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A Bucket Full of Retail Opportunities Available at The Best Shopping Malls in Virginia! 


Are you in Virginia, USA, & Looking forward to treating yourself through retail therapy after your hectic 3-days long office conference? 


You have come to the right place. Here, we showcase the best shopping malls in Virginia you can visit to grab a bucket full of retail opportunities and, of course, some day-out bonuses! 

How about a glance through them?


An Overview of the City: 

Often called the mother of presidents, Virginia is a southeastern US state, having a history of 12,000 years since the first communities started to live herein!

Virginia sketches along the Atlantic coast, from Chesapeake Bay to the Appalachian mountains, offering shelter to nearly 8.67 million people! 

The state holds credit for having a low crime rate, a strong economy, and high-quality healthcare facilities.

The Virginian culture has much popularity across the globe. We can often hear about Virginian wines,

fine arts, the Neptune festival happening in Virginia Beach, the Harrison Opera House, the Frontier Culture Museum,

and so forth from daily word-of-mouth! 


They make us envision the state as no less than a living paradise! 


The city has got more in stock than expected of it!

It has multiple community destinations that happily collaborate the diverse Virginian cultures and modern lifestyles under one roof! 


Which are the Best Shopping Malls in Virginia? 

  1. 1. Fair Oaks Mall – Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax, Virginia.
  2. 2. Fashion Center at Pentagon City – Hayes Street, Arlington, Virginia. 
  3. 3. MacArthur Center – Monticello Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia. 
  4. 4. Greenbrier Mall – Greenbrier Parkway, Chesapeake, Virginia. 
  5. 5. Tysons Galleria – International Drive, McLean, Virginia. 
  6. 6. Short Pump Town Center – Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia.  


List of Best Malls in Virginia: Unlocked! 

  1. 1. Fair Oaks Mall

People of Virginia refer to the Fair Oaks Mall as one of the most significant shopping malls in Virginia, reserving a library of more than 10,000 volumes.

Alongside, a movie theatre, salon & spa, nail art & tattoo station, sit-in restaurants where you can watch sports & listen to music, a dental clinic, pharmacy, and other 170+ retail stores & non-retail services.

The Mall sprawls over an area of 1,557,000 square feet, showcasing luxurious & premier brands on two floors. It made its first appearance in 1980. 


For the next 42 years, it aimed to accommodate various local, national, and international business endeavors under one roof so that the diversity in taste among the mall visitors, be they residents or travelers, can get sufficed! 

It underwent various renovations & expansion to become what it seems now – Tip-top & Well-organized, soothing to the eye, and graced with modern aesthetics! 


The grand entrance to the north & five more beautifully presented entrances; the flooring; the seating areas throughout the Mall at various corners and even outside in the friendly pedestrian space;

the furniture installed at various positions & the technology tables – Are all the signature mark of the unique & vibrant ambiance the Mall retains! 


What adds value to this ambiance is, of course, the wide variety of retail opportunities. And it is like a visit to a wonderland! 


No matter what you want – Be it a small antique to gift yourself or a few pretty dresses you want to buy for your kids from the specialty shops,

be it some groceries for the day or designer dresses for your upcoming events to attend, you can get it all. 

Shop Luxurious, Shop for your daily needs. Shop at a reasonable price, and Shop as much as you want!

Location: 11750 Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax, Virginia 22033, USA. 

Mall Timings: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and 11:00 am to 8:00 pm on Sunday. 

Website: https://shopfairoaksmall.com

Contact Details: 703-359-8300. 

Best For: Luxurious Shopping, Fashion Shopping, Grocery Shopping, Dining, Beauty Care, Movie Theatre & Entertainment. 

Nearby Shopping Centre: Fair Lakes Shopping Centre, 4.3 km 


  1. 2. Fashion Center at Pentagon City

Also called the Pentagon City Mall, Fashion Center at Pentagon City is undoubtedly one of the best malls in Virginia that gets credit for acting as a mixed-use community destination.

By this, I mean the mall complex not just offers Shopping, Dining, & Entertainment Opportunities but also holds office

& residential towers and a park area for the residents & travelers. 

