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4 Best malls in Amritsar for Shopping, Food, Entertainment, Movie with family & friends

Amritsar is a lovely city in the state of Punjab. This charming city offers numerous historical structures to explore and also amazing tourist attractions.

This city fully symbolizes the culture of the state and is a beautiful destination to visit for a perfect vacation. 

If you want to hang out, shop, dine, entertain with family members & friends, you must visit these 3 best shopping malls in Amritsar. This is the list of best shopping malls in Amritsar.

List of 4 best shopping malls in Amritsar:

1. Trilium mall (VR Ambarsar) - Circular Road, Amritsar

2. Mall of Amritsar - Grand Trunk Road, Amritsar

3. The Celebration Mall - Batala Road, Amritsar

4. Alpha One Mall - Grand Trunk Rd, Amritsar


Top 3 places for shopping in Amritsar 

1. Lahori Gate Market

2. Hall Bazaar

3. Shastri Market


4 Best Malls in Amritsar for shopping, food, entertainment, movie with family & friends

1. Trilium mall (VR Ambarsar), Amritsar

Trilium mall located at Circular Road is the biggest shopping mall in Amritsar with spread over 700,000 sqft. This best mall in Amritsar is perfect for shopping, food, entertainment, games, movie (INOX) and more, it opened in the year 2013. 

Trilium mall in Amritsar offering a vast range of branded products, it has multiplex, a large food court, and a children’s play area.

Virtuous Retail's pan-India portfolio consists of prime city center locations in Bengaluru, Chennai, Surat, Nagpur and Chandigarh Capital Region, making it the leading quality retail real estate platform in one of the most attractive integrated retail consumer markets in the world.

This magnificent mall houses brands from all around the world. You may select from the most popular shopping brands and receive the greatest deals on amazing goods.

This shopping mall also offers some of the greatest locations to enjoy a delicious dinner. Not only does it offer the finest shopping, but it also has the leading entertainment alternatives.

Location: Trilium Mall, Plot no. C-4, Circular Road, Opp. Basant Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab 143001, India

Direction: Go to Maps

Contact #: +91 1835030691

Mall Timings: 10:30 AM - 9:00 PM

Best for: shopping, food, entertainment, games, movie (INOX) and more

Website: Trilium Mall

Nearest MallMall of Amritsar - G.T. Road (distance approx. 7.4 km), The Celebration Mall - Batala Road (distance approx. 4.9 km)


2. Mall of Amritsar, Amritsar

A massive 535,241 square feet Mall of Amritsar (Formerly AlphaOne Mall, Amritsar) is one of the best malls in Amritsar. Mall of Amritsar located at Grand Trunk Road is one of the top shopping malls in Amritsar, it opened in 2010.

This shopping mall of Amritsar has over 250 stores with national and international brands. One of the biggest shopping malls in Amritsar, where you can experience the elite of shopping, dining, and entertainment under one roof.

This fantastic shopping mall not only has fantastic shopping selections, but it also has some of the greatest eateries. There are several restaurants, including well-known fast-food franchises, where you may eat.

This mall's wonderful atmosphere will make you want to spend the entire day there. This shopping mall also provides a variety of exciting entertainment options for all of its consumers.  

Location: Mall of Amritsar, MBM Farm, Grand Trunk Road, Amritsar, Punjab - 143001, India

Direction: Go to Maps

Contact #: +91 1835245435

Best for: shopping, food, entertainment, movie (Cinepolis) and more

Website: Mall of Amritsar

Nearest Mall: Trilium Mall (VR Ambarsar) - Circular Road (distance approx. 9.5 km), The Celebration Mall - Batala Road (distance approx. 10.8 km)


3. The Celebration Mall, Amritsar

The Celebration Mall located at Batala Road is one of the best shopping malls in Amritsar which spread over 319,000 square feet.

This one of the top shopping malls in Amritsar is safest for shopping, food, entertainment, movie (Cinepolis) and more, it opened in 2009.

The Celebration Mall in Amritsar offering several stores from familiar global brands, a 4-screen cinema hall & fast food and more.

This mall is fairly huge, with a massive building to accommodate all of its consumers. This mall is distinct due to its modern but traditional style and construction.

This beautiful mall is the greatest shopping destination in Amritsar. The range and variety of shopping options available here are astounding. Along with fantastic shopping, this location also has fantastic food options.

