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Best Malls in Nashik and best places for Street Shopping in Nashik

Nashik is Maharashtra's fourth-largest city, after Mumbai, Pune, & Nagpur, it is located on the banks of the Godavari River. 

As a big place of pilgrimage, Nashik is very well renowned for being one of the Hindu pilgrimage sites at the Kumbh Mela, which is celebrated every 12 years.

The city is known as the "Wine Capital of India" because the majority of India's vineyards and wineries are situated right here.

2 Best Shopping Malls in Nashik: 

1. Nashik City Centre Mall - Untwadi Road, Nashik

2. Pinnacle Mall - Trimbak Naka, Nashik


2 Best shopping places in Nashik

1. Central, Nashik

2. Shraddha Mall, Nashik


2 Best Places for Street Shopping in Nashik

1. Saraf Bazar, Nashik

2. Tibetan Market, Nashik


2 Best Malls in Nashik for shopping, food, entertainment, movies with family & friends

1. Nashik City Centre Mall, Nashik

Nashik City Centre Mall located at Untwadi Road is the biggest mall in Nashik with spread over 9,00,000 square feet area including parking.


This best mall in Nashik is perfect for shopping, food, entertainment & movie (PVR), and more. Nashik City Centre Mall is the oldest and the first mall in Nashik. 

This major Nashik shopping mall includes all of the best shopping businesses. With its numerous national and international stores, it covers all of your essential needs. This mall also has the best-known restaurants and high-end diners.

Along with fantastic food and shopping, you can also find the best entertainment options here. This place has it all, from the comfiest theatres to exciting activities. 

Mall Location: Nashik City Centre, Untwadi Road, Lavate Nagar, Lavate Nager, Parijat Nagar, Nashik - 422002, Maharashtra, India

Direction: Go to Maps

Contact #: +91 9225129632

Best for: shopping, food, entertainment & movie (PVR), and more.

Mall Timings: 11 AM to 10 PM

Food Court Timings: 11 AM to 11 PM

Mall Website: Nashik City Centre

Nearby Mall: Pinnacle Mall, 2.2 km


2. Pinnacle Mall, Nashik

Pinnacle Mall located at Trambakeshwar Road is one of the best shopping malls in Nashik which was inaugurated in July 2011. 

A massive 300,000 square feet Pinnacle Mall is the finest for shopping, food and entertainment, and more. With its friendly and welcoming environment for its consumers, this mall is one of the top shopping malls in Nashik.

This mall has the most up-to-date trends in the entire city. It features all of your favorite shopping brands from both local and international merchants.

You can also find expensive eateries serving delicious meals here. This mall offers some of the best entertainment options available.

Location: Pinnacle Mall, Trambakeshwar Road, Trimbak Naka, Mohan Nagar, Nashik - 422002, Maharashtra, India

Direction: Go to Maps

Contact #: +91 2532319257

Best for: Shopping, food, entertainment and more

Mall Timings: 11 AM – 10 PM

Website: Pinnacle Mall

Nearby Mall: Nashik City Center Mall, 2.2 km


2 best shopping places in Nashik

1. Central, Nashik

Central Mall has been the top shopping destination in Nashik since 2009 and continues to provide excellent services to its customers. This shopping center has an area of 3.71 lakh square feet.

It boasts the best mix of fantastic shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities. This shopping center features some of the city's most popular shopping brands.

Also, the stylish eateries found here are not found anywhere else. And the entertainment choices make this location much more appealing. So, anytime you're in Nashik, don't forget to stop by this fantastic shopping destination.  

Location: Central, Nasik Central, City Centre Mall, Lavate Nagar, Nashik, Maharashtra 422002, India

Direction:  Go to Map

Timings: Monday to Sunday (10 am to 9 pm)

Contact #: +91 2536642643

Website: Central  

Best for: Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment

Nearby Mall: Nashik City Center Mall, 1.9 km


2. Shraddha Mall, Nashik

Shraddha Mall is a beautiful shopping mall right in the heart of the city. This gorgeous shopping location includes all of the top shopping attractions in the entire town.


It features shopping outlets from some of the most well-known local shops and fashion boutiques from famous brands. This location has a colorful and catchy mood that ensures a joyful environment all around you.

This shopping center is a location where you may have fun with your friends or family without being bothered by anything. So, if you're going to shop in Nashik, make sure to stop by this shopping mall.  

Location: Shraddha Mall, College Rd, near BYK -RYK College, Yeolekar Mala, Ramdas Colony, Nashik, Maharashtra 422005, India

Direction: Go to Map

Timings: Monday to Sunday (9 am to 10 pm)

Contact # +91 9552551054

Best for: Shopping, and Entertainment

Nearby Mall: Nashik City Center Mall, 2.3 km


Best places for Street Shopping in Nashik

1. Saraf Bazar, Nashik

If you do not visit this beautiful Nashik market, your entire vacation to Nashik is a waste of time. The Saraf Bazar is one of the most popular shopping venues in the city.

This market can meet your requirements at the lowest possible cost and with the highest possible quality. Without a doubt, you can get the most authentic and cultural things at this market.

This market has everything from silk sarees to handicrafts at the most excellent pricing. This market also includes a variety of delicious appetizers from well-known eateries and street sellers. 

Location: Saraf Bazar, Panchavati, Nashik, Maharashtra, India

Direction: Go to Maps

Nearby Shopping Center: Central, 2.2 km


2. Tibetan Market, Nashik

The Tibetan Market is spread out over a broad region. It has some of the top shopping and service options for clients. In this market, you can quickly get some outstanding things at fantastic costs.


This location is a hotspot for purchasing woolen clothing. Woollen clothing comes in a variety of styles, including scarves, sweaters, and even woolen Kurtis.

Among all the shopping attractions in Nashik, this market has the most affordable prices. You may also get excellent Maharashtrian munchies from the food carts here.  

Direction: Go to Maps 

Nearby Shopping Center: Central, 1.5 km



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People also ask

1. What is the biggest mall in Nashik?

Nashik City Center Mall is the biggest mall in Nashik. This mall has an area of 9,00,000 square feet.  

2. What malls are in Nashik?

Nashik is a great place to do the shopping and has a bunch of great shopping destinations to shop from.


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