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Take a Halt at the Best Shopping Malls in Illinois for all your Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment needs! 

Enough of touring through the natural beauty of Illinois; you must be tired! Take a break and end your trip at a nearby relaxing & vibrant community lifestyle destination in the region.

Here, you can shop, eat, play, laugh, and make memories beyond the scenic views of the state. 

Yes. The best shopping malls in Illinois are waiting to greet you with benevolence! 


Why hesitate to witness the growing cityscape aesthetics amidst the wide range of natural beauties? 


Overview of the State: 

Also known as Prairie State, Illinois, is one of the Midwestern US states to border the Mississippi river in the west and Indiana in the east.

It is one of the democratic strongholds of the US that houses nearly 12.48 million people from diverse ethnic origins. 


Do you know the immense contribution it holds to the American automotive industry? 

Have you heard of the famous pumpkin festival happening in Morton throughout the year? 

Did you try the horseshoe sandwiches & deep-dish pizzas while traveling through this state? 

Yes. The state has much to offer to its travelers. From wetlands & farmlands to forests & sanctuaries, rolling hills to parks & historical monuments, music education centers, libraries, museums, and much more – sprawling within an area of 57,918 square miles! 

But that is not all! Such an area also entails the hugely erected corporate offices, residential towers, and shopping complexes, making the state complete with its current livelihood opportunities!


 List of Best Malls in Illinois: Unlocking! 

1. Woodfield Mall – Schaumburg, Illinois.

2. Oakbrook Center – Oak Brook, Illinois. 

3. Fox Valley Mall – Aurora, Illinois. 

4. Hawthorn Mall – Vernon Hills, Illinois. 

5. Orland Square – Orland Park, Illinois. 

6. Cherryvale Mall – Rockford, Illinois. 


Explore the features of the 6 Best Shopping Malls in Illinois.


1. Woodfield Mall, Illinois 

Are you anywhere near the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg? If so, Woodfield Mall would be a favorite destination for you!

It is among some of the best malls in Illinois, famous for its luxurious retail mix, specialty restaurants, and versatile entertainment packages! 

The Mall spans 2,154,014 square feet with two floors elegantly showcasing over 234+ retail stores & non-retail services.

The gates of this Mall opened in 1971. And since then, the Mall has tried to expand & renovate itself according to the changing lifestyle needs in the city & beyond!

Today, it welcomes nearly 27 million visitors in a year! 

Do you know the mall complex retains entertainment venues for people of all ages? Perhaps, it is true!

Woodfield Mall holds a comedy club, an indoor play station with numerous rides & fun games, a soft play area for kids, and so forth! 

Also, not to forget the 10-screen movie theatre, the dining cum entertainment arcade, hookah lounge, and nightclub!

The Mall entails all that you need for a beautiful day out.

At the same time, you shall find a healthy drinking water fountain, restrooms, ATMs, escalators, elevators, free WiFi, Coca-Cola vending machines, and soft patio seats installed throughout the Mall. 

With a skylight, ceiling-to-ground glass windows, brass railings, sleek wooden & glass fixtures, indoor plants, and other decorative items, this enclosed Mall brings out a lively & enthusiastic ambiance for its tenants & visitors. 

No matter when you visit the Mall, you shall encounter several live events happening in the central atrium.

Sometimes, band performances and sometimes fashion contests or charity shows! Altogether, manifesting the pleasurable heaven on earth! 

Are you ready to explore the unique wonders Woodfield Mall dwells upon?

Location: 5 Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, IL 60173, USA. 

Mall Timings: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and 11:00 am to 7:00 pm on Sunday. 

Website: https://www.simon.com/mall/woodfield-mall

Contact Details: 847-330-1537. 

Best For: Luxurious Shopping, Specialty Dining, Comedy Club, Movie Theatre, Indoor Play Station, Kid’s Amusement Opportunities, etc. 

Nearby Shopping Centre: Town Square of Schaumburg (4.35 Km). 


2. Oakbrook Center, Illinois

Are you anywhere near route 83 in Oak Brook? If yes, you can visit another of the best malls in Illinois, namely, Oakbrook Center. This Mall is famous for its selection of premier department stores, specialty shops, and lifestyle boutiques. The residents of Illinois talk about the one-of-a-kind dining experiences the Mall offers! 

