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6 Benefits of Video Ads to Your Marketing Campaigns !!!

Why Video Ads are Important? The types of video Ads you can use to Market your Brand

Do you know that expenditure on video ads will hit 41.9% by 2024? More than 66% say they prefer watching a short video to get information about a product or service.

Video content engages more than other content types.

Through video ads, you've endless opportunities to grow your business. You can use video advertising to enhance brand awareness and increase your sales.

Using videos in marketing campaigns has proven to garner higher returns on investment.

But are video ads worth the investment? Read on to understand the types of video ads and their importance in your marketing campaigns.

Video Ads and Their Significance in Marketing Your Brand

1. Videos are Easy to Share

Video ads enjoy more shares than other types of content, making your brand popular. You can post a video, and it goes viral.

The more people share your ad content, the better for your brand. Twitter users share more than 700 videos every minute.

Video ads are brief, relatable, and tell a story, which makes them sharable. Brands can express themselves intensely through them.

That's why many viewers find these ads worthy of sharing.

But remember, your video ads should offer value to get shares.

You can create quality and engaging video ads using the best ad maker to polish the video.

A well-edited and engaging content can go viral as many viewers share, which benefits your brand.

2. Video Ads Drive More Engagement

You can engage the audience more and better using video ads. They combine movement and sound, which catch the viewer's attention.

You'll convey an efficient message through sound and movement, hence better engagement.

A video ad effectively sends a brand narrative to your target audience. When you tailor your message through ads, your audience quickly consumes it.

You can create video ads that pique the viewer's interest. That way, they will follow through with your content.

And with a clear call to action, you can keep such an audience interested.

Remember that your audience remembers 95% of the message when they watch.

On the other hand, only 10% of the message is retained when one reads a message. In addition, viewer intent to buy increases by 97% after watching a brand video ad.

3. Videos are Good for Search Engines

Search engine ranking is a great way to market your brand. Better ranking on SERPs comes with huge traffic, conversions, and sales.

Today, YouTube is among the more prominent search engines. Posting quality videos can land your brand content top of the ranking pages.

Websites with videos rank better on Google than sites without. Many site users spend longer on your site if you embed a video.

Google checks the length of time visitors spend on your site before ranking. Longer time means your site users get quality and value, leading to better ranking.

4. Video Content Brings More Revenue

Marketing videos grow your revenue faster. About 87% of video marketers agree it has a positive return on investment.

In addition, more than 81% of marketers marketing their products through videos say that video content increases sales.

Video ads thus enjoy higher conversion rates, leading to more revenue while being cost-effective due to free video editing tools.

5. Video Ads Are Great for Storytelling

You'll win your audience with ease by telling a story. Video ads are effective in telling a story. Though short, video ads can inspire, educate, and entertain. 

The brand story builds an emotional connection with the audience. So, you can promote a sale through a video ad because of its ability to connect with consumers.

A video ad thus helps to build a sense of the physical existence of your brand in the mind of buyers.

But ensure a smooth and attractive video ad to gather the viewer's attention. Take advantage of an editor, choose custom advertisement templates, and polish your video ads.

Types of Video Ads You Can Use to Market Your Brand

1. In-page Video Ads

Do you have a limited budget for advertising? You can use in-page video ads to promote your brand. They don't require a specific video streaming platform, which makes them cheap.

You can place such ads on your website pages. The ads come with an embedded video player, which makes them pay automatically.

2. Interactive Video Ads

You can use interactive video ads when seeking to enhance engagement. These ads pause the user's content and occupy the entire screen.

You can apply options like clicking to know more or adding link content to your ad.

3. In-text Video Ads

You place the In-text video ads within a text. You can place an in-text video ad between two paragraphs when writing an article. The in-text ads autoplay when your site visitors reach there.

However, the ads pause once the viewer scrolls further.

4. Out-stream video Ads

Do you want to build greater brand awareness or drive online purchases? If yes, use out-stream video ads. The ads don't are accompanied by other content.

Ensure you get the best ad maker to create quality out-stream ads.

5. Pre-roll Video ads

Pre-roll ad runs before viewers watch your video. That means your viewers have to watch your ad before seeing the video.

While it's an advantage to make the viewer watch your ad first, some may choose to skip it.

6. Mid-roll ad

Mid-roll ads play when your audience is watching video content. First, the video pauses as the viewer watches the ad and plays again after the ad.

Your ad receives total views since the person watching the video may not opt out after the ad intrusion.

7. Post-roll Ads

A Post-roll ad plays once the video stops playing. Your post-roll ad could get the least views since the audience may lack the motivation to watch.

Ensure to include a call-to-action to your ad to direct the audience to your landing page or site.


Video ads are pretty effective in marketing your brand. Many consumers love watching video content.

The more views your video ad content gets, the more popular your products or brand becomes.

Video ads are easy to consume, making them sharable. Remember, going viral brings huge traffic, conversions, sales, and revenue.

Create engaging ads of high quality that tell a story for the best outcome!


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