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What are the Best Shopping Malls in Burnaby to Bring Out the Shopaholic Inside You? 

Do you know that all of us, more or less, have a shopping-enthusiast spirit inside us? 

Of course, 

The naked eye cannot see it, yet it is there anyway! Such a spirit bursts open when we see pretty things in front of us that too available at an affordable price! Perhaps,

we cannot resist but buy them!  

The situation turns more tempting when we get a diverse range of products & services under one roof! 


That is when we feel butterflies inside our stomach, added strength in our feet, & sparkle in our eyes! 

You shall feel the same if you visit some of the best shopping malls in Burnaby, Canada! 

An Overview of the City: 

Burnaby, situated in the lower mainland of British Columbia, is that city in Canada to hold myriads of parks & open spaces,

huge lakes & rivers, valleys & hills altogether! It offers shelter to many industries & commercial firms,

thereby rising as a beautiful commercial city that combines a natural landscape with an urban lifestyle. 


The oceanic climate prevailing here makes it a perfect residential cum traveling spot! As a residential region,

Burnaby constitutes people from diverse ethnicity – Chinese, Korean, South Asian, Japanese, Arab, Filipino, Latin Americans, and so forth!

Today, the total population of Burnaby stands at 249,125! 

On the other note,

The dynamic art & culture of the city is what attract travelers! If you are one of them, you must catch everything that makes the city what it is today! 


One such thing is undoubtedly the best shopping malls in Burnaby that showcase the bonded culture & commerce of the place. Are you keen to know what they are?

Read below! List of

Best Shopping Malls in Burnaby, Canada

1. Metropolis at Metrotown – Kingsway, Burnaby. The City of Lougheed – Austin Avenue, Burnaby.

2. Crystal Mall – Kingsway, Burnaby.

List of Best Shopping Centers in Burnaby, Canada

1. Marine Way Market – Market Crossing, Burnaby. 

2. Old Orchard Shopping Centre – Kingsway, Burnaby. 

3. Kensington Square Shopping Centre – Hastings Street, Burnaby. 

4. Madison Centre – Lougheed Highway, Burnaby. 

A Glimpse of the 3 Best Shopping Malls in Burnaby


1. Metropolis at Metrotown

Metropolis at Metrotown is not just one of the largest shopping malls in Burnaby but the third largest in Canada! Do you know how much area it covers?

To your amazement, the mall sprawls over 1,783,005 square feet! 

The mall doors lay open for about 36 years since 1986, and all this time, it grew as the city's most significant shopping cum entertainment spot.

The mall complex retains three floors, serving as a platform for about 450 retail stores & professional services. 

What would you like to buy – Antique home decor, sportswear, liquors & groceries, medicines, apparel & accessories,

electronic gadgets, bags, shoes, gifts, cards, books, or something else? 


Nothing you need is unavailable herein! Even a bank & insurance office, hair & body spa, saloon & beauty care,

nail art & tattoo station, dental clinic, travel booking office, movie theatre, amusement club, and much more lay at your service! 


What further makes it complete for your day out with friends, families, or solo is the long & beautiful foot court,

smelling of bread & fries; fish & chips; pastries & pasta; pizzas & burgers, and many more! The smell is so strong that you will likely drool; trust me! 


The food outlets are also accompanied by restaurants & bars right inside the mall & you can choose to have any cuisine from across the globe within a fine dining or casual setting.  

A vast fountain would catch sight when you enter the mall.

The skylight roof adds extra colors, as do the minute interior designs! With polished floors reflecting your image, and an atrium-styled ambiance, you can feel like heaven on earth! 

The green plants, along with the artificial ones, which you can barely differentiate if not observed closely, stand tall, greeting you to the shoppers' paradise of the city! 

The melody tunes reaching your ears from the live music concerts shall transform your overall experience into the most memorable one.

Yes, it is the memory you shall take from your Burnaby trip and recall every moment you hear the city's name! 


Why not give it a visit and make such an instance come true? 

Location: 4700 Kingsway, Burnaby, British Columbia V5H 4M5, Canada. 

Mall Timings: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Saturday & 11:00 am to 7:00 pm on Sunday. 

Website: https://www.metropolisatmetrotown.com

Contact Details: 604-438-4715. 

Best For: Shopping, Dining, & Entertainment. 

Nearby Shopping Mall: Crystal Mall, 1.1 km 


2. The City of Lougheed

Another of the largest shopping malls in Burnaby is what they call the City of Lougheed!

The mall complex spreads over an area of 615,000 square feet, with two floors and 160+ stores and professional services from both national & international brands. 

The roots of this may lay firm on the ground since 1969, acting as a mix-use community destination.

By this, I mean the mall complex constitutes 23 residential towers for accommodation purposes alongside a public park & the plaza! 


People say it is more of a city-within-a-city! 

The history of its transformation from the Lougheed Town Centre to The City of Lougheed is a massive one.

Multiple expansions & renovations took place through the ages to culminate into what it is now!

