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The best shopping malls in Vancouver to Greet you with Grace! 

If you are currently in Vancouver or want to visit, remember that this livable city has a lot to offer!

Not just the beautiful ports where you can see the sky meeting the sea but also the innovative urban architecture standing tall within the cityscape! 

The greeneries you see around give the city new rays of hope amidst the array of bricks & stones.


The best shopping malls in Vancouver are what make the city more lively & playful!

When you visit them, you shall find the large buildings greeting you with Grace despite being some lifeless bodies on their own! 


Overview of the City: 

Vancouver is a Western Canadian City sitting in the lower mainland of British Columbia! It is the third-largest metropolitan in the country, having the highest population density.

That is right! Vancouver serves as home to about 2,632,000 people coming from diverse ethnic backgrounds. 

Do you know that people refer to Vancouver as the City of Neighbourhoods? Yes, it is & that is because each of the neighborhoods herein displays a unique character of its own! 

With the advancement and prosperity in theatre & dance and films & television shows, the city upholds a great art & culture – The one ready to mold with time! 


There is more to it! The Visual arts you would encounter in Vancouver alongside the musical endeavor are versatile, with attributes of modesty yet dynamicity! 

Amidst all of these, the collaboration of commerce with culture was specific! 


That is how the best shopping malls in Vancouver appear in the picture, representing every little thing the city means!


Here are the best Shopping Malls in Vancouver, Canada

1. Park Royal – Park Royal Street, West Vancouver. CF Pacific Centre – Georgia Street, Vancouver. 

2. International Village Mall – Pender Street, Vancouver. 

3. City Square Shopping Centre – 12th Avenue, Vancouver. 

4. Burrard Landing – Canada PI, Vancouver. 


Best Shopping Centers in Vancouver, Canada

1. Waterfront Centre – Burrard Street, Vancouver.  


A Note on the Best Shopping Malls in Vancouver 

1. Park Royal

Park Royal is not just one of the largest shopping malls in Vancouver but one of the largest in Canada to sit over an area of 1,400,000 square feet with two floors,

housing more than 200 stores & professional services, including those of local, regional, national, and international brands! 

It was launched in 1950 and underwent many episodes of renovation across the years to turn out what it is today!

The Mall stands named after the British suburb Park Royal - A place renowned worldwide for its Guinness Brewery. 

In recent times, 

The Mall emerged as the most availed shopping mall in Vancouver, with annual traffic of over 3 million. 


Why not? 

A place that stock all your necessities alongside giving you a luxurious vibe should become popular among a wider audience!

Everyone wishes to travel to a place where they can enjoy a few hours of trendy livelihood; alone, with friends, or with family! 

It is that lifestyle destination where you can watch cinemas; have power shopping from premium brands, secure a hair & body spa or nail arts & tattoos;

buy groceries & liquors, watch live music festivals, eat at your favorite restaurant; enjoy at a night club & pack some desserts from the bakery to take those home! 


What makes the place look like a wonderland is also the refined international architecture, combining village relics with urban aesthetics!

The triangular arch tower you see right at the entrance, and the beds of greeneries laid out throughout the pedestrian space, give it a magical outlook. 


So does the glass-made skylight inside the Mall, together with the starry-light hangings! 

If you are waiting for such an experience, go live at the Park Royal Mall and leave no room for repentance later!

Location: 2002 Park Royal Street, West Vancouver, British Columbia V7T 2W4, Canada.

Mall Timings: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm from Monday to Wednesday, 10:00 am to 9:00 pm on Thursday & Friday, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm on Saturday, and 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday. 

Website: https://parkroyal.ca 

Contact Details: 694-922-3211. 

Best For: Luxurious Shopping, Local Shopping, Night Club, Multi-cuisine Dining, Cinema Arcade, and myriads more! 

Nearby Shopping Centre: Capilano Mall, 2.9 km 


2. CF Pacific Centre

CF Pacific Centre, commonly known as Pacific Centre, is undoubtedly one of the largest shopping malls in Vancouver that render elegant retail solutions most modestly! 

This Mall covers an area of 710,593 square feet with three floors, platforming more than 100 stores & services.

It has stood open since 1971 and has massive traffic, estimated to be around 2.1 million annually. 

What do you need to purchase – Footwear, sports equipment, bags, jewelry, showpiece & home decor, bedding, hardware, mobiles &

computers, paints, liquors, books, gifts, or something else? 

Relax! From old favorites to the latest trends, all items are available for you! 

At the same time, 

You can avail of banking & insurance services, fitness & dance training classes, travel booking service, beauty care, tech repairing service, dental care, and so forth!

That too from popular national & international companies! 

Pacific Centre is an indoor shopping mall that reserves a beautiful basement, mainly grocery-anchored

& an atrium that has a grand decoration with led lighting & wooden patches, designed with a minimalist approach. 


