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What is a Smart Home Kit?

Automation, once a dream has turned into reality. A few decades ago, either IoT or automation was a significant part of science-fiction movies. Over the years, we saw simple home devices turning things around for us.

It started with simple sensors and became a vital part of our daily lives. Smart Clocks, Smart Lights, Smart TVs, Smart kitchens even Smart bathrooms are becoming common.

Detailed, sophisticated, and intricate, these devices elevate our lifestyles, helping us live hassle-free lives. Even people living alone are now taking help from Smart Home appliances, getting essential assistance as any household help.

This is cutting expenses while making sure the residents get to enjoy the best lifestyle.

Although smart devices are making life easier for people, and, in the long run, they are helping you to save money. If you evaluate the process, it requires a big chunk of money.

It is a long-term investment, but considering you need constant monitoring, maintenance, adjustment, and installation, you are paying a hefting amount.

This pulls most people on the back foot as they consider the dent that will be caused directly on their budget might not be worth the experience.

This is where Smart Appliance manufacturing companies are coming in with the self-installation of Smart Devices. Regardless of your background and in-depth knowledge of IoT, you can fix things and install devices hassle-free.

This cuts the maintenance cost and installation costs to zero. 

For fixing or installing the devices, you will need a good enough Smart Home Kit, link it up with good internet, and a compatible platform for the device.

Just covering these basics will run things smoothly, and you will get a customized automated experience based on your daily routine.

However, just a heads-up, your IoT-based products are a little more sophisticated than your ordinary appliances. A delay in signals or placing them in dead signal zones can impact your experience.

For a premium experience, we recommend a good internet provider like Optimum (formerly SuddenLink). With unlimited data and up to 500 Mbps speed, you can always stay connected to your home.

For choosing the bundle, you can also check SuddenLink Internet plans.

What is s Smart Home Kit?

A smart home kit is commonly known as a home automation kit. While choosing the Smart Device, you might even come across the word IoT platform, which also implies a smart home kit.

The kit usually includes all the essential elements required to set up the device and get it running. It will include the hardware elements, software, connection building elements, control, compatible devices, and managing tool for handling all the Smart Devices. 

Although there are different Smart Home Kits for beginners, if you buy a base-level automation kit, you will get sensors, Ethernet, a home automation hub, a smart home app for control, power cables, and basic customization options.

Some kits also come with connecting devices, so you can remotely control everything via phone or tablet. Each kit has automation software with fundamental gates and a routing system. Basic AND, OR, and NOR gates are further fortified with IFTTT (IF this, then that) routes.

Using these routes, you can customize the devices for triggering responses and create chain reactions based on your routine. 

A simple example is that if you wake up every day at 8 am, and you need to set Smart Lights, but on weekends, you wake up late, you have to add all these details.

This routing system will allow you to select that you will trigger lights at 8 am on weekdays. However, on weekends, the light should be triggered at 11 am. This is not just limited to Smart Lighting.

You can also set similar routes for home appliances like heating and cooling systems. Moreover, you can set sprinkler timing, drape timing, window coverage time, security system time, and even lock security time.

With suitable sensors, good Smart Home Apps, and robust internet, you can automate almost all aspects of your home and trigger alerts in case of any change. 

Where to Start?

As a newbie, you will come across many Smart Devices and Smart Home kits that intrigue you. However, with the endless possibility, you need to start with something basic that has good utility and is affordable. 

Smart Lightening

The most practical and obvious choice for a beginner is Smart Bulbs. Setting Smart Lighting requires no expertise whatsoever, and the results are promising.

You will need to set the app password, which will offer you access right away, from setting your home lights based on the sunlight timing to keeping them completely manual.

You can choose everything. The Smart Lights will allow you complete customization, even if you need to change color and brightness or go on complete blackout mode as you sleep. 

Smart Plug

It might not seem an obvious choice, but imagine switching the lamp, phone charger, or air con at any time. Smart plugs are adapters where you can plug any appliance's switch.

Since the Smart Plugs can be controlled via an app, you can easily switch off things. If you have a habit of leaving the TV on as you leave home, you must get Smart Plugs immediately. 

Smart Speakers

Hey Alexa!

If you have never yelled it aloud in your home, you are still living in the Stone Age, and this should change right away.

From keeping you company to offering complete control of your home, these smart speakers might seem small, but they will become an essential aspect of your life.

These smart speakers will work as your DJ playing your favorite tune, become your entertainer telling you jokes, or become your weatherman, offering you rainchecks every day. 

Bottom Line

Smart appliances might seem like a luxury right now, but they will become a necessity in the future.

Technically, it is an investment in your home, offering you to cut the house help cost and other assisting staff while making your life easier.

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