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How about Planning your Visit to the Best Malls in Pennsylvania, USA? 

Hello. How is your Pennsylvania trip going? 

Did you complete all side scenes & outdoor fun activities and need help figuring out what to do tomorrow? 


Have you planned a date for your hubby or a surprise outing for your family before you leave Pennsylvania? 

If not, this is the right time! Take your family to any of the best shopping malls in Pennsylvania and end your trip relaxing & revitalizing before you get back to your tiring work schedule again! 

Overview of the Region: 

By now, you must already know what Pennsylvania appears to be!

It is one of the most important industrial centers of the country, deriving worldwide attention for its steel, coal, & railroads.

This US state is also known for its extensive & high-quality mushroom production. 

Do you know the state has been standing tall since 1681, acting as an emblem of religious & political tolerance?

That's right! The state inhibits violence & atrocities, especially after being a victim during 9/11.

Pennsylvania retains a multi-ethnic character because of having residents from various communities across the globe. 

It is the fifth most populous state in the USA, sheltering nearly 12.9 million people.

Most of them talk about the Parks, Zoos, Museums, Lakes, Beaches, Motor Sports, the Chocolate Industry, and all that the city has in stock for you!

But, Did anyone tell you about the beautiful shopping, entertainment, & lifestyle destinations nearby? 

I suppose not! If they had said so, you would not be waiting in your hotel room, surfing the net, and deciding where to head to!

Well, I cannot wait to tell you which spot to hit, so let us quickly unfold the list of the best malls in Pennsylvania!   


Presenting the Best Shopping Malls in Pennsylvania – 

1. King of Prussia Mall – Gulph Road, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

2. Ross Park Mall – Ross Park Mall Drive, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

3. Willow Grove Park Mall – Moreland Road, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. 

4. Lehigh Valley Mall – Lehigh Valley Mall, Whitehall, Pennsylvania.

5. South Hills Village Mall – Hills Village, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

6. Springfield Mall – Baltimore Pike, Springfield, Pennsylvania. 


Find Out: What would the 6 Best Malls in Pennsylvania offer? 

1. King of Prussia Mall

Do you desire to take your family to luxury retailers & buy them some gifts?

King of Prussia Mall is the best choice! Both residents & travelers consider it to be one of the best shopping malls in Pennsylvania, representing all aspects of modern livelihood under one roof! 

So, you can already understand that it is an enclosed two-story mall, having a central atrium, ceiling-to-ground glass windows, a skylight ceiling with glass fixtures hanging from it, glass elevators, brass railings, and much more! 

The Mall sprawls over 2,793,200 square feet, sheltering about 450+ tenants, both retail & non-retail!

It got opened in 1963; yes, 59 years of service is, indeed, worth noting!

It is that Mall to allocate offerings for every budget & taste. You can find local brands, national brands, and international brands herein! There lay various specialty shops too, and you can explore them all. 

If you have children and want them to have fun activities, you can take them to the soft play area that accommodates various rides and amusement amenities.

While you hop from one shop to another in search of various products and services, you will likely see the installed art sculptures presented dramatically through the gallery lawns. 

Soon enough, you will encounter the Coca-Cola vending machines installed at various corners.

You can grab a few cups of it & continue with your mall tour!

Meanwhile, the melodies and voices approaching you from the live performances happening in the central courtyard shall reach your ears. Your family is likely to rejoice in it! 

Above all, you can get to dine in a romantic setting and treat each one of your family members to their favorite menus.

In this regard, you shall have two options – First, lay the Food Outlets standing in a queue throughout the food court, and second, the separate fine-dine or casual restaurants. The choice is yours!

Location: 160 N Gulph Road, King of Prussia, PA 19406, USA. 

Mall Timings: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday. 

Website: https://www.simon.com/mall/king-of-prussia

Contact Details: 610-265-5727. 

Best For: Luxury Shopping, Specialty Shopping, Variety Shopping, Dining, Kid's Play Area, and Adult Entertainment Opportunities. 