The Mall sits over an area of 1,037,258 square feet, housing nearly 164+ retail stores

& professional services, arranged elegantly on four floors!

It lay built in 1989. And for all this while now, it constantly reconfigured itself following the constant changes in fashion & lifestyle! 

Do you want to buy sunglasses from your favorite internal brand? 

Do you want to buy some gorgeous & colorful outfits from a local specialty boutique? 

Do you wish to buy comfortable sports shoes from a famous national brand? 

Relax! You can get it all. From clothes & accessories to hardware & electronics,

from beauty & health products to groceries & books, everything you need to buy lay available in this one-stop Shop!

In fact, 

The wide variety in stock may puzzle you, and you can barely avoid your temptations to grab them all. 

The Mall is also known for its specialty restaurants & food outlets situated on the top floor, offering a skylight dining pavilion,

where you can try exotic menus to even something familiar & favorite.

Each outlet stands in a queue, greeting the pleasure centers of your brain with a magical aura.

The smell you get here is efficient enough to bring water to your mouth! 

Meanwhile, you reach the food court, the live music concerts & band performances,

and various other events & festivals occurring at the central atrium hall, which are likely to keep you on your toes – Lively & Energetic!  

The moment you enter the Mall, the place somewhat says to you in a respected voice,

"Hey, my Friend, it is time to Shop, Play, Eat, Dance, & Laugh like never before!"

Location: 1100 S Hayes Street, Arlington, Virginia 22202, USA. 

Mall Timings: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday. 

Website: https://www.simon.com/mall/fashion-centre-at-pentagon-city

Contact Details: 703-415-2400. 

Best For: Fashion Shopping, Daily Shopping, Quick Bites & Dinning, Entertainment & Live Events. 

Nearby Shopping Centre: Pentagon Row, 1.2 km 


  1. 3. MacArthur Center

Another of the best shopping malls in Virginia is undoubtedly MacArthur Center, famous for its ice skating rink organized every winter.

But, its overwhelming popularity is more because of the all-season available food court balcony where you can eat a wide variety of food delicacies from across the globe and have a wonderful time beneath the warmth of the sky! 

The mall complex covers an area of 900,000 square feet, sheltering about 80+ retail stores & non-retail services,

organized & maintained elegantly on three floors. 

The gates of this Mall opened in 1999, and since then, it has undergone a series of renovations to bring forth comprehensive lifestyle solutions for its tenants & visitors. 


Everything you want to do on your day out besides your retail therapy stands available herein! 

Tell me; if you want to watch a movie in an 18-screen cinema hall or take a break & relax with a hot body & head massage at the specialized salon & spa in MacArthur Center!  

Tell me; if you desire to grab an exotic coffee and chill in the pedestrian area of the Mall amidst the greeneries and lamp lights! 

Tell me; if you want to get a meaningful tattoo on your body, one that's safe & specialized, or plan on taking insurance coverage for your health. MacArthur Center shall serve thee! 


There is a play area for your little ones, and live events are happening in the atrium beneath the beautiful skylight ceiling and painted glass fixtures almost all the time.

That is how your family outing becomes more fun for all the members! 

You can buy local exotic lifestyle products and specialty ones from the premier brands simultaneously.

Whenever you seek to buy a luxurious gift for someone, this Mall serves right! 

Yes. The Center is no less than cloud nine!

Location: 300 Monticello Avenue, Norfolk, Virginia 23510, USA. 

Mall Timings: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Sunday. 

Website: https://www.shopmacarthur.com

Contact Details: 757-627-6000. 

Best For: Exotic Shopping, Specialty Shopping, Open-air Dining, Movie Theatre, Salon & Spa, Pet-Friendly Live Events. 

Nearby Shopping Centre: Downtown Plaza Shopping Centre, 640 m 


  1. 4. Greenbrier Mall

Have you ever thought of a mall having hillside terrain?

Yes. It is commonly unheard of or unseen once you visit one of the best shopping malls in Virginia, namely the Greenbrier Mall.

It incorporates a hillside terrain and is the only Mall to reserve entries on both levels, upper & lower!

By this, you can already understand that Greenbrier Mall is an indoor one, having two floors. 

It is a unique indoor mall to encompass an area of 898,416 square feet, platforming nearly 110+ retail stores & professional services.

