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3 Best shopping malls in Arlington, Texas for shopping, food, movies, entertainment with family & friends

Arlington, Texas, is one of the most famous cities in the state because of its rich wildlife. This city is quite popular among tourists for its plethora of aquariums, dense forest areas, and terrariums.

The attractions of Arlington form a lovely balance of modern and historical tourist spots. With its wildlife, there are modern structures in the city and a very renowned planetarium at the University of Texas.

Apart from that, some of the best malls in Arlington, TX, are a must-visit.

3 Best shopping malls in Arlington, Texas: 

1. North East Mall - 1101 Melbourne Rd, Hurst. 

2. The Parks Mall at Arlington - 3811 S Cooper St, Arlington

3. Lincoln Square - 1500 N Collins St, Arlington


5 Best shopping centers in Arlington, TX:

1. Allen Premium Outlets - 820 W Stacy Rd, Allen

2. Grand Prairie Premium Outlets - 2950 Interstate 20 W, Grand Prairie

3. Arlington Highlands - I-20 &, Matlock Rd, Arlington

4. Bardin Place Center - 4654 S Cooper St, Arlington

5. Arbrook Oaks - 3808-3810, S Cooper St, Arlington


3 Best shopping malls in Arlington, Texas for shopping, food, movies, entertainment with family & friends

1. Northeast Mall, Hurst

Located in Hurst, near Arlington, the Northeast mall was opened in 1971 and is the biggest mall in the Arlington area. It is just a 15-minute trip from Arlington to Hurst.

This mall is currently situated in 2,134,000 square feet and has around 135 stores. This mall has a vast and exciting history associated with it. 

This best mall in Hurst, TX is quite a well-known destination for people who love to buy high-end fashion brands and accessories. You can find almost every recognized national and international brand at this mall. Right from footwear to clothing to jewelry, this mall has it all. 

North East Mall has a wide variety of dining options available in the mall. Since it plays host to many high-end buyers, this place has a good number of gourmet eateries as well. 

For entertainment, there is a cinema in the Mall (Cinemark), where you can enjoy all the latest releases with ease and comfort. The movie theater of the mall serves customers with the utmost comfort.

Location: Northeast Mall, 1101 Melbourne Rd, Hurst, TX 76053, United States.

Direction: Go to mall map

Contact: +1 817-284-3427

Mall Website: Northeast Mall

Best known for: Shopping, Food, dining, and cinema.

Nearest Mall: Melbourne Place (0.8 KM).


2. The Parks mall at Arlington, Arlington

A massive 1,510,000 square feet The Parks mall at Arlington is the best shopping mall in Arlington, TX, it opened in 1988. Around 180 stores are currently open in this mall.

This shopping mall is known for its historic architecture. This is why a large number of tourists visit this location. There are several national and international fashion brands in the mall.

With that, there are several salons that you can visit here for your self-care. This mall also has several jewelry stores where you can buy gifts for your loved ones.

At The Parks mall at Arlington, you can also enjoy several cuisines at various restaurants. There are eateries, restaurants, bakeries, and fast food joints to enjoy all kinds of dishes. This mall also has a cinema (AMC Theatres) where you can enjoy all the latest releases.

Location: The Parks mall at Arlington, 3811 S Cooper St, Arlington, TX 76015, United States.

Direction: Go to Mall Map

Contact: +1 817-467-6496

Mall Website: The Parks mall at Arlington

Best known for: shopping, clothes, Food, dining, cinema

Nearest Mall: Arbrook Oaks Shopping center (0.3 KM).


3. Lincoln Square, Arlington

Lincoln Square is one of the best shopping malls in Arlington, tx, with an area of 472,265 square feet. People have been coming here for decades now.

It opened in the year 1982 and has been serving customers ever since. Lincoln Square mall is one of the most famous places for dining and entertainment in Arlington.

There is a proper balance between premium and low-end fashion brands. You can also choose from several brands operating in the accessories industry.

Apart from that, several stores in the healthcare and self-care industry. People can also find many places to buy household items, home decor, and other stuff. There are some famous beauty salons in this mall as well. 

When it comes to dining and restaurants, there are several options that you can choose from. A plethora of bars and eateries are available for you here, wherein you can enjoy drinks, barbecues, fast food items, bakery items, etc.