Oakbrook Center sprawls over 2,018,000 square feet, platforming about 160+ retail stores & professional services on three floors. The arrangement of shops, showrooms, and stalls within the Mall is, indeed, dramatic & mesmerizing! 

It got launched in 1962. And for all this while, the Mall aims to accommodate popular regional, national, and international brands together in an open-air setting!

Yes. It is an outdoor mall that combines the beauty of modern brick-and-stone aesthetics with nature, attracting more than 20 million annual visitors! 

Oakbrook Center reserves a 12-screen movie theatre, a long & beautiful food court named The District, a winery, two play stations with various indoor gaming amenities, an open-air dining cum video arcade, and many more! 

The mall complex encompasses multi-level buildings oriented in a saw-tooth pattern, a sunken garden in the central courtyard ornamented with a water fountain, a few consecutive pools, canopy trees, and lawns decorated with custom lighting.

Thus, you are likely to experience a pleasing ambiance under the warmth of the sky! 

There exist multiple quick-service food outlets alongside the fine-dine restaurants where you can try the flavors of diverse cuisines from around the globe– the German Pretzels, the Asian Fusion Curries, the Italian Pizzas & Cheesesteaks, the American Burgers & Fries, and many more!

Moreover, the aura that spreads through the food court is exceptionally tempting and is unable to avoid under any circumstances! 

Do you want to avoid having a live experience of this beautiful milieu?  

Location: 100 Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook, IL 60523, USA. 

Mall Timings: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to Thursday, 10:00 am to 9:00 pm on Friday & Saturday, and 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday. 

Website: https://www.oakbrookcenter.com/en.html

Contact Details: 630-686-3444. 

Best For: Specialty Shopping, Luxurious Shopping, Specialty Dining, Quick-Service Eateries, Open-Air Dining cum Video Arcade, Indoor Play Stations, etc. 

Nearby Shopping Centre: Yorktown Center (6.92 Km). 


3. Fox Valley Mall, Illinois 

Are you somewhere around route 59 Aurora? If so, take a turn to the Fox Valley Mall, one of the best malls in Illinois.

It was formerly called the Westfield Shoppingtown Fox Valley, but later with the change of ownership, the Mall was renamed to what it is now!

People say the Mall is home to all the high-end retailers in the city and the entire nation, for that matter!  

The Mall constitutes an area of 1,404,987 square feet, housing nearly 150+ retail & non-retail tenants on two floors & a partial basement.

It got established in 1975, and throughout these 47 years, it grew and embarked upon its mission of configuring itself into a planned community destination. 

Fix Valley mall retains a central park with greeneries, water fountains, cozy patio seats, artwork, and other amenities.

This park is meant for public gatherings and hosts several festivals and live events throughout the year.

There exists a treehouse connecting the outdoor central park to the indoor Mall. 

It is nothing less than cloud nine, I must say! Whether you want to buy a quirky sunglass or take some Antique pieces home,

whether you aspire to get a designer embroidery bag for a long or grab a pair of branded sports shoes, you can get it all! Yes.

The Mall possesses all lifestyle products & services that can make your life easier & luxurious! 

Simultaneously, the Mall pays enough heed to environmental sustainability & efficiency,

and that is why they undertake specific healthy initiatives like waste recycling practices, LED lighting, Volta charging stations, etc. 

You would enjoy the food delicacies available in this Mall. The food court is well-lit, cozy, and romantic in setting, and the quick-bites outlets stand in a chain throughout the space.

There are fine-dine restaurants, too, the ones serving specialty menus!

These restaurants are renowned for buffet offers and are one of the favorite spots for family dinners or lunches!  

How about a short visit on the last day of your Illinois trip?

Location: 195 Fox Valley Center Drive, Aurora, IL 60504, USA. 

Mall Timings: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Friday & on Sunday, and 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on Saturday. 

Website: https://www.shopfoxvalleymall.com

Contact Details: 630-851-7200. 

Best For: Shopping, Fashion Shopping, Quick Bites Outlets, Fine-dine Buffets, and Entertainment. 

