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10 Best Shopping Malls in Maryland, the USA for shopping, food, movies, fun with family & friends

Maryland is a beautiful state in the USA, surrounded by waterways and the Atlantic Ocean. This city is quite famous for being a significant seaport in history.

There are many great shopping destinations in this city where you can shop around. Given below are some of the best shopping malls in Maryland. 

10 Best Malls in Maryland for shopping, food, movies:

1. The Mall in Columbia- 10300 Little Patuxent Pkwy, Columbia

2. Westfield Montgomery- 7101 Democracy Blvd, Bethesda 

3. White Marsh Mall- 8200 Perry Hall Blvd, Baltimore 

4. Marley Station Mall- 7900 Ritchie Hwy, Glen Burnie 

5. Lakeforest Mall- 701 Russell Ave, Gaithersburg 

6. Towson Town Center- 825 Dulaney Valley Rd, Towson 

7. Mall at Prince George's- 3500 East-West Hwy, Hyattsville 

8. Harford Mall- 696 Belair Rd, Bel Air 

9. Mondawmin Mall- 2401 Liberty Heights Ave, Baltimore 

10. Ellsworth Place - 8661 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring 


10 Best Shopping Malls in Maryland, USA for shopping, food, movies, fun with family & friends

1. The Mall in Columbia, Columbia  

The Mall in Columbia has been the best shopping mall in Maryland since 1971. This beautiful mall has architecture that is the perfect combination of modern and traditional design.

This shopping mall in Columbia has nearly 1,400,000 square feet, making it the largest shopping mall in Maryland. This excellent shopping mall hosts more than 196 stores and shops, providing first-class service.

The service in this mall is the best, making it the biggest mall in Maryland. You will find yourself loving the outstanding collection of shopping destinations here. 

This mall is also home to some of the most loved eateries in the city. At the restaurants or cafes of this ultimate mall, you will find both national and international dishes.

This best mall in Columbia is the best to have fun with your friends or family with their entertainment options. 

Location: The Mall in Columbia, 10300 Little Patuxent Pkwy, Columbia, MD 21044, United States  

Direction: Go to Map   

Timings: Monday - Saturday (10 am -- 8 pm), Sunday (12 am to 6 pm)

Contact # +1 4107303300 

Website: The Mall in Columbia

Best for: Shopping, Dining, Movie (AMC Columbia 14), and Entertainment 

Nearby Shopping Center: Oakland Mills, 4.8 km 


2. Westfield Montgomery, Bethesda 

Westfield Montgomery mall in Bethesda is a traditional mall that is one of the best malls in Maryland. This mall has excellent design and infrastructure despite its existence since 1968.

This excellent shopping mall is spread over 1,223,475 square feet, adding its name to the list of the largest malls in Maryland. This best shopping mall in Bethesda, MD, has excited crowds and a lot of energy.

Westfield Montgomery mall has more than 200+ stores and services that you can choose among to get the best products.  This mall often has many offers on the best products that are entirely unexpected and quite fascinating. 

This mall is also home to some of the most famous and extraordinary restaurants, including celebrity chefs. Westfield Montgomery Mall has an entertainment area for adults and kids, perfect for spending excellent quality time. 

Location: Westfield Montgomery, 7101 Democracy Blvd, Bethesda, MD 20817, United States  

Direction:  Go to Map   

Timings: Monday-Saturday (10 am-8 pm), Sunday (11 am to 7 pm) 

Contact # +1 3014696000 

Website: Westfield Montgomery  

Best for: Shopping, Dining, Movies (Arclight Cinemas), and Entertainment 

Nearby Shopping Center: Park Potomac, 5.8 km  


3. White Marsh Mall, Baltimore 

White Marsh Mall in Baltimore is one of the top malls in Maryland, serving the locals since 1981. You will find this fantastic mall located right in the middle of the city of Baltimore, with an area of approximately 1,200,000 square feet. 

White Marsh Mall is an upscale and luxurious mall, accommodating more than 134 stores and services. You will find choices and options here that are unique and loved by the customers.

This mall has the best apparel and the latest fashion items in the city. This beautiful shopping mall in Baltimore, MD, has various eateries with the best options that you will love.

The food here is the epitome of perfection, making this mall the top mall in Maryland. If you want to shop for some great products, this is the best shopping mall in Maryland, USA. 

Location: White Marsh Mall, 8200 Perry Hall Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21236, United States 

Direction: Go to Map

Timings: Monday-Saturday (10 am - 8 pm), Sunday (11 am to 6 pm)

Contact # +1 4109317101 

Website: White Marsh Mall

Best for: Shopping, Dining, Movies (AMC White Marsh 16), and Entertainment 

Nearby Shopping Center: Perry Hall Square Shopping Center, 3.8 km  


4. Marley Station Mall, Glen Burnie 

Marley Station Mall is an elegant mall located on the streets of the beautiful city of Glen Burnie. This mall has been one of the best outlet malls in Maryland since 1987 and has been the fashion capital of Maryland.

This big mall in Maryland has an area of 1,069,000 square feet. Marley Station Mall in Glen Burnie, MD, has many excellent shopping outlets that make the best selection for shopping.

