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Discover the Best Malls in Burlington, Canada: You must take a tour too!


Are you in Burlington right now, wandering as a tourist? 

Are you searching for a shopping, dining, cum leisure trip for a day? 

This article shall give you some leads! Yes, we are here to bring out the best malls in Burlington so you can hang out for the last day of your trip.

Perhaps, without any disappointment! 

Overview of the City: 

With Lake Ontario in the northeast and Lake Erie in the southeast, the regional municipal city of Halton in Canada,

which we call Burlington, grew & developed as a plethora of adventure. 

I recently learned that a fishing spot was sitting between the trees. Do you know it? How wonderful it would be, I imagine! 

Burlington is that city to brag a rank in Canada’s Best Small Cities of 2022, organized by Resonance Consultancy!

It is not just beautiful & eye-soothing for your side scene trip, but also worth witnessing the kind of social culture they together culminate. 

Burlington is the home to nearly 186948 people according to the 2021 Census and offers quality lives.

There is an abundance of quality schools & institutions, quality recreational opportunities, nightlight, high safety & security,

and all that you need, despite being a small city! 


All nature lovers out there, and also outdoor enthusiasts, 

Tell me,

How about a magical hiking experience in this little city of Ontario, Canada, followed by a day of rest & recreation in one of the best malls in Burlington? 


Here come the Best Shopping Malls in Burlington – 

  1. 1. Burlington Centre – Guelph Line, Burlington. 
  2. 2. Mapleview Centre – Maple Avenue, Burlington. 

If this does not suffice, 


Here enters the Best Shopping Centres in Burlington –

  1. 1. Village Square – Pearls Street, Burlington. Smart Centres 2.Burlington North – Dundas Street, Burlington. 
  2. 3. Burlington Heights Plaza – Guelph Line, Burlington. 
  3. 4. Mount Royal Plaza – Mount Forest Dr., Burlington.


The 2 Best Malls in Burlington: Note Please! 

1. Burlington Centre 

One of the largest shopping malls in Burlington to sprawl over an area of 721,000 square feet is at your complete recreational service.

Indeed a complete recreational & resting package for the day! 

Do you want to shop for clothes, jewelry, shoes, books & cards, gifts, electronics, home appliances, groceries, medicines, or other necessities of yours? 

Do you want a hair & body spa, massage, or other beauty therapies? 

Do you want to eat some cakes & ice creams, or maybe a fine dinner, having those classic continentals?

Do you want to watch a 3D movie with a bucket full of popcorn, that too at a discounted price, 

Do you want to watch a live event with a glass of drink? 

Here you have it all! 

Although it is an enclosed two-story mall standing tall since 1968, today, it serves as a platform for 130 + stores,

precisely as a well-maintained & well-organized platform. 


You shall understand it by your easy accessibility to the brands you want to hit for the day.

The first floor showcases the retail stores, regional, national, & international.

The second floor has two sections, where one shall lead you to the medical, dental,

beauty care & professional services and the other to the food court. 

In fact, 

You must undoubtedly take a final halt before leaving the place, just outside the Mall.

Towards the south, you shall likely come across a farmer’s market. They have been stationed since 1959 in this place for a fixed period,

from October to February! Here, you shall get various locally grown fresh products. Perhaps, the ones you may not have encountered previously! 

Don’t miss it! 

Location: 777 Guelph Line, Burlington, Ontario L7R 3N2, Canada.


Mall Timings: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 6:00 pm on Saturday, & 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday. 


Contact Details: 905-632-4777/ 

Best For: Events & Live Concerts, Shopping, Dinning, Watching Movies.

Nearby Shopping Mall: Mapleview Centre, 3.5 km 


2. Mapleview Centre 

We can also say that Mapleview is one of the largest malls in Burlington. Even though it spreads over an area little less than the former,

precisely 635,531 square feet, it holds more stores than the former. 


Mapleview has 180+ stores to offer you, and none of it shall disappoint you. 


Let me tell you, 

Mapleview is also a two-story enclosed mall surviving for 32 years since 1990.

Today, you shall see it in its renovated form. The renovation took place between 2008 and 2010.

And in recent times, it showcases myriads of international retail brands.

With dramatically arched roofs, decorative wood paneling throughout the Mall, exotic interior designs, & a broad window overlooking the highway,

Mapleview tends to bring out the life inside you! 