This mall is ideal for spending quality time with family and friends. This mall's wonderful ambiance and setting make it the greatest shopping mall in Amrtisar.

Location: The Celebration Mall, Batala Road, Gagan Colony, Amritsar – 143001, Punjab, India

Direction:  Go to Map 

Contact #: +91 9210220055

Timings: 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Best for: shopping, food, entertainment, movie (Cinepolis) and more

Website: The Celebration Mall

Nearest Mall: Mall of Amritsar - G.T. Road (distance approx. 6 km), Trilium mall (VR Ambarsar) - Circular Road (distance approx. 3.3 km)


4. Alpha One Mall, Amritsar

Alpha One mall's fantastic and stunning design will leave you speechless. In addition, because it houses many major brands, this magnificent shopping mall serves as a hub for shopping in the neighborhood.

At this shopping mall, you can find all of the newest trends and new goods at the greatest prices. This mall not only has the greatest shopping selections, but it also has the top restaurants and cafes in the city.

Many foods and cuisines from across the world are available. Catching a movie at their fantastic cinema theater is another thing you should not miss out on.

Location: Alpha One Mall, Grand Trunk Rd, Rajinder Nagar, Maqbool Pura, Amritsar, Punjab 143001

Direction:  Go to Map 

Timings: Monday to Saturday (6 am to 7 pm), Sunday (Open 24 hours)

Website: Alpha One Mall

Best For: Shopping, Dining, Movies (Cinepolis Alpha One) and Entertainment

Nearby Mall: Mall of Amritsar, 1.6 km


Top 3 places for shopping in Amritsar 

1. Lahori Gate Market, Amritsar

Lahori Gate Market is a fantastic and famous market in Amritsar. This market provides the best items at the best rates in the entire city.

There are several shopping venues and stores that sell a wide range of clothing. Clothes are the essential product that this sector is well-known for.

This market is a great place to purchase high-quality clothes. You may easily haggle for a lower price in this buzzing and busy market.

After a shopping binge in this market, there are several street food sellers. You may find an authentic and genuine taste of Amritsari cuisine here. 

Location: Lahori Gate Market, Amritsar, Punjab

Direction: Go to Maps   

Best For: Shopping

Nearby Market: Hall Bazaar, 2.5 km


2. Hall Bazaar, Amritsar

The Hall Bazaar is also the greatest market in Amritsar for a great shopping experience. One of Amritsar's oldest marketplaces, yet it is well-kept and stocked with the newest fashions and designs.

Because of its proximity to tourist attractions, this market is well-known and frequently frequented. In this shopping market, you can discover everything that Amritsar is famous for.

You may find everything from clothing, electronics, juttis, handicrafts, artifacts, and even Phulkari at this market. Also, the cuisines here are delicious and flavorful. So, if you're in this market, definitely try the cuisine here. 

Location: Hall Bazaar, Katra Ahluwalia, Amritsar, Punjab

Direction: Go to Maps  

Best For: Shopping

Nearby Mall: The Celebration Mall, 3.6 km


3. Shastri Market, Amritsar

In Amritsar, Shastri Market is one of the most well-known and popular markets. This market is well-known for its beautiful variety of jewelry, which attracts a large number of consumers.

This market is frequently crowded since it is adjacent to tourist attractions and has a fantastic shopping selection. You will have no problem finding whatever you require at this market.

All of the shopping centers in this area offer the greatest items to their consumers at acceptable and cheap prices. If you want to go shopping in Amritsar at a reasonable price, this is the place to go. 

Location: Shastri Market, Katra Ahluwalia, Amritsar, Punjab

Direction: Go to Maps   

Best For: Shopping

Nearby Mall: The Celebration Mall, 5.2 km


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People also ask

1. How many malls are there in Amritsar?

There are 4 best malls in Amritsar i.e. Mall of Amritsar, Trilium mall (VR Ambarsar), The Celebration Mall, Alpha One Mall

2. Which mall is famous in Amritsar?

The largest mall in Amritsar, Alpha One Mall, opened in 2009 and has an area of about 2 million square feet.  

3. What is famous to buy in Amritsar?

Amritsar has a wide range of wonderful things, including shawls, carpets, clothing, gadgets, jewelry, and items with a cultural flair.


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