The shops and stores here have a premium range of products at pretty reasonable rates. The great design of Marley Station Mall makes it easy to locate the best stores among all the stores.

You will find many eateries here that have the best food. The entertainment options here and the comfy movie theatre at Marley Station Mall make it the best shopping mall in the Maryland area. 

Location: Marley Station Mall, 7900 Ritchie Hwy, Glen Burnie, MD 21061, United States 

Direction: Go to Map 

Timings: Monday-Thursday (11 am to 8 pm), Friday to Saturday (10 am to 8 pm), Sunday (12 to 6 pm)

Contact # +1 4107662033 

Website: Marley Station Mall 

Best for: Shopping, Dining, Movies (Horizon Cinemas Marley Station Movies), and Entertainment 

Nearby Shopping Center: Southgate Shopping Center, 3.8 km   


5. Lakeforest Mall, Gaithersburg 

Lakeforest Mall is a well-organized mall that has been the top mall in Maryland since 1978. You will find the magnificent structure of this mall quite pleasing.

This big mall in Gaithersburg, Maryland, has an area of 1,045,000 square feet, making it a lovable and famous mall. More than 127 stores in Lakeforest Mall have the most spectacular products and affordable pricing.

The collection of stores in this beautiful mall makes this the best outlet mall in Maryland. You will find various products at very great discounts in the stores here. 

The eateries and the top-class restaurants have all kinds of dishes and cuisines, making the shopping trip to Lakeforest Mall in Gaithersburg, MD, a considerable success.

Apart from trying great food and having the best shopping, you can also get the best entertainment options at this best shopping mall in Maryland. 

Location: Lakeforest Mall, 701 Russell Ave, Gaithersburg, MD 20877, United States.

Direction: Go to Map

Timings: Monday-Thursday (11 am to 7 pm), Friday (9 am to 6 pm), Saturday (Closed), Sunday (11 am to 6 pm)

Contact # +1 3018405840 

Website: Lakeforest Mall  

Best for: Shopping, Dining, Movies, and Entertainment 

Nearby Shopping Center: Montgomery Village Plaza, 600 m 


6. Towson Town Center, Towson  

Towson Town Center is a beautifully designed mall among the biggest malls in Maryland. This mall has been serving Towson since 1959 and has a large area of 1,025,090 square feet.

It is at the top of the best shopping malls in Maryland, USA. Towson Town Center is also the best outlet mall in Towson, Maryland, with 192 stores and services.

The variety of choices and options you find in this mall is wide. You will find it difficult to leave this excellent shopping mall without shopping for discounted products here. 

There are various restaurants here where you will find the best food. You will find finger-licking good snacks and street-style food at the eateries of Towson Town Center mall.

So visit this one of the top shopping malls in the Maryland area to get the best day filled with entertainment here. 

Location: Towson Town Center, 825 Dulaney Valley Rd, Towson, MD 21204, United States  

Direction:  Go to Map   

Timings: Monday - Saturday (10 am to 8 pm), Sunday (12 am to 6 pm)

Contact # +1 3176818000 

Website: Towson Town Center

Best for: Shopping, Dining, Movies (Cinemark Towson and XD), and Entertainment 

Nearby Shopping Center: Dulaney Plaza, 400 m 


7. Mall at Prince George's, Hyattsville 

The Mall at Prince George's mall is an upscale shopping mall located in Hyattsville, Maryland. This mall has been among the best outlet malls in Maryland since 1959.

With 910,352 square feet, this is one of the best shopping malls in Maryland, USA. This fabulous mall houses the biggest and most famous local and international brands.

In Mall at Prince George's mall, you will also find a line of famous boutiques. The products here are unique in taste and design, making them quite rare to find in any other store.

You will easily find great restaurants and cafes here with the best food in the whole city. The entertainment options in Mall at Prince George's are also the best in the whole town, making this one of the best shopping malls in Maryland, USA.

Location: Mall at Prince George's, 3500 East-West Hwy, Hyattsville, MD 20782, United States 

Direction: Go to Map

Timings: Monday-Thursday (11 am-8 pm), Friday to Saturday (10 am to 9 pm), Sunday (12 am to 6 pm) 

Contact # +1 3015598844 

Website: Mall at Prince George's

Best for: Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment 

Nearby Shopping Center: Chillum Road Shopping Center, 2.5 km    


8. Harford Mall, Bel Air 

Harford Mall in Bel Air, MD, is a spacious mall with a design that will attract you with one look. This mall became one of the top shopping malls in Maryland in 1973.

This mall is also one of the biggest in Maryland, with an area of 505,372 square feet. This mall in Maryland is full of excellent shopping choices that you will love to purchase.

All the fashion lovers have an extra affinity for this mall because of its outstanding collection of shopping stores. Harford Mall is the best shopping mall in Maryland for these outstanding shopping options.

The food outlets here have all kinds of dishes and snacks that customers love to have while they are tired from all the shopping. You could roam around in Harford Mall to find the best entertainment activities and fun games. 

Location: Harford Mall, 696 Belair Rd, Bel Air, MD 21014, United States.

