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Malls in Calgary

Calgary is the financial and accounting center for the country's petroleum sector. Aside from petroleum supplies, Calgary is a corporate center for the petroleum sector, attracting various linked businesses such as banking, finance, insurance, and transportation. In addition, the city has a thriving industrial base that includes food and beverage production, wood processing, and mechanical and electronics industries.


Calgary is home to many fantastic malls and shopping complexes to satisfy your retail therapy needs. Items from high-end department stores will keep everyone in the family entertained. Calgary boasts the most important shopping center. Here are a few examples:


1. C.F. Chinook Centre

C.F. Chinook Centre is the best mall in Calgary, located on Macleod Trail. It was established in 1960 and dated back to August 16, almost 61 years ago. Since then, it has served as the largest shopping destination in Calgary.

With a massive area of 1,377,768 square feet, it has been one of the biggest malls in Calgary. The mall's best attraction is a four-story-high dome. Everything you require is available under one roof. 


The facility caters to those who enjoy Shopping. Yes, it is one of Calgary's top retail malls. There are items for all seasons, meals for all sorts of foodies, and entertainment to cater to leisure and delight in a total of 250 stores.

With seven full-service restaurants and a busy food court with over 19 delicious eateries, the C.F. Chinook center provides a respite from Shopping. Chinook Centre provides entertainment for the entire family. If you have time, see a movie at Cineplex Odeon (IMAX) or challenge the youngsters to a bowling game at Chinook Bowladrome. The complex is ideally located at the crossroads of Macleod and Glenmore Trails, 20 minutes from Calgary International Airport and 10 minutes from downtown and the Calgary Stampede grounds. It is easily accessible by Calgary Transit, car2go, and cab and provides weekend valet parking.


Location:  6455 Macleod Trail, Calgary, AB T2H 0K8, Canada

Direction: Link

Mall website: Website link

Timing: Monday to Saturday ( 10:00 AM-09:00 PM ), Sunday ( 11:00 AM-07:00 PM)

Contact: + 4103-259-2022

Best For Shopping, Dining, and Cinema( Scotiabank Cineplex)

Nearby Mall: Chinook plaza


  1. Southcentre Mall, Calgary

Southcentre Mall is one of Calgary, Alberta, Canada's largest (by size) shopping malls, with a total area of 97,743.9 m2 (1,052,107 sq ft), with around 190 stores and services spread across two levels. 

Opened in October 1974, it has passed through many changes, including renovations and expansions in 1988, 1999, and, most recently, 2009. It is one of the best shopping malls in Calgary near the junction of Macleod Trail and Anderson Road, across from the Anderson C-Train Station. It is located farther south on the Macleod Trail from Chinook Centre.

If one doesn't find what they are searching for at Chinook Centre, one can go to the southeast retail mall, which has 180 stores and services. With the advent of Sporting Life, this mall has become the city's go-to destination for Canada Goose outerwear and winter sports gear. It is a family-friendly retail and entertainment destination in Calgary. It was also the first mall to open.

It is also the first mall to offer one-on-one Santa visits for children with autism. Kids (ages 1–11) may also enjoy the ROAR Play Park, a free play area that provides a reprieve for exhausted parents.

Calgary is a family-friendly retail and entertainment center. In addition to the famous home furnishings retailer Restoration Hardware and Western Canada's first Sporting Life location, you can enjoy a pint at Craft Beer Market during your shopping trip.


Location: 100 Anderson Rd S.E., Calgary, AB T2J 3V1, Canada

Direction: Link

Mall website: Website link

Timing: Monday to Saturday ( 10:00 AM-08:00 PM ), Sunday ( 11:00 AM-06:00 PM)

Contact: +1 403-271-7670

Best For Shopping, community-centric activities, engaging events, and exciting entertainment( Canyon Meadows Cinema-1.7 km away)

Nearby Mall: C.F. Chinook center (5km)

  1. C.F. market mall

CF Market Mall is undoubtedly considered one of the best shopping malls (throughout the area) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (900,490 rectangular feet/83,658.3 m2). When it was opened in 1971, the mall encompassed around 425,000 square feet and housed 70 retail stores. The CF Market Mall shop was the first in Western Canada, located in one of Calgary's major malls.

It is one of Canada's top 15 retail malls. CF Market Mall is an all-in-one, handy, family-friendly shopping complex featuring an enticing mix of businesses, a supervised children's play area, medical and dental facilities, and a grocery store. Fashionable eateries and a fast-food option complement the shopping experience. According to Milne, CF Market Mall is now the second most productive mall in Calgary and is typically one of the top ten most productive malls in Canada in terms of yearly sales per square foot. 

The shopping experience at CF Market Mall is one-of-a-kind, with over 200 new fashion and lifestyle brand stores and eateries. CF Market Mall has a short food section with fireside seating, a kid's play area, family nursing lounges, stroller/scooters, wheelchairs, and a heated underground parking garage. 