The main attraction is the rotunda glass dome! Yes. When you reach the location, you shall come across a vast dome-shaped structure right at the beginning.

Please do not assume it to be some heritage building, as this is the entrance gate, crafted in a Roman pattern, together with an urban touch! 

While going inside, you would witness collapsible side panels made of glass, shiny & polished to such an extent that you can barely let go of watching how you look! 

If you want to eat Thai or Japanese food, go straightaway to the third floor where all the food outlets and restaurants lay situated in a queue.

Here, you can get both fine-dine & casual setting restaurants. If you are not hungry, but the pleasure centers of your brain cannot resist the magical aura,

try some quick bites or desserts. They are popular in this spot!  


What do you think? Is Pacific Centre the right call for you? 

If so, 

Don't hesitate to visit it once!

Location: 701 W Georgia Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V7Y 1G5, Canada. 

Mall Timings: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm from Monday to Wednesday, 10:00 am to 9:00 pm on Thursday & Friday, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm on Saturday, and 11:00 am to 7:00 pm on Sunday. 

Website: https://shops.cadillacfairview.com/property/cf-pacific-centre.  

Contact Details: 604-688-7235.

Best For: Luxurious & Branded Shopping, Beauty Treatments, Fine Dining & Quick Bite Eateries.  

Nearby Shopping Centre: Hudson Mall, 500 m 


3. International Village Mall

Another of the best shopping malls in Vancouver is the International Village Mall which features a wide range of branded retail stores

& services alongside a large movie theatre & food court! 

The Mall sprawls over an area of 196,105 square feet, sheltering nearly 60+ business endeavors!

It is also an indoor shopping mall with three floors that has served Canadian communities & travelers for 22 years since 2000. 

With a blend of glass & wood, the Mall holds attractive architecture, both from the outside & inside!

While you shall see Vancouver Vintage art whopping from the outward appearance,

the atrium-styled surrounding inside the Mall will likely give you the vibe of historical Roman buildings.

Likewise, the splendid lights & wooden wall crafts shall shed an eye-soothing sight you can barely find elsewhere. 


So is the 100 feet long glass gallery! 

The Mall shall lay at your service for all your requisites – from books to machines & clothes to fresh meats!

There is an exclusive Japanese & Korean departmental store in this Mall that a renowned language school accompanies.

Yes, it's true! A school within a mall, something we would never have imagined! 


Multiple LED displays screen the stores' map, special offers, & events of the day! 

Whenever you go to this shopping mall, you shall undoubtedly get to see some event –

A product promotion, a music video launch, a live concert, or a charity show! Perhaps, altogether acting as a testament to the city's multicultural environment! 

On the same note, you can enjoy a lovely meal in this spot, no matter which cuisine you wish to have.

Food outlets of various cuisines from across the globe are brought together in one-stop! 

I hope you do not miss such an experience!

Location: 88 W Pender Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 6N9, Canada. 

Mall Timings: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on all days of the week. 

Website: http://www.internationalvillagemall.ca. 

Contact Details: 604-646-1081. 

Best For: The Language School, The Japanese & Korean Departmental Stores, Boutiques, Movie Theatre, Watching Live Concerts, etc. 

Nearby Shopping Centre: Hudson Mall, 850 m 


4. City Square Shopping Centre

The City Square Shopping center is that quaint Mall in the city to recline over an area of 145,484 square feet, housing about 45+ stores & services on two floors.

No doubt, a mall like this, where you can avail of a great dinner at the beautiful food court after rigorous retail therapy,

was bound to be regarded as top among some of the best shopping malls in Vancouver! 

The mall complex stands erected in 1989, and for all this time, it served as a mix-use community spot that includes office &

residential buildings alongside the shopping plaza. The space is enclosed, resembling somewhat modern school buildings! 


They should have kept a skylight wander inside the Mall! 

Do you know it was initially a reconstruction over a heritage building, signifying the re-use of a heritage spot? 

That is true! The Mall is a mix of modern & heritage architecture, with a touch of European Village Flair made with granite & sandstones.

From the inside, the Mall looks nothing less than a housing complex with doors & windows, stairs & elevators, and a vast indoor courtyard. 


The lampshades at every interval make the space lot more bright & vibrant! 

There are diverse retail opportunities, from apparel to hardware, & also a farm market, the one popular in the city!

You can avail of an efficient & effective dental checkup in an emergency or buy some delicious pastries from the Vegan Bakery.

Yes, poles-apart business pursuits are available in one suite! 

How about a short trip to this place if you have gala time to offer & are in Vancouver currently? 

Location: 555 W 12th Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V5Z 3X7, Canada. 

Mall Timings: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm from Monday to Wednesday & on Saturday, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm on Thursday & Friday, and 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Sunday. 

Website: https://citysquarevan.com/ 

Contact Details: 604-876-5165. 