Nearby Shopping Centre: King Prussia Town Centre, 1.6 km 


2. Ross Park Mall

Do you wish to buy your family some home furnishing items? If so, Ross Park Mall would be the best call!

It is undoubtedly one of the best shopping malls in Pennsylvania that stocks everything from mattresses to sunglasses, sportswear, watches, bags, shoes, hardware, tech gadgets, clothes, beauty products, jewelry, and varieties of other retail mixes! 

It is also an indoor mall, entailing regional & international brands & specialty stores.

You can take your sisters and mother to the Salon & Spa for beauty treatments; get them a tattoo or do one yourself in the tattoo & nail art station! ATMs are, of course, to get more cash for your family spending. 

The Mall covers an area of 1,236,523 square feet, platforming approximately 150+ retail stores & professional services on two floors.

It appeared in the market in 1986, and since then, it has reconfigured itself to match the changing needs of the community lifestyle. Thus, attracting wider audiences!  

But do you know what makes it all complete? The outdoor lifestyle amenities.

Yes. You can spend a romantic time with your hubby, sitting on the cozy couches installed outside the Mall in the friendly pedestrian area.

The space lay beautifully set up with beds of greeneries, water fountains, lamp lights, statues, and so forth! 

What food delicacy are your hubby & kids fond of – the German Pretzels, the Mexican Tacos & Wraps, The Italian Pizzas & Cheesesteaks, the American Burgers & Fries, the Chinese Noodles, the Indian Curries, the Japanese Sushi, or something else?

No matter which cuisine you want to buy for your family, it lay available in this Mall! The food court is well-lit & well-maintained, and so are the sit-in restaurants. 

Besides, if you do not have kids and want to take your partner for a couple of cocktails & wines, there is an excellent bar awaiting!

You can sit here with your drinks & quick bites for hours-long and watch sports.

Does that sound like something other than exciting for your date?

Location: 1000 Ross Park Mall Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15237, USA. 

Mall Timings: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday. 

Website: https://www.simon.com/mall/ross-park-mall

Contact Details: 412-369-4400. 

Best For: Fashion Shopping, Furniture Shopping, Beauty Therapies, Dining, & Entertainment.

Nearby Shopping Centre: North Hills Village, 2.4 km 


3. Willow Grove Park Mall

Do you want to take your family to a fine-dine movie theatre cum bar? If yes, Willow Grove Park Mall shall serve right!

It is another of the best malls in Pennsylvania that platform a variety of mixed-retail stores & professional services.

The latter includes a dental clinic, travel booking office, salon & spa, fitness center, nail art station, tattoo station, insurance & banking offices, and myriads more! 

Yes. It is the one-stop shop that can make your family outing or date more compact & comprehensive; yet thrilling & energetic!

Willow Grove Park Mall is an indoor three-story mall that retains a selfie museum where you can get various backgrounds to click your photos with your date or family and make an archive of your memory in Pennsylvania. 

It encompasses an area of 1,203,423 square feet, showcasing around 120+ stores, stalls, & showrooms.

The Mall opened its doors for its visitors in 1982, and for all this while, it went through various renovations & expansions to accommodate more premier retail & non-retail brands. You may find something here! 

Do you want to gift some books to any of your family members? Or do you wish to buy them some antique & exotic home decor? 

Do you want to treat your father with an efficient & expensive smartphone or laptop?

Or do you aspire to dig into a whole range of apparel & accessories collections at a specialty boutique together with your mother & sisters?

Perhaps, you get to do these all! 

What more you can find in this Mall is a kid's carousel and a soft play area for children, a scenic elevator, a long & vibrant food court, three sit-in restaurants, and the list is unending;

I have to say. And if you are a family person, this Mall would likely be a complete package! 

Will it not?

Location: 2500 W Moreland Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090, USA. 

Mall Timings: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday. 

Website: https://www.willowgroveparkmall.com

Contact Details: 215-657-6000. 