Location: 3625 Shaganappi Trail N.W., Calgary, AB T3A 0E2, Canada

Direction: Link

Mall website: Website link

Timing: Monday to Thursday ( 09:30 AM-09:00 PM ), Friday(8.00 AM-9.00 PM), Saturday(9.30 AM-8.00 PM) Sunday ( 11:00 AM-05:00 PM)

Contact:  + 1403-288-5466

Best For Shopping, enclosed retail, and dining complex.

Nearby Mall: Core Shopping Centre( 4.6mi)

  1. North Hill Centre, Calgary

North Hill Centre is a Calgary retail mall. Alberta and one of the virtual malls The mall first opened its doors in 1958. Simpsons-Sears, which is still in business today as Sears Canada, was the initial anchor tenant. With a total area of 220,000 sq ft. and several floors, it is one of the most important malls in Calgary.

Furthermore, the center has excellent access to public transportation, with the Lion's Park CTrain LRT station next and the North Hill bus stop just in front of the complex on 16th Ave. The nearby region is distinguished by mixed commercial usage along main thoroughfares and a mix of single-family homes.

The mall was enlarged to incorporate 20 different businesses, and an enclosed mall space was built amid the existing retailers. The design called for a central hallway with variously sized columns and ceiling heights, giving the mall's businesses an inconsistent appearance. With a total number of 86 stores and restaurants, it serves as one of the virtual malls in Calgary.

Location: 1632 14 Ave N.W., Calgary, AB T2N 1M7, Canada

Direction: Link

Mall website: Website link

Timing: Monday to Friday ( 10:00 AM-08:00 PM ) Saturday (10AM -6:00PM), Sunday ( 11:00 AM-05:00 PM)

Contact: +1 403-289-2516

Best For Shopping, food courts, and entertainment.

Nearby Mall: Core Shopping Centre




  1. Sunridge Mall

Sunridge Mall is the major regional enclosed shopping mall in Northeast Calgary, the city's fastest developing sector, with a total retail space of 830,599 square feet (77,165 m2). Sunridge Mall is one of the city's largest and most popular shopping locations due to its unique combination of stores and services, including various professional services. Sunridge Mall is the major regional enclosed shopping mall in Northeast Calgary, the city's fastest developing sector.


Sunridge Mall, with over 150 retail outlets and businesses, is a prominent shopping attraction in the region, attracting diverse consumers. The massive two-level store houses some top brands in various categories, from fashion and jewelry to technology.


The upper-level food court features a variety of eateries and sit-down restaurants for a complete dining experience. Store promos regularly guarantee fantastic savings, so keep checking and purchasing.


Location: 1632 14 Ave N.W., Calgary, AB T2N 1M7, Canada

Direction: Link

Mall website: Website link

Timing: Monday to Saturday ( 10:00 AM-09:00 PM ), Sunday ( 11:00 AM-07:00 PM)

Contact: +1 403-293-8201

Best For Shopping, Dining, and Cinema( Scotiabank Cineplex)

Nearby Mall: Deerfoot City(5.5km)

  1. Marlborough Mall

The Marlborough Mall is one of the biggest shopping centers in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The mall, which opened in October 1972, has been enlarged multiple times and now has around 100 stores and services and spans over 584,000 square feet. Huge commercial environment. 

Until the 1990s, the mall also housed several departmental stores, relocated to their facility west of 36th Street. A business park to the west has a vehicle dealership, various mini-malls, and solo national and international stores. 

It's a neighborhood shopping mall with something for everyone. It's easy to understand why Marlborough Mall has been a vital part of the community for more than 40 years, with over 100 retailers, including various national and international brands. 

The mall is completely covered and built on a split level, with the northern section somewhat higher than the southern. Where the split occurs, there is a regular 13-unit food court with both an upper and lower deck for seats.

Medical offices, including dental, general practice, and sports medicine, are housed in a five-story "professional building.

Location:   433 Marlborough Way NE, Calgary, AB T2A 5H5, Canada

Direction: Link

Mall website: Website link

Timing: Monday to Saturday ( 10:00 AM-08:00 PM ), Sunday ( 11:00 AM-05:00 PM)

Contact: +1 403-273-4000

Best For Shopping, children's activities, fun, and entertainment.

Nearby Mall: Pacific Place Mall, Sunridge mall(2000metres away)


  1. CORE Shopping Centre

The Core Shopping Centre, which opened on October 29, 2010, and is the only shopping area in downtown Calgary, now provides free E.V. charging (en). The CORE Shopping Centre is a trendy choice for a day of Shopping, including luxury brands and Canadian department stores. Do you need to take a break and unwind? Devonian Gardens, a one-hectare botanical garden on the fourth level of the CORE Shopping Centre, is an urban paradise. A living wall, fountains, fish, and a playground for small customers to climb and explore make up one hectare of botanical gardens. The food court has a great variety.

