants to visit in Goa are - 1. Britto’s Restaurant & Bar, 2 Thalassa, 3. The Fishermans Wharf, 4. Baba Au Rhum, Anjuna, and 5. Purple Martini at Sunset Point.

2. Which top 5 hotels in Goa are known for serving luxurious and exquisite accommodations?

The top five hotels in Goa known for serving customers with a luxurious and exquisite stay are - Grand Hyatt, Club Mahindra Resort - Varca Beach, The LaLiT Golf & Spa Resort, ITC Grand Goa, and The Zuri White Sands.

3. What are the top 5 famous foods to eat in Goa?

Fish Goan Curry, Pork Vindaloo, Chicken Xacuti, Prawn Balchao, and Chicken Cafreal are the top five famous foods in Goa that you must taste at least once in your lifetime. They are utterly delicious!  

4. Which popular destinations emerge on the list of the top 5 shopping malls in Goa?

The popular destinations emerging on the list of top five malls in Goa are - 1. Mall de Goa, 2. Caculo Mall, 3. Calangute Beach Road Mall,  4. Osia Mall, and 5. Big G Mall.  

5. What are the top 5 places to visit in Goa during your honeymoon?

While you plan to travel to Goa for your honeymoon, the top five places to visit therein would be - Baga Beach, Grand Island, Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Fort Aguada, and Basilica of Bom Jesus.



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