Best For: Fashion Shopping, Specialty Shopping, Fine-dine Movie Theatre cum Bar, & Various Entertainment Options. 

Nearby Shopping Centre: Willow Grove Shopping Centre, 1.9 km 


4. Lehigh Valley Mall

Do you want to take your family to a restaurant or a video arcade?

If yes, Lehigh Valley Mall would be the perfect destination for you!

Lehigh Valley Mall is among some of the best shopping malls in Pennsylvania to retain such unique-featured tenants.

It is where you can eat your food with family, play various games & sports, and watch live events, contests, or performances! 

Lehigh Valley is an indoor two-level super-regional mall.

It entails amenities such as a Coca-Cola vending machine & healthy drinking water fountain, ATM, glass elevators & lifts, soft seats installed at various positions throughout the Mall, and much more. 

This Mall comprises an area of 1,181,000 square feet, staging about 140+ business organizations within the vast atrium hall.

It lay inaugurated in 1976 and thereby underwent a series of renovations to turn up-to-date in appearance.

It got an attached outdoor lifestyle center to offer an open-air shopping ambiance simultaneously with the indoor one! 

Shopping for women's fashion is the specialty herein! You can get a versatile collection of women's apparel & accessories in this Mall, which belongs to high-end national & international brands!

If you want to buy pretty clothing & accessories for children, Lehigh Valley retains quite a several specialty shops for it! 

Last but not least, this Mall reserves children's play area, denoting greatly – Why should Adults have all the fun?

And that is somewhat necessary, you know! When you look for a comprehensive lifestyle destination, you shall always select one that can suit people of all age groups. 

Does Lehigh Valley set the benchmark you are looking forward to? What do you say?

Location: 250 Lehigh Valley Mall, Whitehall, PA 18052, USA. 

Mall Timings: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday. 

Website: https://www.simon.com/mall/lehigh-valley-mall

Contact Details: 610-264-5511. 

Best For: Fashion Shopping, Specialty Shopping For Children, Restaurant cum Video Arcade, and Children's Entertainment.  

Nearby Shopping Centre: Whitehall Mall, 1 km 


5. South Hills Village Mall 

Are your family members sports enthusiasts & the reason why you wish to buy them sports equipment & goods?

If so, South Hills Village Mall shall be your favorite spot. You can get branded sports shoes and sportswear at a reasonable price.

Besides, you can enjoy various indoor sports in the play station with your family and earn gifts. Isn't that great? 

Yes, It is precisely why South Hills Village Mall gets often referred to as one of the best shopping malls in Pennsylvania.

The Mall is enclosed with two floors and has all you need for your long day out, from ATMs to beverage vending machines! 

It encompasses an area of 1,128,403 square feet and is the haven for over 130+ retail stores & professional services.

The Mall lay built in 1965, and the next 57 years witnessed its rise as a comprehensive community lifestyle destination.

Today, the Mall welcomes nearly 8.5 million annual visitors! 

There exist five recently-renovated mall entrances & each has automatic sliding glass doors.

You can enter through whichever way you want, but the moment you step in, a new form of energy somewhat wraps you around, and you cannot help but turn lively and enthusiastic.

The lawns you travel by are beautiful, with wall lights, artwork, and decorative hanging fixtures. 

Apart from the sports-related retail, you can derive a whole lot of fashion shopping stores, the popular branded ones, and some that you have never heard of!

They can offer you a diverse stock, from the latest fashion trends to abstract & quirky ones.

You can even find some of your all-time favorite accessories that you found nowhere else in Pennsylvania. 

After your rigorous retail therapy with your family, if entertainment is your call, the 10-screen movie theatre and the beautiful sit-in restaurants in the food court area can humbly serve! Perhaps, they are eagerly waiting! 

Do you still need to get ready? Hurry up! 

Location: 301 S Hills Village, Pittsburgh, PA 15241, USA. 

Mall Timings: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday. 

Website: https://www.simon.com/mall/south-hills-village

Contact Details: 412-831-2900. 