This major commercial center covers three blocks and houses 160 stores in four stories. As the center of Calgary's +15 skywalk system, this is the city's busiest shopping mall by pedestrian count. It also has a stunning hanging skylight that runs the length of the complex. With an area of 600,000 sq ft, the mall serves as one of the busiest shopping centers in Calgary.


One of the features of the Core Shopping Mall is that the parking facilities are accessible on weekdays after 3 pm and on the weekends for the first 3 hours; after that, it is chargeable.

Location: 324 8 Ave S.W., Calgary, Alberta

Direction: Link

Mall website: Website link 

Timing: Monday to Saturday ( 08:30 AM-08:00 PM ), Sunday ( 09:00 AM-08:00 PM)

Contact: +1 403-441-4940

Best For lots of national and international stores, gardens, and wildlife


  1. Westbrook Mall

Westbrook Mall is a single-level neighborhood retail center on Bow Trail in West Calgary that was first established in 1964. The 400,000-square-foot center is the city's only covered mall, with more than 50 retailers and services.

Westbrook Mall is a retail mall and one of the most important malls in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with different stores as its anchors. The Westbrook Station on the C-West Train Line is close to the mall.

When you visit Calgary, this single-level retail center is a terrific spot to run errands or purchase those last-minute goods.

The Westbrook Calgary Transit C-Train station provides easy access to the Westbrook Mall and the adjoining Nicholls Family Library before and after your shopping expedition. 

Location: 1200 37 Street S.W., Calgary, AB T3C 1S2, Canada

Direction: Link

Mall website: Website link

Timing: Monday to Saturday(10:00AM-07:00 PM ), Sunday ( 12:00 PM-05:00 PM)

Contact: +1 403-249-0052

Best For lots of great shops, discount shopping, and entertainment

Nearby Mall: CF Market Mall (4.9km)

9.CrossIron Mills

CrossIron Mills, which opened on August 19, 2009, was Alberta's first wholly enclosed mall in over 20 years. The tower, built for Ivanhoé Cambridge, required an impressive 38 acres of drywall and nearly 500 kilometers (310 miles) of electrical wire. Crossiron Mall is one of the virtual malls in Calgary.

The mall has approximately 200 retail outlets and 17 anchor businesses, and various unique ecological building elements. The mall's rooftop collects rainwater for landscaping irrigation and has a reflective outer membrane to decrease interior cooling needs.

CrossIron Mills is located approximately 20 minutes from downtown Calgary and 5 kilometers from YYC Calgary International AirportThere is plenty of accessible parking throughout the mall. Between November and January, CrossIron Mills also provides a Holiday Shopping Shuttle that picks up shoppers at various points across the city for a worry-free way to arrive in style. 

Location: 261055 Crossiron Blvd, Alberta T4A 0G3, Canada

Direction: Link

Mall website: Website link

Timing: Monday to Saturday(10:00AM-08:00 PM ), Sunday ( 11:00 AM-06:00 PM)

Contact: +1 403-984-6800

Best For Exceptional deals and discounts, food hall.

  1. The boulevard shopping center Calgary

The Boulevard Shopping Centre is one of several "shopping malls" that significantly impact people's lives. Its average score is 4.1. A hybrid facility contains entertainment, restaurants, gastronomy, and lifestyle applications.

Most national and international brands are well known here and contribute to the vital mall in Calgary.

The Boulevard is a neighborhood shopping and entertainment center on Calgary's Macleod Trail, near the northern end of the busy Shawnessy retail corridor. The center, which Landmark Cinemas and Chapters anchor, consists of two multi-tenant buildings, two standalone retail buildings, and two restaurant pads.

The Boulevard Shopping Centre, located in Southeast Calgary, is a neighborhood shopping and entertainment center. Landmark Cinemas and Chapters are two of the center's prominent retailers.

Location: 16061 MACLEOD TRAIL S, Calgary, AB T2Y 3S5, Canada


Direction: Link

Mall website: Website link

Timing: Monday to Saturday(10:00AM-09:00 PM ), Sunday ( 10:30 AM-07:00 PM)

Contact: (403) 249-0052

Best For Great shopping venues, food, and entertainment.


Frequently Asked Questions

●     What is the biggest mall in Calgary?

With over 250 retailers, C.F. Chinook Centre is Calgary's most extensive Shopping, eating, and entertainment destination.

●     What was the first mall in Calgary?

The North Hill Centre is a retail center in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It was Calgary's first shopping complex, opening in 1958.

●     What is Chinook in Calgary?

Chinook winds, also known as Foehn winds in other regions of the world, are a type of warm, dry wind that occurs after warm air has lost its moisture on the downhill slope of a mountain.

●     What is the main shopping street in Calgary?

17th Avenue S.W. is one of the city's most famous streets. (and the streets that surround it) has established and maintained a reputation as Calgary's go-to shopping center.

●     Does Calgary have good Shopping?

In a 120-block radius, downtown Calgary features a variety of fantastic retail malls and 3,000 separate companies.

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