With entertainment opportunities at an unprecedented scale & popular eateries in Canada, the mall is the one-stop solution for their customers; for us all! 

Whether you want to buy branded clothes or jewelry; take your hubby on a movie date; treat yourself with a hot body massage,

haircut, pedicure, & manicure; or have dinner with your friends at a fine-dine setting, the City of Lougheed shall be pleased to serve! 

In fact, 

If you are searching for exotic & high-quality loose-leaf teas of Canada and the latest tea-making accessories, this mall ought to be the call! 

Just like its services, the appearance is undeniably magnificent!

The blend of woods, glasses, & bricks in the interior designs throughout the long lawns makes it no less than a wonderland.

Likewise, the hand-made craft materials installed here and there & the lighting fixtures enhancing their beauty are worth a view! 

Do you not wish to have a picture herein as a token of love for the city you shall possess for the rest of your life? 

Location: 9855 Austin Avenue, Burnaby, British Columbia V3J 1N4, Canada. 

Mall Timings: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm from Monday to Saturday & 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday. 

Website: https://thecityoflougheed.com

Contact Details: 604-421-2882. 

Best For: Shopping Exotics, Fine Dinning, & Quick Bites. 

Nearby Shopping Centre: Cariboo Centre, 900 m


3. Crystal Mall 

The quirky spot of Canada, oriented towards the sale & purchase of products & services of the local Chinese community,

namely, the Crystal Mall, is undoubtedly one of the best shopping malls in Burnaby!

It stands over 291,814 square feet with two floors, operating as a platform for various business pursuits! 

Yes, an ethnic shopping mall serving millions of customers since 2001!

Can you imagine 250+ stores & services allowing you to see & buy all that emerges from the Chinese? Perhaps, it is like a small tour to China despite being in a distant Canadian city! 

The mall encompasses an open market where you get all those Chinese sauces & food-making ingredients.

This market sits on the first floor, while the second floor covers individual stores & the food court.

A computer lane on the first floor also exists, where you can buy computers and other electronic goods.

Again, this is another striking feature you only sometimes see in a mall! 

At the same time, 

It is the only mall in the city to organize & host a beauty contest, precisely the Crystal Covergirl Contest which involves summer-long activities & various pieces of training. 

The food court is, of course, full of Chinese menus and lay decorated beautifully with Chinese lanterns & other craft materials. 

From the outside, the mall represents a circular architecture prevalent in ancient Rome. This structure shows an unconventional style, like that of Chinese spots! 

After that,

When you step inside the mall, the feeling of Chinatown shall grasp you & you are likely to wander because of the unique & innovative things you see around.

The portraits of dragons & ancient Chinese art shall keep you stuck for hours! While you walk mindlessly, lost in the beauty of Chinese art,

you may accidentally hit ornamental items that constitute the overall decoration of the mall! 

Are you ready for it? 

Location: 4500 Kingsway, Burnaby, British Columbia V5H 2A9, Canada. 

Mall Timings: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm from Sunday to Saturday. 

Website: http://www.thecrystalmall.ca/

Contact Details: 604-438-6263

Best For: Shopping for Chinese Products, Availing of Chinese Services, Eating Chinese Food, and so forth! 

Nearby Shopping Mall: Metropolis at Metrotown Mall, 1.1 km


A Glimpse of the 4 Best Shopping Centers in Burnaby

1. Marine Way Market

This shopping destination is one of the best shopping centers in Burnaby that comprise an area of over 274,000 square feet and offers exposure to about 40+ unique retailers!

There are 12 one-story buildings embedded in this center, each platforming the different product & service brands.

This center is undoubtedly grocery-anchored and simultaneously entails a club, restaurants, pharmacy, & warehouse offices. 

The space is partially enclosed, with ample open space for pedestrians and greeneries placed in a queue on all sides.

Such an urban landscape has stayed visible in the city's heart since 2007, and since then, the center has served thousands of customers daily, typically those of the middle ages. 


If you fall into that category, remember, this shopping center is the best suited for you! 

Do you require an emergency dental checkup? Do you need to see an ophthalmologist? 

Are you in search of some pet food? 

Are there any specific branded scotch whiskeys you urge to purchase from Burnaby?  

You shall get it all here! You can also relax in the open-air food court and grab a cup of coffee or your favorite ice cream.

Or eat at the most popular restaurants in the city! No wonder that is in itself a great call! 


This center is dog-friendly. Hence, if you have one, you can bring them along! 

What are you waiting for? Book a cab and reach your destination! 

Location: 7200 Market Crossing, Burnaby, British Columbia V5J 3J3, Canada. 

Center Timings: 7:00 am to 10:00 pm on all days of the week. 

Website: http://mymarinewaymarket.com

Contact Details: 604-713-6450. 

Best For: Grocery Shopping, Liquor Shopping, Dental & Ophthalmology Care.  

Nearby Shopping Mall: Crystal Mall, 5.4 km


2. Old Orchard Shopping Centre 

Old Orchard Shopping Centre is among the top shopping destinations in Burnaby, having a wide range of retail stores & services!

