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How to Get The Right Thumbnails and the Importance of Thumbnails in Video Marketing

Content runs the web. The internet is loaded with various types of content these days. One of the most in-demand content types these days is videos. People prefer watching videos over reading long blogs or watching online pics.

The reason behind this phenomenon is the ability of videos to combine audio, visuals, and text effects for ideal results. As a result, businesses have also started investing their money, time, and effort into video marketing.

91% of consumers want to video content before purchasing products from a particular brand. They also want to know the objective and values of brands through video content. More than 80% of marketing professionals also believe in the effectiveness of video content.

In addition to seeing videos on a brand's website, consumers would like to see those videos on social media and streaming sites. Therefore, video marketing is a perfect lead-generation channel for businesses.

One thing that should be considered is the importance of thumbnails in video marketing. Businesses should pay attention to the importance of thumbnails to get ideal results from their video marketing strategy. 

This article discusses various factors that will help you understand why thumbnails are essential for video marketing and how to create them. Read on to learn more. 

How to Get the Thumbnails Right Quickly?

It is time to understand how businesses can quickly develop creative and catchy thumbnails. Many businesses would think of using conventional graphic designing software to create thumbnails, but it is laborious.

You need the services of a seasoned professional, and the process will take significant time.

A better way to quickly create thumbnails for your video marketing content is by using a channel art maker application. The thumbnail creator will help you create catchy thumbnails for free.

You must find a suitable template for a thumbnail and modify it according to your needs. It will help you create a conversion machine in the form of a compelling thumbnail. 

Why Are Thumbnails Important?

It is essential to understand why they are necessary for video marketing. Here are some reasons that will help you understand the importance of thumbnails. 

Thumbnails Catch the Attention of the Audience

The most important thing about thumbnails is their ability to catch the audience's attention simultaneously. The main objective behind uploading video on any platform would be to get as many views as possible.

It is only possible when people are urged to watch a particular video. The presence of a catchy thumbnail will help the uploader to entice people and make them watch videos.

Once people start watching your video because of the catchy thumbnail, there are more chances of generating leads. The only factor you need to create a catchy thumbnail for your video content is some creativity. Use it, and you will witness more views on your videos.

The increased number of views will also help you generate more leads. A thumbnail is a mere picture for many people but can act as a make-or-break business factor. 

A Professional Look

As mentioned earlier, people like to watch videos and prefer them over other types of content. However, they may still need to start watching videos. Instead, they want to know what is in the video for them.

Will the content on their screen be able to add any value to their life? Just like books have covers and blogs have titles to tell the targeted audience about what is in them for the readers, thumbnails can do the same for videos.

In addition, thumbnails ensure a professional look. While many entities still upload videos without any thumbnails, according to research, such videos get significantly fewer views than those with informative thumbnails. 

Moreover, thumbnails effectively enhance the user experience (UX) of viewers who come to watch your videos on streaming platforms, websites, and social media. 

Making Your Videos Visible in Search

Another advantage of equipping your video content with thumbnails is the visibility of your videos on search engines. People also search for their desired content, including videos, on search engines. Therefore, if your video content has a well-crafted thumbnail and a proper description featuring keywords, it will likely appear in the search results.

Appearing in search results will help you get more views and generate more leads. Hence, equipping your videos with a perfect thumbnail is highly important. 

Furthermore, search engines try to ensure optimum UX for people searching on the web and produce results with complete information related to the search query, including videos. Hence, thumbnails can make your videos highly visible on SERPs (search Engine Result Pages).

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