There is an AMC theater branch in Lincoln Square Mall as well. You can also enjoy the studio movie grill cinema in this mall, where they serve you food and drinks while enjoying the movies.

Location: Lincoln Square, 1500 N Collins St, Arlington, TX 76011, United States.

Direction: Go to mall map

Mall website: Lincoln Square

Contact: +1 682-999-3314

Best known for: Shopping, Clothing, Food, and cinema and more

Nearest malls: Lincoln Square shopping center 


5 Best shopping centers in Arlington, Texas

1. Allen Premium Outlets, Allen, TX

A massive 544,769 square feet Allen Premium Outlets is best shopping center in Arlington, TX. It is one of the most prominent outlets in Arlington, boasting around 125 stores, it opened in the year 2000.

Allen Premium Outlets is another famous shopping destination in the city. People who want to dress well at a low cost can always rely on this store.

Unlike other outlets, this place has many dining optthe ions, bars, and multiple eateries for refreshments. You can choose from multiple options like gourmet food, Italian food, fast food, and other American delicacies.

In terms of fashion, this is one of the best outlets in Arlington, Texas. There are some footwear brands, sports brands, home decor, hardware, and low-end jewelry options.

However, you won't find many options for ultra-luxury brands here. There are no cinemas or entertainment centers here. 

Location: Allen Premium Outlets, 820 W Stacy Rd, Allen, TX 75013, United States.

Direction: Go to mall map

Mall website: Allen Premium Outlets

Contact: +1 972-678-7000

Best known for: clothes, Shopping, Dining, and more

Nearest malls: The Village at Allen (0.9 KM). 


2. Grand Prairie Premium Outlets, Grand Prairie

This one of the best shopping outlets in Arlington, Texas features around 110 stores in 456,473 square feet, opened in 2011. People visit this place mainly to buy fashion brands at a good discount.

Grand Prairie Premium Outlets has a wide range of fashion, home decor, gift stores, and footwear brands. Apart from the shopping options, there are several options for dining and fast food.

All in all, this outlet is a perfect combination when you want to shop on a budget. There are a couple of places that serve drinks as well. There are no entertainment or cinemas in this outlet.

Location: Grand Prairie Premium Outlets, 2950 Interstate 20 W, Grand Prairie, TX 75052, United States.

Direction: Go to mall map 

Mall website: Grand Prairie Premium Outlets

Contact: +1 972-602-8383

Best known for: shopping, clothes, Dining amd more 

Nearest malls: Lake Prairie Towne Crossing (6.2 KM)


3. Arlington Highlands, Arlington

Arlington Highlands is one of the best shopping centers in Arlington, Texas. It is an open-air mall that currently has 93 stores in 737,331 square feet.

Arlington Highlands Mall has a separate space designated for offices. It has many options for self-care health services and home decor. 

There are several high-end fashion brands available in this mall as well. You can also browse through some footwear and jewelry stores in the mall. 

There are several eateries and restaurants. You can save on gourmet food, specialty restaurants, bakeries, and cafes here in the mall as well.

There is a theater in the mall where you can enjoy movies. One of the theater's distinguishing features is the ability to order cocktails and food to be delivered to your seat.

Location: Arlington Highlands, I-20 &, Matlock Rd, Arlington, TX 76018, United States

Direction: Go to mall map

Mall website: Arlington Highlands

Contact: +1 817-466-7474

Best known for: Food, dining, and cinema.

Nearest malls: Arbrook Oaks Shopping Center (2.7 KM).


4. Bardin Place Center, Arlington

Bardin Place Center is one of the best shopping centers in Arlington, Texas, for shopping on a budget. This place gives the best prices for groceries and food items.

This place has around 31 stores in an area of 420,550 square feet. Although this place doesn't have many options for fashion and accessories brands, it is perfect for buying your daily needs and household items.

There are a couple of options for buying low-end to medium-range jewelry. You can choose to eat at a few restaurants that serve fast food, barbeque, or other American dishes.

There aren't many options here for having gourmet food. There are no entertainment options here in the mall either. Also, there are no cinema halls or multiplexes in this mall.

