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Best Software Development Trends to Follow in 2024

Software Development is a basic need of every business these days. By automating complex business processes and ensuring the accuracy of calculations, a software product reduces 80% of the workload and stress of an organization. However, the IT industry is ever-changing and ever-evolving. Therefore, to survive in such a dynamic environment, every software development company has to stay updated on the latest software development trends to outshine and stand to affirm amidst such breath-taking competition. 


In this blog, we are discussing the top 11 software development trends in 2024 that will help software developers stay competitive in such a dynamic environment. So, let’s scroll down and get an overview of what’s trending in the software development industry right now. 


•  Low-Code and No-Code Development 

The present era is the era of smart work. Therefore, low-code software development and no-code software development are already trending these days and will continue to trend in 2025 as well. Low code development (LCD) and no code development (NCD) are the type of technology that allows the software developer to use development frameworks and tools such that ‘writing new and complementary codes’ is not necessary. 

Rather, there are existing code libraries and drag-and-drop features that automate the coding, programming, and software development by 50%. This speeds up the software development services and also gives fresh and new UI/UX design elements. Eventually, software development services will rely more on LCD and NCD technologies to optimize the time, effort, and cost of development. Some popular low-code development platform examples include Appian, Mendix, Microsoft Power Platform, and Zoho Creator. Likewise, some popular no-code development platform examples include Quickbase, Bubble, Airtable, AppSheet, and Webflow. 


• Custom Software Development

Personalization is a highly trending and demanded skill in every business industry today. Especially, when it comes to the digital world, personalized recommendations and interface personalization are the core features of a digital product that capture the attention of the users. The same goes for the software development industry. 

Like one shoe size does not fit all, existing software products do not fit all businesses. Eventually, organizations are demanding custom software development dedicated to their brand and requirements. Especially, every software development company in Jaipur receive bulk orders for custom development. Moreover, this trend will continue to grow on a serious note in future as well. 


• Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing has replaced traditional computational methods owing to its simple subscription-based services and easy data storage, accessibility, retrieval, management, and manipulation that does not require massive infrastructure for the same. Even for software development and software testing, cloud computing has emerged as a boon. Eventually, every software development company in India and abroad alike will continue to take advantage of cloud computing in the software development process. 

Furthermore, cloud computing is not only faster but also a more secure solution to store and manage sensitive data. So, as cloud computing also addresses the data security concerns, therefore, it will continue to grow in trend in 2024 and 2025 as well. 


• Blockchain Development 

Blockchain development is gaining a lot of popularity internationally. Today, every software development company simply put, blockchain is a type of digital ledger (suppose an online notebook) where the software developer can create software products by writing codes. Then, the software developers can make changes and updates as and when needed digitally. 

For software development, there are blockchain platforms like Hyperledger and Ethereum. On these platforms, the developers can code their software, edit the same when needed, and test the software products. All the edit history gets stored. 

Moreover, blockchain development is a decentralized process highly suitable for software development companies when multiple software developers and testing engineers collaboratively work on one software development project. This is because all the team members and authorized persons can access the entire data and its manipulations from their computers any time anywhere. 

This brings transparency to the entire software development process and makes communication easy. Eventually, blockchain development is another software development trend that is going to flourish continuously. 


• Extensive AR and VR Integration 

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have made digital reality more real, immersive, and comprehensive. Amidst flourishing remote work culture and offshore software development services, AR and VR are serving as the backbone of every digital business. 

Especially, in the case of the E-Commerce business, Healthcare, Entertainment, and Gaming Industry, the Augmented Reality integration and Virtual Reality Integration will rise in demand even further. 

Augmented Reality in simple terms means a technology that brings virtual features to real-life surroundings and helps its user to interact with the real world better. Some popular examples of Augmented Reality include the Virtual Try-On Feature in the E-Commerce App, Pokemon Catching in the Pokemon Game App, and the Projection of Human Veins on the Human Body through software products. 

Likewise, virtual reality is another immersive experience technology. However, unlike Augmented Reality, it takes the Real World Elements (humans) to a virtual or digital world through Headsets, screens, and other smart elements. Some popular examples of Virtual Reality include 3D Virtual Tours of a property, hotel, or amusement park to get an immersive experience. 


• AI and Machine Learning 

At present, when humans are expected to focus more on decision-making, analysing, and problem-solving, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being utilized to assist humans in various clerical and low-caliber jobs. When it comes to software development, the software developers excelling in crafting AI-driven software solutions and mastering machine learning skills will continue to be in demand. 

Training software products through machine learning and appropriate prompt engineering to develop artificially intelligent systems capable of performing a bunch of human tasks will remain high in demand. So, the software developers will need to polish and upgrade their AI, ML, and prompt engineering skills. 


• SaaS Development 

Software as a Service (SaaS) Development is the technique by which a software developer codes a software product in a way that its user can access all the robust software services through a login ID and password on the web browser. 

As a result, the user does not need to install the heavy software application onto his/her PC and it saves device memory putting less load on its Read Access Memory and Processor. 

Eventually, the tasks are performed faster. SaaS development is a newly popularising trend. However, it will gain more popularity with the passing of time. 


• Progressive Web Apps 

Progressive Web Apps are the next-level hybrid applications that run efficiently across various platforms including the web, iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux, Windows, and more. The PWAs are coded using simple programming languages such as HTML. Also, they can run even on a 2G network. Just like the SaaS, the PWA products are not necessary to install in the device. 

Rather, the user may bookmark the Progressive Web App (a URL) in a way that looks like an Installed Application with its Icon on the home screen of the device. It helps save the device's memory and facilitates the use of software or applications even at a 2G speed. So, in the flourishing remote work culture, the progressive web app and software development continue to gain momentum. 


• Dual Testing: Manual Testing & Automation Testing 

All software development solutions need robust testing to pass all the quality standards. If the software products do not simplify and speed up the tasks. Then they are not worth installing at all. Poorly functioning software will face a lot of criticism in the market and will also harm the image of the developer software development company. 

Eventually, testing the software at every step of development manually and then the final software with automation testing will be a highly demanded practice. This will double assure the software developer company and also the client of the quality of the software product.  


• Software Development Outsourcing

Furthermore, these days with rapidly growing demand for software products and the shortage of software developers, have resulted in a software development outsourcing trend. Even the big brands today hire software developers from outsourcing companies to complete a project on time. So, IT companies have to be flexible enough to take the outsourcing projects.


• Flexible Hiring Models 

Additionally, when it comes to hire software developer, the clients seek flexible hiring models offered by the companies. It is due to remote development facilities and the pocket-friendliness of the remote development from less developed countries than own native country. So, offshore software development and team augmentation hiring models will grow in popularity even further.  


Final Thoughts

So, software development services in India are going through massive changes these days. Many new and advanced trends have overpowered the software development market. Therefore, all the existing and aspiring software development companies in India have to adopt flexible hiring models, and robust testing and will need to polish their skills in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, AR, VR, and blockchain development. So, follow these trends and outshine as a leading software development company!

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