It was inaugurated in 1981, and 41 years of service as a fashion & lifestyle destination is commendable! 

This Mall is more dedicated to bringing regional & local brands into the stage even though it has a wide array of specialty retail stores known to serve worldwide.

If you want to buy something unavailable anywhere other than Virginia, this Mall shall help you find thee! 


Plenty of exotic products shall appear before your eyesight,

and you can barely let go of them without buying at least one as a souvenir to keep at home! 


Another significant feature of this Mall is how the stores, showrooms, and stalls are organized within the space. Whether 

Suppose you want to visit a store that exclusively sells men's apparel or buy some fashion accessories for yourself and your female friends

In that case, it is easy to trace the different availabilities herein! 


The LED displays installed at various corners shall efficiently guide you through!

They shall also reveal the various in-store events and offers to go on.

It lay kept so you can avoid having to tire yourself with a window shopping session before you buy what you want. With the information provided on these display screens, you can hit your destination store straightaway! 


Aren't you getting a crazy smell of pastries & fries – A smell that makes you drool? I suppose you do!


If you do not allow your taste buds to enjoy the diverse food delicacies available in the food court, you will regret it later!

Location: 1401 Greenbrier Parkway, Chesapeake, Virginia 23320, USA. 

Mall Timings: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to Thursday, 10:00 am to 9:00 pm on Friday & Saturday, and 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Sunday. 

Website: https://www.greenbriermall.com

Contact Details: 757-424-7100. 

Best For: Local Shopping, Exotic Shopping, Specialty Shopping, Quick Bites & Eateries, Entertainment. 

Nearby Shopping Centre: Greenbrier Market Centre, 1.6 km 


  1. 5. Tysons Galleria 

Tysons Galleria, situated at the Center of the country's most affluent market, is another of the best malls in Virginia.

It is the community destination to hold a hotel & numerous corporate offices within the mall complex, taxi services, valet parking, and other amenities you will not find elsewhere. 

The Mall entails an area of 800,000 square feet with three floors, staging 120+ retail & non-retail businesses.

It has stood tall since 1988, and it has established its popularity for the next 34 years! 

That is more because it resembles the European Cityscape at a distant land on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean!

Do you know the American daily newspaper, Washington Post, regards Tysons Galleria as "a bright & elegant fifth-avenue-like mall"? 

That's right! The Mall looks no less than the prominent thoroughfare in Manhattan, New York City! 


You can find a giant-screen movie theatre, day spa & salon, pharmacy, insurance office, travel & tourism office, mobile repairing centers,

gym, nail art & tattoo station, and much more. These are the bonuses you can get after your hard-core retail therapy. 

Let me tell you that your retail therapy shall turn more exciting because of the distinctive availability of high-end retail brands,

including around 30+ exclusive-to-market designers' brands. 


Whatsoever occasion it be, such as a wedding anniversary, a house party, or maybe just a simple blind date, you can buy your apparel & matching accessories from here!

The designer boutiques are self-sufficient for stocking them all together, but if you buy each piece separately from the specialty shops,

you can also go for it. Each specified fashion & beauty product, from sunglasses to shoes, jewelry, bags, makeup items, inner wears, and so forth, has specialty shops of its own! 

Above you, remember to soothe your palate with the menus available at the sit-down or casual restaurants in this Mall!

You can get your favorite cuisines and even some new ones belonging to countries from various parts of the world.

If you are not too hungry, you can opt for a couple of tasty,

quick bites from the diverse food outlets lined up one after the other throughout the skylit food court. 

No wonder Tyson Galleria is the seventh heaven you have been looking for a long!

Location: 2001 International Drive, McLean, Virginia 22102, USA. 

Mall Timings: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Sunday. 

Website: https://www.tysonsgalleria.com/en.html

Contact Details: 703-917-5477. 

Best For Comprehensive Shopping, Specialty Shopping, Sit-Down & Casual Restaurants, and other Non-retail Services. 

Nearby Shopping Centre: Tysons Corner Centre, 1.0 km 


  1. 6. Short Pump Town Center

Who likes to avoid shopping, playing, and having fun in an open-air setting beneath the natural beauty of the sky? 