Best For: Farm Market, Dental Clinic, Vegan Bakery, Exotic Shopping. 

Nearby Shopping Mall: International Village Mall, 2.7 km 


5. Burrard Landing

Although not much significant, precisely reclining over an area of 95,000 square feet, the Burrard Landing is indeed one of the best shopping malls in Vancouver today!

The Mall is famous for festive Shopping & dining that comes together in a package with a prominent view of the harbor & seaplane. 

It was built in 1993 and expanded & rezoned further in 1996. Today, the mall shelters around 30+ local, national,

& international retail stores and services in a seawall-oriented external space.

The Mall is partially enclosed, with ample open space for you to sit and chill, enjoying the natural view of the sea! 

The mall architecture involves a sleek glass-enclosed space with a green roof, two-winged, morphed into odd-shaped folding.

Isn't that unique and interesting? Perhaps, it is! A quirky, upbeat mall with great patio restaurants, bike rentals, a fitness center, an amusement zone, and much more! 


The panoramic view of the harbor & the whale-watching excursions are what make it exclusive! 

Imagine you are walking up to the power shopping zone; wandering in the pedestrian space, purchasing some unique products that you come across therein,

and finally relaxing in one of the patio restaurants with a seat facing the sea; a bottle of red wine kept in the table along with the various seafood wonders! 

What a lovely day out shall it be! 

Are you not up for it? 

Location: 1055 Canada Place, Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 3G3, Canada. 

Mall Timings: 6:00 am to 6:00 pm on all days of the week. 

Website: http://burrardlanding.com. 

Contact Details: 

Best For: Upbeat Shopping, Patio Restaurants, Wine Shop, Jack Pool Zone. 

Nearby Shopping Centre: Hudson Mall, 1.2 km 


Best Shopping Centers in Vancouver, Canada 

1. Waterfront Centre

Another of the largest shopping centers in Vancouver to offer comprehensive retail solutions to the community is the Waterfront Centre! 

The Shopping center constitutes an area of 369,976 square feet – An inspirational building to stand firm on the ground since 1990.

For all this while, it grew as a mix-use community destination where you can see offices & residential towers lined up within the shopping center complex. 

With nearly 25+ prime retail stores & professional services, and a food court incorporating famous food outlets &

fine-dine restaurants, the Shopping center offers an excellent opportunity to shop, eat, laugh, & relax under the same roof! 

It is an enclosed building embedded with clerestory windows, a skylight, and an atrium. The space is well-designed, with portraits, plants, wall hangings,

& ornamental fixtures installed dramatically at various angles! 


The Waterfront Centre reflects urban architecture with shiny floors, long lawns, & elevators to ease out your movement.

While you step inside the Shopping center, you shall find the retail stores situated one after the other, well-organized & well-maintained. 


There is nothing that you will not get in this place. From branded apparel to lifestyle accessories, medicines to groceries,

furniture to electronic gadgets, books & toys to classic & antique pieces, everything you need shall lay available for you. 

Your urge to derive a beauty treatment, nail art, or tattoos shall lay fulfilled herein! 


Do you wish to watch one of the latest movies in a 3D movie theatre? That stands at your service too! 

Once your power shopping is complete, beauty treatment, or movie watching, move up to the top floor. That is where the food court begins.

The moment you keep your feet on that level, a sudden delightful smell wraps you around. The smell comes from the food outlets, savories & desserts! 

Trust me, and you won't be able to ignore it but instead end up having some quick bites. All food you eat is fresh & cooked on-spot, tasty & can bring water to your mouth! 


Why are you holding out? Book a cab and reach the spot!

Location: 200 Burrard Street, Vancouver, British Columbia H3B 2B2, Canada. 

Mall Timings: 6:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Saturday & 7:00 am to 9:00 pm on Sunday. 

Website: https://cadillacfairview.com/office/group/cf-waterfront-properties/ 

Contact Details: 604-681-8699. 

Best For: Shopping, Dining, & Entertainment. 

Nearby Shopping Centre: Hudson Mall, 1 km 


FAQs on the Best Shopping Malls in Vancouver 

Q.1. Which is the largest shopping mall in Vancouver? 

Ans. Park Royal is the largest shopping mall in Vancouver, erected over an area of 1,400,000 square in 1950. 

Q.2. Which is the second largest Mall in Vancouver? 

Ans. CF Pacific Centre is the second largest shopping mall in Vancouver, covering an area of 710,593 square feet and offering community shopping services since 1971. 

Q.3. Which is the most expensive shopping mall in Vancouver? 

Ans. Almost all the major malls in Vancouver are expensive. But mainly the Park Royal Mall and the CF Pacific Centre!


Note Please: 

Make sure you check the mall timings on their official website. They may change at some point! 

Comment below & share your experience details at the best shopping malls in Vancouver. 

Do you know any other best shopping malls in Vancouver? Kindly let us know!

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