They say there stands enough stock of international products & services in this center to compete with those of the Great Toronto!

They say it has become a fashion-focused venue for all gender & age! 


Are you wandering in search of the power shopping moment of the trip?


Mapleview can be your call! 


2 Restaurants, along with an extended food court & versatile range of food outlets,

shall urge to give you a moment of relaxation after your power shopping. Do not hesitate to take the offer! 

Location: 900 Maple Avenue, Burlington, Ontario L7S 2J8, Canada. 


Mall Timings: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 6:00 pm on Saturday, and 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday. 


Contact Details: 905-681-2900

Best For: Shopping, Branded Shopping, Fashion-centric Shopping, Beauty Treatments, Nail Arts & Tattoo Making. 

Nearby Shopping Mall: Burlington Centre, 3.5 km 


The 4 Best Shopping Centres in Burlington: Note Please! 

1. Village Square 

As the name suggests, 

Village Square is undoubtedly that shopping center in Burlington to highlight the cultures

& aesthetics of a village amidst the developing urban aesthetics of the city! 

This center possesses a welcoming gate right at the beginning of the Shopping lanes,

reflecting the significance of artistic endeavor! The lanes are clean & well-maintained, and they shall take you to your destined retail store. 


If you decide to enjoy the culinary delights of the center, follow the Map & the Huge board installed dramatically near the gate. 

The lanes shall turn magical once the sun sets and the starry lights take the stage. Halt therein! And take a turn! 

You shall see how modern lifestyle bonds with over 11,000 square feet of historic architecture. 

You shall come across a doll house & a stable that stands since the 1930s. 

You cannot take off your eye when you approach the local gem, Stinson House!

Thy is a beautiful frame cottage circa resembling structure built in 1850 and later improvised with brick & dormer in 1888. 


There lay an arcade on the northern side of the center, showcasing a romantic portico that took inspiration from the 18th Century Georgian Architecture,

a Tea House that remained since 1826, and a Fire hall that reserves the history of Burlington’s first fire station.

The Gallery shops shall pop up quite interestingly! The salons, specialty stores, altogether with a sophisticated outlook! 


So forth! 

You can witness various events at various corners of the shopping center.

For instance, a beer festival, an art show, music concerts, charity events, and much more! 

No wonder, 

The village square is one of the best shopping centers to shop in Burlington and the perfect stop for your one-day outing! 

Location: 418 Pearls Street, Burlington, Ontario L7R 2N1, Canada. 


Center Timings: 24 Hours from Sunday to Saturday. 


Contact Details: 905-637-0963

Best For: Side Scene, Shopping, Exotic Products Shopping, Gallery Shops, Dining, Bachelor Parties. 

Nearby Shopping Mall: Mapleview Shopping Centre, 3.9 km 


2. Smart Centres Burlington North 

One of the best shopping centers in Burlington, Smart Centres, originated to enhance access to a better lifestyle for Canadians. 


Smart Centres Burlington North is a bunch of outlets that seek to offer a fair budget for your weekly shopping needs.

Since 1989, these outlets have grown in numbers, forming a community of retail businesses. Somewhat like a grand and decorative supermarket! 


This grand, well-decorated & organized supermarket lay together with a large residential area. Well-lit & clean! 

The shopping center, excluding the residential area, covers an area of 304050 square feet.

But, I must say that it is not stuck therein! The shopping center is on the way to becoming a city center. 

Be it farming equipment, seeds or grains, fishing & forest materials, apparel & accessories, or maybe automotive & electronics – All are just a look away! 

To be more precise, 

There are about 44+ branded stores – Local, national & international! 

There are amusement opportunities, a library, a gym, pet services, financial aid, and much more! Perhaps, you will be tired of seeing them all! 

That is when the outlets selling savories & snacks shall come to the rescue.

There are many of them, and you may choose depending on your mood of the hour.

You can get burgers & sliders, sandwiches, fries, and other fast foods, coffee & Ice tea, mojitos & draft beers, or maybe some other evening munchies!

Whatever you eat, make sure to finally have some dessert from the Marble Slab Creamery before leaving! 

Location: 4515 Dundas Street, Burlington, Ontario L7M 5B4, Canada. 


Center Timings: 7:00 am to 11:00 pm from Sunday to Saturday. 


Contact Details: 416-788-9330

Best For: Weekly Shopping, Evening Eateries & Desserts, Library, Gym. 