When such an ambiance adds up with high-end retail stores & professional services arranged dramatically on various levels,

it becomes all the more exciting! 

It is the same for another of the best shopping malls in Virginia, the Short Pump Town Center!

The Mall spreads over 791,257 square feet, lodging nearly 140+ stores on two floors.

It got launched in 2003 with the pursuit of accommodating myriads of upscale fashion & beauty brands within an open space courtyard. 

Today, the Mall earned recognition throughout the state & even beyond for its beautiful courtyard.

The one to incorporate both elements of modern cityscape and that of a village!

The Mall appears grandeur with a bed of greeneries, flowers, a fountain, glass elevators, wall lights, statues, and other sleep decorative items! 

Trust me; you would love to shop in this Mall, exploring the various fashion brands that you might have never heard of or maybe already familiar with!

Your eyes are likely to glow when encountering top-of-the-line apparel & accessories,

the sunglasses collection, the vibrant & unique watches, the safe & sleek optical products, and so forth! 

While you undergo your retail therapy here in this Mall, screening & testing the various products you need to buy,

you shall inevitably get tired and bored moving from one to another, finding the right product! At that time,

you would need a refill or recharge of your energy, and who else can serve better if not the expert chefs and restaurant staff? 

Yes. You got it right! 

The Mall intends to offer a complete shopping cum dining experience by incorporating a long food court with patio seats & sleek furniture and diverse food outlets serving quick bites & savories.

You can also opt for specialty restaurants that serve authentic cuisines from various countries existing worldwide. 

Isn't it milk & honey for you?

Location: 11800 W Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia 23233, USA. 

Mall Timings: 11:00 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to Thursday, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm on Friday & Saturday, and 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday. 

Website: https://www.shortpumptowncenter.com/en.html

Contact Details: 804-364-9500. 

Best For: Open-air Shopping, Fashion & Beauty Shopping, Open-air Dining, and Entertainment. 

Nearby Shopping Centre: Downtown Short Pump, 1.0 km 



Q. Do You Know The Best 5 Places To Eat In Virginia State Of USA?

A. The restaurants commonly top the list of top 5 restaurants in Virginia are – The Trummer's Restaurant, The Restaurant At Patowmack Farm, The Zynodoa Restaurant, The L'Auberge Chez Francois, and The Market Table Bistro. Visit for tasty meals!

Q. Can you make a list of the best 5 places where I can stay in the state of Virginia?

A. Sightseers often prefer hotels that are secure, cozy, and lavish. Therefore, the top 5 places to stay in Virginia are The Ritz-Carlton - Tysons Corner, The Omni Homestead Resort, The Hilton Richmond Hotel & Spa/Short Pump, The Stunning Log Cabin 3 Levels Massanutten Hot Tub, and The Inn at Little Washington among considerable others.

Q. Do You Know The Best 5 Treats Native To Virginia State Of USA?

A. Without squandering, get set to try the best 5 foods in Virginia while journeying the state. They are –

1) The BBQ & Country Ham,

2) The Blue Crabs,

3) The Mountain Trout,

4) The Brunswick Stew, and

5) The Appalachian Food. These are mouth-watering Virginia treats.

Q. What do you think are the best five flea markets in Virginia?

A. For all things low-priced and unique, you should visit the flea markets of Virginia. The top 5 flea markets include The Shen-Valley Flea Market, The Shenandoah Valley Flea Market, The Flea Market In Edinburg, The Massaponax Flea Market, and The Strasburg Flea Market LLC.

Q. Do You Know The Best 5 Attractions To Enjoy In Virginia State Of USA?

A. To make the most of your trip, visit the best 5 attractions in Virginia, as Tripadvisor attests. They are –

1) The Arlington National Cemetery,

2) The Colonial Williamsburg,

3) The Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center,

4) The Virginia Beach Boardwalk, and

5) The Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts. You will have a wonderful time!



The mall timings given in this article are temporary and may be updated.

Hence, it is advisable to check them on the official websites of the mentioned malls in Virginia! 

Comment below and let everyone know about your experiences visiting these malls if any! 

Kindly educate us about the malls we couldn't list herein if you know any!

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