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Best Mall in Bathinda & Best Shopping Places in Bathinda

Bathinda is also known as the city of three lakes. Located in the South-western part of Punjab, Bathinda is a small city and one of the oldest city. With numerous attraction spots and activities to do it is a stunning city. You can enjoy the ambience and could experience really great Punjabi culture of this wonderful city.

You could also shop in the best mall in Bathinda, Shopping Centres, and Bazars that are listed below to make the visit easy.

Best Mall in Bathinda for shopping, food, entertainment

1. Mittal's City Mall, Grand Trunk Rd, Bathinda

3 Best Shopping Places in Bathinda

1. Dhobi Bazar

2. AC Market

3. Factory Outlet

Best Mall in Bathinda for shopping, food, entertainment

1. Mittal's City Mall, Bathinda

Mittal's City Mall is the biggest shopping mall in Bathinda that is located in the heart of the city. This best mall in Bathinda is established in a vast area of 3.25 lakh square feet. With the elegant structure and design, it has many activities to offer and is the best mall in Bathinda.  

Mittal's City Mall in Bathinda has various worldwide famous and reputed brand stores to shop from, and also a wonderful food court to grab a quick bite when tired. The game zone in the mall has many fun activities to do.

The food offered in the various classy restaurants here is too delicious to be missed. The vast 2 levels of basement parking is a high plus too making the whole trip here filled with ease.

Mittal's City Mall also have fun cinemas that have 4-screen theatres for movie lovers. From shopping, eating, game zone and cinemas it have it all along with big bazaar to shop for groceries too. Undoubtedly, Mittal's City Mall is the biggest shopping mall in Bathinda.

Location: Grand Trunk Road, Vishal Nagar, Bathinda, Punjab

Direction: Go to Map

Mall Timings: 11 am to 9 pm (all days)

Website: Go to Mall Website

Best for: shopping, food court, fun zone, and movies

Nearby Marketplace: Dhobi Bazar, 2.5km

Best Shopping Places in Bathinda

1. Dhobi Bazar, Bathinda

The most famous local bazaar in the city is Dhobi Bazar. From shopping in local shops to shopping in brands and from local snacks to expensive restaurants it has got everything for everyone.

This bazaar is famous for numerous shops for different dresses, shoes and accessories too. Countless shops and food carts to eat whenever the hunger kicks in.

With many local famous shops and many internationally known brands, it is a shopping hub. It contains all the brands for your necessity making it the best place to shop.

With special decorations on festivals, the whole area is lit up and so intriguing that it is a sight to behold and roam around in the bazaar.

Location: Dhobi Bazar, Old City, Bathinda, Punjab

Direction: Go to Map

Mall Timings: 9am to 10 pm

Best for: Shopping for clothes, shoes, accessories & tasting food.

3. AC Market, Bathinda

AC Market is a large 2 storeyed shopping complex located in the center of the city. This fully air-conditioned complex offers a wide range of products to purchase. From clothing and shoes to accessories and even a few branded shops this shopping complex is the one-stop destination.

For all the shopping lovers it is a great spot to purchase everything in one place they love. With heavy discounts and great quality of product they attract customers towards them. The excellence of the products and the great reasonable prices make it the best place to shop from. 

Location: AC Market, Old City, Bathinda, Punjab 151001

Direction: Go to map

Timings: 11am to 9 pm

Best for: footwear, clothes, & accessories.

4. NH7 Factory Outlet, Bathinda

NH7 Factory Outlet is a fabulous place build in 2019 in Bathinda in a really huge area. This recently established and well-furnished factory outlet is an amazing hub of shopping nowadays. This shopping center has got everything for everyone to buy from head to toe.

The luxurious structure and enormous space of this shopping complex is loved by everyone. Having 85 outlets opened from well-known brands that are recognized nationally and internationally.

The heavy discounts and the undeniable top-notch quality of the products makes it an amazing shopping stop. The nearby attractions and the restaurants that helps the shoppers to eat whenever they want.

This stop is undeniably the best shopping complex that is hard to resist when in the city and is no doubt a one-stop destination for all the shopaholics.

Location: NH 7 Road, near Walmart, Bucho Khurd, Punjab 151101

Direction: Go to Map

Timings: Monday to Friday (9 am – 8 pm), Saturday & Sunday (10 am - 9 pm)

Website: Go to Factory Outlets Website

Best for: Shopping & Dining.

Nearby Mall: Mittal’s City Mall, 4 km


People also ask

1. How many malls are there in Bathinda?

There is one big mall in Bathinda to shop from exclusive stores known as the Mittal’s City Mall.

2. What can I buy in Bathinda?

One could buy anything from clothes, accessories, shoes to even grocery in Bathinda. But it is quite famous for its ethnic Punjabi salwar-suits (cultural clothes) and Juttis (ethnic Shoes).

3. Why is Bathinda famous?

Bathinda is famous for its three lakes and great scenic views. Besides that it is also well known for its shopping malls and markets.


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