Nearby Shopping Centre: Millcroft Shopping Centre, 2.0 km 


3. Burlington Heights Plaza

Another of the best places to shop in Burlington, namely, Burlington Heights Plaza,

even though small compared to the rest of the shopping center, brings out vibrant open-air shopping experiences in the city! 

The center encompasses various retail stores and restaurants serving authentic dishes from diverse cuisine.


The bakery is what shall likely take your breath away! Colorful & full of smell!

It is the smell that brings saliva into your mouth!

Hence, we can also say that Burlington Heights Plaza is the best place to buy cakes, pastries, & desserts in Burlington. 


Like any other, you would find the grocery store, salon & spa, and a pharmacy inside the shopping center.

There are also quality outlets for kids’ requirements. 

If you have a lot of time to wander, you may take a short trip to these stores. 


Remember to reserve 30 minutes to an hour for the famous Gator Ted’s Tap & Grill.

It is one such spot inside the plaza where you can derive food, sports, & entertainment opportunities together in a single package.

It is a unique tradition of the city that has existed since 1994!


I want you to witness this tradition live with your own eyes! 

Location: 1505 Guelph Line, Burlington, Ontario L7M 1V9, Canada. 


Center Timings: 11:30 am to 9:00 pm from Sunday to Thursday and 11:30 am to 9:30 pm on Friday & Saturday. 


Contact Details: 416-664-5183

Best For: Gator Ted’s Tap & Grill, Kids Shopping. 

Nearby Shopping Mall: Burlington Centre, 2.8 km  


4. Mount Royal Plaza 

Perhaps one of the best shopping centers in Burlington, Mount Royal Plaza, is your everyday go-to place for the city's people! 

With its convenient location & a wide variety of products, the center holds millions of customers annually. 


It is because you can get nearly anything & everything at this place at a reasonable price.

Whether you want to take a dance & fitness training for a week while you stay in Burlington or meet a dentist, a hair stylist, a therapist, or a travel agency;

whether you want to pick some beers from the beer store or some pastries & cakes from the bakery -You shall find it all! 


The plaza is a one-story building stretching over 34,359 square feet.

Since 1974, it has served as the corporate hub for more than 50 retail establishments.

Of course, the number of stores tends to go up the graph today! 

The plaza has a pharmacy for you to buy medicines or other necessities at times of urgency.

Alongside, three restaurants within the center are available for casual & fine dining after a hectic tour! 

Above all,

The local essence attached to this spot, with the prevailing local businesses together under one roof,

reveals the homely environment of the shopping center. 


Would this exotic local shopping cum homely dining experience be your choice of the day? What say? 

Location: 2047 Mount Forest Dr., Burlington, Ontario L7P 1H4, Canada. 


Center Timings: 6:00 am to 10:30 pm from Sunday to Saturday. 


Contact Details: 905-639-7426

Best For: Local Shopping, Boutiques, Bakery, Dental Checkup, Salon. 

Nearby Shopping Mall: Burlington Centre, 3.6 km 


FAQs on Best Shopping Malls in Burlington 

Q.1. Why is Burlington famous? 

Ans. Burlington, the city of free-thinking spirit & an ultra-liberal landscape, is famous for Champlain College & the University of Vermont,

its thriving art scenes in the roadside areas, the Museums, and the vast series of four-season outdoor activities. 


Q.2. What should you not miss in Burlington? 

Ans. There are many places in Burlington that you would not like to miss, and I can name a few musts! They are:

  1. 1. Lake Champlain Ferries.
  2. 2. North Beach Park.
  3. 3. Shelburne Museum.
  4. 4. Burlington Bike Path.
  5. 5. Foam Brewers.
  6. 6. Church Street Marketplace.

Q.3. Is Burlington an excellent place to live? 

Ans. According to personal preferences in living, such a thing would differ from person to person.

However, you shall get quality schools & institutions, efficient transportation, parks & leisure centers, and all that improve your daily lives! 


Q.4. Which is the largest shopping mall in Burlington? 

Ans. The renowned Burlington Centre, built over a 721,000-square-foot area in 1959, is the largest shopping mall in Burlington.



Please check the websites of the shopping malls and shopping centers for the most up-to-date schedules.

Please comment below to share your experiences with the best shopping malls in Burlington, Canada.

Please let us know of any shopping centers or malls we should have included in our list of best malls in Burlington, Canada.   

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