Nearby Shopping Centre: Riverbrook Center (0.64 Km).


4. Hawthorn Mall, Illinois 

Are you anywhere near the Vernon Hills in Illinois? If yes, you must take a drive to the Hawthorn Mall.

Although in recent times, the Mall has been under renovation & expansion, it stays open for visitors and serves them gracefully with shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities.

It is undoubtedly another of the best malls in Illinois that seeks to fulfill community desires. 

The Mall sits over an area of 1,295,915 square feet, acting as a home for about 92+ retail & non-retail business endeavors.

It got inaugurated in 1973, and 49 years of its service as a mixed-use community destination is worth the praise it receives today!

This Mall welcomes nearly 4 million visitors in a year. 

Hawthorn is an indoor two-story mall. It entails a movie theatre, salon & spa, nail art & tattoo station, sit-in restaurants, insurance office, travel booking office, grocery-anchored section,

department stores, and much more! You can buy anything from books to gifts in this Mall and similarly enjoy the beauty of the modern Illinois cityscape. 

It is a mixed-use community destination where you get studio apartments & luxurious residential lodges for accommodation & living.

The mall complex also reserves a friendly pedestrian area reflecting the importance of greeneries in modern livelihood.

With canopy trees positioned systematically throughout this space, and the street lamps, statues, benches, and railings, it is likely to shed a positive & happy vibe the moment you arrive here!

You can watch live events, get beauty therapy, visit a dentist, eat specialty meals, and do all you want for the last day of your trip.

You can read books for hours-long and drink coffee! You can perform some indoor gaming activities and earn prizes!

There is no way that you can get bored when you land in Hawthorn! 

So, why not leave your boredom at the hotel room, pull up your shocks, and live your life to the fullest?

Location: 132 Hawthorn Center, Vernon Hills, IL 60061, USA. 

Mall Timings: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to Friday & on Sunday, and 10:00 am to 9:00 pm on Saturday. 

Website: https://www.shophawthornmall.com

Contact Details: 847-362-2600. 

Best For: Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment. 

Nearby Shopping Centre: Rivertree Court (1.93 Km). 


5. Orland Square, Illinois 

Are you at the 151st Street and La Grange Road intersection in the Southwest suburb of Orland Park, Illinois?

If so, Orland Square is a shopping mall with premier shopping, dining, and entertainment facilities.

It is among one of the best malls in Illinois and possibly the largest in Chicago, famous for its best-in-class lifestyle amenities. 

The Mall covers an area of 1,229,884 square feet, enclosed with two floors, housing around 142+ retail & non-retail stores, showrooms, stalls, and offices.

It was built in 1976, and the next 46 years witnessed a drastic growth of community livelihood in its surrounding areas.

The Mall serves over five million annual visitors and is known for its unique play area and lounges.

You can get complimentary WiFi, restrooms, ATMs, escalators & elevators, abundant soft seating, electric vehicle charging stations, and so forth in this Mall!

You can buy luxurious gifts for your friends & family!

You can return to your childhood by playing ping-pong, bowling, indoor golf, and other arcade games. 

Orland Square offers a unique store where you make something new and customize it for taking home.

You can bring your kids for some amusement activities. From carousel rides to children’s trains, many kid’s entertainment opportunities lay available herein!

You can likewise get to dine with your family in a beautiful setting. 

There are two bars and a hookah parlor for your friends’ gatherings and romantic dates.

You can watch live events scheduled one after the other right here in the Mall’s central atrium.

The architecture is breathtaking, with its colorful artwork gallery and glass-hanging fixtures.

The skylight on top and the clerestory windows makes the Mall look gorgeous & classic at the same time! 

Does these interest you for your day out? What do you say?

Location: 288 Orland Square Drive, Orland Park, IL 60462, USA. 

Mall Timings: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday. 

Website: https://www.simon.com/mall/orland-square

Contact Details: 708-349-1646. 

Best For: Shopping, Customized Shopping, Restaurants & Bars, Kid’s Amusement Options, Indoor Arcade Games, and much more. 

Nearby Shopping Centre: Park Point Plaza (0.48 Km). 