Location: Bardin Place Center, 4654 S Cooper St, Arlington, TX 76017, United States.

Direction: Go to mall map

Mall website: Bardin Place Center

Contact: +1 972-668-2986

Best known for: Shopping, clothes, and food. 

Nearest malls: Bardin Square shopping center (2.25 KM). 


5. Arbrook Oaks Plaza, Arlington

Arbrook shopping mall is located directly across from Park Mall. Arbrook is quite popular among the local community, and they often rate it as one of the best shopping centers in Arlington, tx.

The local people often visit this mall to purchase medium-end local and international brands. This mall has a lot of options to buy from when it comes to affordable fashion.

In terms of food and dining, there are several bars and pubs that you can visit, many of them serving great offers during happy hours. Several eateries are serving local Texas food and barbeque.

There are a couple of options for fast food. There are hardware shops in this mall for your home repair needs. Apart from that, several salons and spas are currently serving the self-care industry. 

Arbrook Oaks Plaza is a tiny mall that only has around 20 stores, with 50,978 square feet. There is no cinema or entertainment center in the mall.

Location: Arbrook Oaks Plaza, 3808-3810, S Cooper St, Arlington, TX 76015, United States.

Direction: Go to mall map

Mall website: Arbrook Oaks Plaza

Contact: +1 214-954-0600

Best known for: Shopping, clothes, and food. 

Nearest malls: Parks Mall, Arlington (0.3 KM)


People also ask:

1. What is the biggest shopping mall in Arlington, Texas?

Northeast Mall in Hurst is the biggest Mall in Arlington, tx, with 2,134,000 square feet and 135 stores. It is known for its luxury brands and cinemas. 

2. What is the best mall in tx in Arlington? 

The Parks Mall at Arlington is quite a popular destination in the city when shopping. Apart from that, Grand Prairie Premium Outlets are famous for being the best outlet mall in Arlington, tx, because of their spectacular discounts

3. What is the best Mall in Arlington, Texas for entertainment? 

Arlington Highlands has one of the best combinations of restaurants where you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes. The cinemas in the mall are a must-visit because of their in-hall food and cocktail services. 

4. What is the best outlet mall in Arlington, Texas, for gifts?

Grand Prairie Premium Outlets is one of the best shopping outlets in Arlington, tx, for buying gifts for your loved ones.



Q. What are the Top 5 Eateries In Arlington?

A. Arlington is the hometown of different cuisines. If you are looking for a perfect place for a romantic night or to spend time with friends and family, Google reviews recommend - The Tipsy Oak, The Cut & Bourbon, A Taste Of Europe, The Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, and The Mercury Chophouse - Arlington, all with a 4-star + rating.

Q. Can You Name The Top 5 Hotels In Arlington?

A. Suppose you're searching for a lavish and relaxing stay. In that case, you should check out websites like Tripadvisor or Booking.com or other websites that list

1) The Live! by Loews - Arlington, Texas,

2) The Holiday Inn Arlington NE-Rangers Ballpark, An IHG Hotel,

3) The DoubleTree By Hilton Arlington DFW South,

4) The Courtyard By Marriott Dallas Arlington/Entertainment District, and

5) The Hampton Inn & Suites Dallas-Arlington-South as the top 5 hotels in the city. Check them out!

Q. Which are the Top 5 Local Foods in Arlington?

A. If you are a food enthusiast, you can grab multiple local foods from small diners and drive-ins. The Quiche At Potager Café, The Red Velvet Fudge Pie, The Red Beans And Rice, The Tex-Mex, and Boba From The Bethany Boba Tea House are the top 5 local foods in Arlington that will get you drooling.

Q. What are the Top 5 Best Street Shopping Destinations in Arlington?

A. Visit The Traders Village Grand Prairie, Nellie & Sue's Flea Market, The Market At Forest Hill, The Forest Hill Indoor Outdoor Market, and The Flea Market Trade Fair, the top 5 street shopping destinations in Arlington for all things trendy.

Q. Can You Suggest The Top 5 Places One Must Visit In Arlington?

A. I must say that The Top O'Hill Terrace, The Globe Life Park, The Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Arlington, The International Bowling Museum & Hall Of Fame, and The River Legacy Park make it to the list of the best five places to visit in Arlington.

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