Direction: Go to Map  

Timings: Monday-Saturday (10 am-9 pm), Sunday (12 am to 6 pm)

Contact # +1 8123723831

Website: Harford Mall  

Best for: Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment 

Nearby Shopping Center: Bel Air Town Center, 0.8 mile  


9. Mondawmin Mall, Baltimore  

Mondawmin Mall in Baltimore, MD, is a vibrant and cheerful mall that is always full of lively and happy crowds. This mall has been operating since 1956 and has successfully become one of the top malls in Maryland.

This mall has 385,535 square feet of area and is one of the biggest malls in Maryland. Mondawmin Mall in Maryland state has the best stores and outlets with the best choices for customers at very reasonable rates.

More than 110 outlets in this grand shopping mall serve the customers visiting here. The shopping in this mall remains incomplete unless you try out the highly delicious food here.

The dishes and cuisines here from all parts of the world are so flavorful that this mall will become your favorite. Mondawmin Mall will surely be your top choice for shopping in Maryland once you visit it. 

Location: Mondawmin Mall, 2401 Liberty Heights Ave, Baltimore, MD 21215, United States.

Direction:  Go to Map

Timings: Monday-Thursday (11 am-7 pm), Friday-Saturday (11 am-8 pm), Sunday (12 to 6 pm).

Contact # +1 4105231535 

Website: Mondawmin Mall

Best for: Shopping, Dining, Movies, and Entertainment 

Nearby Shopping center: Reisterstown Plaza, 13.6 km   


10. Ellsworth Place, Silver Spring 

In Silver Spring, MD, Ellsworth Place mall is the favorite shopping destination of all fashionistas. This mall has been one of the best in Maryland since 1992.

This mall remains at the top of the biggest malls with 350,000 square feet and a five-story building. When you enter the arena of Ellsworth Place mall, there are unlimited shopping options.

You will find choices here that will make you buy all the great products available. Ellsworth Place is one of the top shopping malls in Maryland is visited by many customers all the time. 

The shopping spree at this mall is famous for its tasty snacks and fantastic food. Besides having utterly delicious food, you can also catch a movie at the very comfortable movie theatre here. So visit Ellsworth Place, one of the best malls in Maryland, if you haven't done that till now. 

Location: Ellsworth Place, 8661 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910, United States.

Direction: Go to Map

Timings: Monday-Saturday (10 am - 9 pm), Sunday (12 am to 6 pm) 

Contact # +1 3015891091 

Website: Ellsworth Place

Best for: Shopping, Dining, Movies (Regal Majestic Mall), and Entertainment 

Nearby Shopping Center: Blair Park Shopping Center, 1.1 km    


People Also Ask 

1. What is the biggest mall in Maryland? 

The Mall in Columbia is the biggest in Maryland since 1971 and has an area of 1,400,000 square feet. 

2. How many malls does Maryland have? 

For your convenience, Maryland has the ten best shopping malls listed above. 

3. What is Md known for? 

There are many things that Maryland is known for, like crabs, being a historic seaport, and being the birthplace of the National Anthem. 


Note: Please take a look at the timings of malls on their respective websites to know about the updated timings. 

Let us know about your fun stories from any of the above shopping malls.

If we have missed out on any beautiful shopping mall in Maryland, help us include it in the list by commenting down below. 



1. Mention The Top 5 Restaurants In Maryland.

Grab a bite at one of Maryland’s top-rated eateries, like The Kings Contrivance, The Dutch's Daughter, The Iron Bridge Wine Company, The Chart House Prime, and The Rusty Scupper Restaurant & Bar, which all have a 4+ rating on Google and excellent reviews from locals and tourists.

2. Mention The Top 5 Hotels In Maryland.

To make the best of your trip to Maryland, stay at one of the top 5 hotels here. The best blend of extravagance and comfort can be found at The Hyatt Regency Bethesda, The Hilton Washington DC/Rockville Hotel & Executive Meeting Ctr, The Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore, The Hilton Ocean City Oceanfront Suites, and The Hilton Baltimore Inner Harbor.

3. Suggest The Top 5 Famous Foods In Maryland.

Your quest for great food in Maryland is over! I have sourced the best five dishes you must try if you are a traveler here. They mainly constitute The Steamed Crabs, The Crab Cakes, The Utz Crab Chips, The Thrashers French Fries, and The Natty Boh. You may ask your concierge for the city's best spots to serve these dishes.

4. Suggest The Top 5 Bazaars Or Flea Markets In Maryland.

The maximum-rated flea markets in Maryland, according to Yelp and Google, are – 1) The North Point Plaza Flea Market, 2) The Market Place, 3) The Patapsco Market, 4) The 8th Ave Flea Market, and 5) The Flea Market 13 Antiques & Used Furniture. Make sure to sharpen your bargaining and keep negotiation skills handy!

5. Mention The Top 5 Must-Visit Places In Maryland.

In consensus with Tripadvisor, Google, and other websites, the top 5 must-visit places in Maryland are – 1) The National Aquarium, 2) The U.S. Naval Academy, 3) The Oriole Park At Camden Yards, 4) The Fort McHenry National Monument And Historic Shrine, and 5) The Ocean City Boardwalk.

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