6.Cherryvale Mall, Illinois 

Are you anywhere on interstate 39, interstate 90, or US 20, Illinois? If so, the Cherryvale Mall, called the Mall initially at Cherryvale, bordering the Cherry valley, can be your call for the day!

It is another of the best shopping malls in Illinois, known for its expansive retail and non-retail collections. 

The Mall comprises an area of 850,253 square feet. It is an enclosed mall having two floors to showcase over 140+ tenants.

Cherryvale was built in 1973 with 11 anchor tenants and underwent a series of development to emerge as what it is now – A desirable Community lifestyle Spot, greeting over 10 million visitors in a year!

Cherryvale offers shelter to both local & international brands, reflecting the assimilation of specialty with modesty.

You can get a wide variety of exotic items in this Mall & can shop from high-end department stores.

The junk jewelry stalls are the most popular ones herein, offering unique accessories to make your style statement magnificent and trendy. 

You can buy anything and everything – from fashion products to home appliances, groceries to medicines, electronics & hardware to books and soft toys, and many more!

If watching a movie is your call, that is possible too, in fact, in a 10-screen movie theatre.

The popcorn stalls, present right outside the movie hall, add an extravaganza to the mall ambiance.

The smell is so strong that you cannot keep yourself from getting water into your mouth. 

Likewise, you can enjoy a pleasant meal from the full-service fine-dine and casual restaurants. The prices are reasonable and delightful if you hit them during happy hours.

You can watch sports and listen to live music while having your food and make the last day of your trip memorable for life. 

Do you still want to waste time sinking into boredom?

Location: 7200 Harrison Avenue, Rockford, IL 61112, USA. 

Mall Timings: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Wednesday & Saturday, 10:00 am to 9:00 pm on Thursday & Friday, and 11:00 am to 7:00 pm on Sunday. 

Website: https://www.shopcherryvalemall.com

Contact Details: 815-332-2440. 

Best For: Local Shopping, Luxurious Shopping, Exotic Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment Opportunities. 

Nearby Shopping Centre: Forest Plaza (5.15 Km).



Q. What Are The Best 5 Dining Establishments In The Illinois State Of The USA That People Recommend?

A. The Vie Restaurant, Basil's Greek Dining, The Turf Room, The 2 Chez Restaurant, and The White Fence Farm Main Restaurant are the best five restaurants people often suggest due to their vibrant atmosphere and tasty food.

Q. What Are The Best 5 Resorts In The Illinois State Of The USA In Terms Of Customer Service?

A. The top 5 places to spend your holiday in the Illinois State of the USA, along with the best customer service, constitute The Four Seasons Hotel Chicago, The Ritz-Carlton - Chicago, The Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile, The Fairmont Chicago - Millennium Park, and The Thompson Chicago - Part Of Hyatt.

Q. Can You Recommend The Best 5 Authentic Dishes Of The Illinois State Of The USA?

A. A trip to Illinois in the USA would be complete with trying some local cuisine. There is always something for everyone to enjoy in the Illinois State of the USA, whether you favor savory or sweet foods. The top 5 foods are –

1) The Chicago Deep Dish Pizza,

2) The Pierogi (Homemade Polish Dumplings),

3) The Italian Beef Sandwiches,

4) The Chicago-Style Popcorn, and

5) The Gooey Swirled Nutella Brownies.

Q. What Are The Names Of The Best 5 Bazaars In The Illinois State Of The USA?

A. For buying clothes and antiques at discounted prices, I recommend visiting the top 5 bazaars or flea markets in the Illinois State Of the, USA. They are –

1) The Kane County Flea Market,

2) The Wolff's Flea Market - Rosemont,

3) The Tinley Park, IL I-80 Flea Market,

4) The Fox Valley Flea Market, and

5) The Route 66 Flea Market.

Q. What Are The Best 5 Locations I Can Visit In The Illinois State Of The USA As A Solo Traveller?

A. If you are exploring the city of the Illinois State of the USA on your own, drop by The Chicago Architecture Center, The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry, The Skydeck Chicago - Willis Tower, and The 360 Chicago Observation Deck which are the top 5 locations to visit.

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