The center covers an area of 158,028 square feet & lay ideally located at the city's central hub.


They are one of the oldest shopping destinations in Burnaby, standing tall in retail services since 1958! There are about 40+ stores & essential eateries,

all of which render high-quality products & services. That too within the budget of your pocket! 

People call it the little mecca of ethnic food, and that is true to the core. From barley stew to moose, pemmican to bannock, and maple taffy to butter tarts,

all indigenous Canadian delicacies lay available in this shopping center! 


You can also have the ones you are more comfortable with instead of experimenting, such as the wraps & sliders, rice & noodles, pasta & macaroni salads, and so forth! 


That is not all! 

The specialty of this mall also lies in its weird yet funny escape game station.

It is called the escape room for Bamboozled escape games, where you have to play in a team, discovering clues, solving puzzles, and accomplishing tasks. 

If you seek to try something new like this, hit the floor at the Old Orchard Shopping Centre! 

Location: 4429 Kingsway, Burnaby, British Columbia V5H 2A1, Canada. 

Center Timings: 9:30 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Saturday & 9:30 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday. 

Website: https://oldorchardcentre.ca

Contact Details: 604-669-7733.

Best For: Budget-friendly Shopping, Eating Canadian delicacies, and Fun Games.  

Nearby Shopping Mall: Metropolis at Metrotown Mall, 1.4 km


3. Kensington Square Shopping Centre 

Although not much significant, precisely entailing an area of 94,939 square feet, Kensington Square is yet another of the best places to shop in Burnaby!

It is an open-air center consisting of 4 separate buildings. Some with one floor only and the others with two! 

The center has been offering retail services for about 50 years, since 1972.

It is the place Canadians choose to go for relaxation, family gatherings, or power shopping because the ambiance is too calm & comfortable even though a lot of crowd surrounds by! 

The perfect place to enjoy a pleasant evening in the autumn or spring! 


You can find classic gifts, whimsical shopping delicacies, designer sunglasses, branded perfumes, the latest video games, and much more! 

Are you looking for an international restaurant or cafe suitable for treating your family? 

Then, Kensington Square would be obliged to serve! The crunchiness of the snacks sold herein would be audible even from far, and the taste is beyond the praise of words! 

Why not try them for once, at least? 

Location: 6500 Hastings Street, Burnaby, British Columbia V5B 4B3, Canada. 

Center Timings: 8:00 am to 8:30 pm on all days of the week. 

Website: http://shopkensingtonsquare.ca

Contact Details: 604-662-2661. 

Best For: International Cafes & Restaurants, Shopping Classics. 

Nearby Shopping Cente: Madison Centre, 4.3 km


4. Madison Centre

Madison Centre, which sits over 160,000 square feet, is undoubtedly one of the best shopping centers in Burnaby.

This center is also a mix-use community center where you can get a high residential tower & an office tower situated just beside the shopping center, within the complex itself. 

The establishment made its footprint in 2004, incorporating a great selection of retail stores & services.

There are precisely 30+ stores inside the center, organized one after the other on two floors.

The top floor reserves a food court where the seating arrangement is as cozy as you have ever witnessed.

The food outlets offer various cuisines, primarily American, English, & Italian food! 


When your stomach craves either, the Madison Centre would be a great choice to drop by! 

On the same note, 

There lay a grocery-anchored section where you can buy local items & your everyday necessities.

Sometimes, you may even encounter exotic fruits & vegetables or green leafy items you have never seen! 


Are all of these available at a pretty fair cost? That's right! 

The outlook is vibrant & truly urban, appreciating the advancement of architectural styles through time.

While you look up at the ceilings, the circular patterns and the hanging lights shall create a dramatic panorama.

You would come across designed dustbins at every corner, not allowing you to throw stuff on the shiny floors! 

This neat & tidy appearance makes the Madison Centre reflect the urban life & culture of 2022. 

Do you desire to witness it live? 

Location: 4399 Lougheed Highway, Burnaby, British Columbia V5C 3Z2, Canada. 

Mall Timings: 8:00 am to 12:00 am from Sunday to Saturday. 

Contact Details: 604-291-1218. 

Best For: Local Shopping, Emergency Shopping, & Eateries. 

Nearby Shopping Mall: Crystal Mall, 4.9 km


FAQs on Best Shopping Malls in Burnaby

Q.1. What is the one place you shouldn't miss in Burnaby? 

Ans. One place you shouldn't miss in Burnaby is undoubtedly Deer Lake Park. 

Q.2. What languages can you use in Burnaby? 

Ans. You can use English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Punjabi, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean,

and Persian depending on the person you are interacting with! English is the most common, of course! 

Q.3. Is there a museum in Burnaby?

Ans. There are many museums in Burnaby, but the most famous is the Burnaby Village Museum!



Please keep an eye on the mall timings on their official websites, as they may be updated occasionally! 

Comment below & tell us your story at the best shopping malls in Burnaby. 

If there are any best shopping malls in Burnaby that you need help finding in this list, let us know!

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