Best For: Sports Shopping, Fashion Shopping, Dining, & Entertainment. 

Nearby Shopping Centre: Village Square Mall, 1.2 km 


6. Springfield Mall

Do you want to take your family for motorized animal rides and tours to a community-based robotic organization?

If yes, then Springfield Mall shall be the most suitable option. It is another of the best shopping malls in Pennsylvania that offers unique entertainment opportunities to visitors that you can hardly find elsewhere. 

Springfield is a two-story enclosed mall that houses nearly 70+ retail & non-retail stores & offices, including a movie theatre & a long food court.

It keeps all modern amenities requisite for community lifestyles, such as drinking water fountains, restrooms, ATMs, escalators, and much more. 

The Mall spans an area of 589,000 square feet approximately, and it has stood firm on the ground in the heart of Springfield city since 1974.

It reserves various upscale fashion stores for both men & women and simultaneously showcases various brands.

Perhaps, there is no such fashion item you will not get in this Mall – Be it a quirky sunglass or a designer embroidery bag! 

People say Springfield Mall is high on fashion. And that is precisely why they give multiple offers & discounts on fashion products.

We may even win a fashion contest in the mall atrium at times! You can otherwise watch live band performances, movie promotions, social & charity events, food festivals, and so forth! 

Moreover, you can always try out the diverse food wonders from the eateries on the top floor in the food court area.

They are not just tasty & fresh; their quantity is sufficient to complete you! 

Now, tell me, what have you decided? Is Springfield your call?

Location: 1250 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, PA 19064, USA. 

Mall Timings: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday. 

Website: https://shopspringfieldmall.com

Contact Details: 610-328-1200. 

Best For: Women's Fashion Shopping, Men's Fashion Shopping, Dining, Motor Rides, Robotics tours, and Various Other Entertainment Opportunities. 

Nearby Shopping Centre: Midtown Plaza, 4.8 km 



Q. Can You Come Up With The Top 5 Eateries In The Pennsylvania State Of The USA?

A. For an unforgettable dining experience and incredible flavors, check out The Carriage House Restaurant, The Jean Bonnet Tavern, The Left Bank Restaurant & Bar, The Marblehead Chowder House, and The Cottage Restaurant, which concludes the list of the top 5 eateries in the Pennsylvania state of the USA.

Q. Can You Mention The Top 5 Accommodations With The Best Facilities In The Pennsylvania State Of The USA?

A. To experience the most top-notch facilities, The Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia At Comcast Center, The Ritz-Carlton - Philadelphia, The Logan Philadelphia - Curio Collection By Hilton, The Sofitel Philadelphia At Rittenhouse Square, and The Kimpton Hotel Palomar Philadelphia are the best five accommodations in the Pennsylvania state of the USA.

Q. Can You Name Some Of The Top 5 Traditional Foods In The Pennsylvania State Of The USA?

A. The top 5 classic dishes that have originated in the Pennsylvania state of the USA are –

1) The Philly Cheesesteaks,

2) The Shoo Fly Pie,

3) The Hot Pretzels,

4) The Tomato Pie, and

5) The Birch Beer. Go on and please your appetite!

Q. Can You Propose The Top 5 Low-Priced Swap Meets In The Pennsylvania State Of The USA?

A. The top 5 swap meets to die for in the Pennsylvania state of the USA are –

1) The Blue Ridge Flea Market,

2) Leighty's Outdoor Flea Market,

3) Root's Old Mill Flea Market,

4) The Quaker City Flea Market, and

5) The Indoor Flea Market In Wind Gap. They indeed are!

Q. Can You Come Up With The Top 5 Viewpoints In The Pennsylvania State Of The USA?

A. Tripadvisor suggests that you can take your family or your partner to The Gettysburg National Military Park, The Gettysburg National Military Park, The Reading Terminal Market, The Phipps Conservatory And Botanical Gardens, The Gettysburg National Military Park Museum & Visitor Center, which are the top 5 viewpoints in the Pennsylvania state of the USA.

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