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Digital Marketing Strategies For Small Business

You don't need us to explain how crucial digital marketing is in the 21st century. It's obvious - the number of internet users and ubiquity of mobile devices speaks for themselves.

Even though you may not like it, your digital marketing effort may be the very thing that decides if your small business stays afloat or flops.

The amount of data metrics, tools, strategies, platforms, campaigning options, advertisement opportunities, and other factors can be incredibly daunting for a newcomer, especially if you need to be more computer savvy.

We've compiled a list of innovative digital marketing strategies to form a healthy basis for your digital marketing effort. These are common strategies used by professional digital marketers.

Get listed on Google My Business

These may be the most critical and accessible steps to make your small business visible on the internet.

When searching for a particular restaurant on Google, you know that all the pertinent information shows up on the right-hand side of the screen - the working hours, the address, and the user reviews.

That's achieved by listing your business on Google My Business. It's not that complicated - go on the site and follow the instructions. You will have to provide some kind of verification that the business you're claiming is genuinely yours and that it makes sense.

You wouldn't want anyone else claiming your business and putting in the wrong working hours, right?

While we're at that subject, ensure all of the information, address, and such is correct - every correction will require another verification by Google, which may take some time.

Google My Business makes your business visible to the world, it costs nothing, and you can do it without professional help. If you still need to, list your business right now.

Search Engine Optimization

OK, after you're made sure Google knows what to show people when they search for your business directly, it's time to stand out in front of the competition.

Say someone's looking for a plumber, and they search 'plumbers near me on Google. Google will show them a list of plumbers in their vicinity. SEO makes sure you're on top of that list.

Of course, this applies to any small business type, not just plumbers. SEO is something you can only effectively do with others. It has too many steps, too many moving parts, and requirements. It would take too much time, trial, and error to achieve results.

SEO includes optimizing your website to be more Google crawler friendly, gaining backlinks (getting other websites to link to yours), and writing optimized content that will appeal to both the search engine and the average customer/website visitor.

The best action is to hire a professional digital marketing agency to do your SEO work.

Be very forward and ask them to estimate the traffic your website will gain from their efforts. Just remember, it takes time to climb the ranks. But the result can become more business than you can handle.

Influencer marketing

This is another common strategy. You find an influencer - a person with a large, devoted following on one of the social networks - and get them to promote your brand.

It's a win-win for everyone involved - the influencer gets to create content for their channel and entertain their audience.

The business gets a spokesperson with a very devoted following. Of course, it means you will have to pay the influencer, and it probably means that you will have to send them some free products, but it's well worth it.

Influencer marketing statistics state that this type of advertising yields a 550% ROI.

As with your SEO strategy, your influencer marketing campaigns are best left to professionals - they know the ins and outs of the process, they have contacts, and they know the price range for the service.

Social media pages

Everyone seems to be sick of social media. At least, everyone you talk to in person. But somehow, at the same time, everyone's got a social media account and spends an excessive amount of time mindlessly scrolling.

Nothing in life is free, so if a platform has 'free' accounts, its users pay another way. One other way is their privacy and data. The other way is for them to watch ads.

Ads are one thing, but your business's social media accounts are maybe an essential piece of marketing you can produce.

Your social media accounts are your digital storefront, and your followers will judge you based on your actions. Again, creating, editing, scheduling your posts, interacting with your community, and answering all queries promptly is not something you can do on your own. It simply takes up too much time.

An in-house social media manager will do wonders for your business, creating a new front for your business to interact with customers and receive feedback.

Email marketing

You may think email is dead, who reads email anymore, but email marketing is still thriving. In fact, digital marketing experts claim that email marketing is one of the most cost-efficient marketing with an incredible ROI.

Email marketing raises your brand awareness, is a lead-generation machine, increases sales and revenue, and boosts your website traffic considerably.

It also creates a community spirit between you and the people on your newsletter subscription list. And it costs next to nothing - all you need to do is find people to subscribe to your feed.

Granted, keeping a tidy email schedule and formatting it correctly can be daunting. That's why hiring a digital marketing professional is your best bet.


Digital marketing is an excellent way to generate leads, raise brand awareness, build a community with your customers and boost your profits.

You opt out at your peril and lose potential customers. If you do nothing else, as we've listed in this article, at least apply for Google My Business. That way, everyone in the world will have your business's address. And that's no small thing.

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