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Top Instagram Influencers You Need to Follow in New Zealand


New Zealand's Instagram Influencers:

New Zealand's Instagram influencers are making their mark in the business sphere. These content creators have harnessed their online presence to collaborate with brands, promote products, and engage with their followers uniquely. 

Businesses understand the importance of collaborating with these influencers to reach a more targeted & engaged client base. From fashion to travel, food, and sustainability, New Zealand's Instagram influencers offer diverse perspectives to make them valuable assets in the world of digital marketing. Many influencers with massive following help south-after partners for both local and international brands. 


Explore Diverse NZ Influencer Niches:

In New Zealand, the world of influencer marketing offers a vibrant spectrum of niches to tap into for effective marketing campaigns. From lifestyle to technology, there's a diverse range of influencers with a dedicated following in various domains. 


Here's a closer look:

Lifestyle Influencers: 

These Influencers often focus on fashion, travel, and wellness. They can be valuable partners for brands in these industries to promote products or services while sharing personal experiences.


Food & Culinary Experts: 

New Zealand boasts a rich food culture and influencers specializing in food and cooking can help restaurants, food products, and culinary brands reach a hungry audience.


Sustainability Champions: 

With growing awareness of environmental issues, influencers advocating sustainability and eco-friendly products have a strong presence. Businesses with green initiatives can align with these influencers to showcase their commitment to the environment.


Tech and Gadgets Geeks: 

Influencers who review gadgets, apps, and tech gear are crucial for tech-related businesses. They provide insightful reviews and generate buzz around your tech products.


Maori & Indigenous Influencers: 

Celebrating New Zealand's indigenous culture is essential. Maori influencers can help promote cultural events, artwork, and products to bridge tradition and modernity.


Health & Fitness Gurus: 

These influencers promote wellness, fitness routines, and healthy lifestyles. They are a good fit for health-related businesses and products.


Parenting & Family: 

Influencers who share their experiences in parenting and family life are excellent for businesses related to child products, education, and family services.

Businesses connect with their target audience genuinely and engagingly by understanding these niches and collaborating with the right influencers.


Top NZ Instagram Influencers Revealed:

There's no shortage of incredible influencers spanning various niches in New Zealand's vibrant Instagram scene. 

Here's a glimpse of the top Instagram influencers:

Lifestyle Influencers:


1. Sheena Cole: shares her journey through life and fashion to offer style inspiration and glimpses into her daily experiences.

2. Kat from Kauai: Kat's feed reflects her love for travel, adventure, and the outdoors to take you on a visual journey to beautiful destinations.

3. Shaaanxo: Shannon Harris, known as Shaaanxo, is a beauty guru who shares makeup tips and tutorials to make her a popular figure in the beauty community.

4. Sustainability Champions: This account focuses on eco-friendly living to provide sustainable lifestyle tips and eco-conscious product recommendations.

Tech and Gadgets Geeks:

5. My3GirlsPlusMe: Explore the world of tech and gadgets with this influencer, who reviews and discusses various digital innovations.

6. SM Blair: SM Blair is a tech enthusiast who shares insights, reviews, and updates on the latest tech trends and gadgets.

7. JH Law: JH Law is your go-to source for legal insights in the tech industry to offer valuable information on legal aspects and tech-related topics.

Maori & Indigenous Influencers:

8. Playing4Change: This influencer advocates for positive change through music and storytelling to focus on the power of cultural diversity.

9. Prayers to God NZ AU: Explore spirituality and indigenous culture through this account, which shares prayers, insights, and cultural heritage.

Health & Fitness Gurus:

10. Alexander the Great Coaching: Alexander specializes in fitness coaching and offers workout routines, nutrition advice, and motivational content.

11. Surgical Menopause Club UK: This influencer focuses on women's health, specifically surgical menopause, providing support and information for those going through this experience.

Parenting & Family:

12. Yoho & Co NZ: A parenting and family influencer shares the joys and challenges of parenthood, along with tips and family-friendly content.

13. Banz New Zealand: Banz is all about baby and toddler essentials and offers a range of products and parenting advice to make life with little ones easier.

14. Thrifty Baby Co. NZ: Thrifty Baby Co. provides budget-friendly solutions for parents to help them save money with the best for their children.


The Journey to Become an Influencer:

Embarking on the influencer journey is like setting off on a thrilling adventure. Here's a roadmap to guide you along this exciting path:

Find Your Passionate Niche: 

Begin by identifying the realm you're genuinely passionate about- travel, fashion, or wellness. Your niche is the compass that will guide your content.


Craft Captivating Content: 

Create eye-catching posts, videos, and stories. Consistency is the engine that keeps your followers engaged and eager for more.


Shape Your Authentic Brand: 

Develop a unique brand identity that mirrors your personality and values. It is a part of the competitive influencer universe.


Connect with Your Audience: 

Dive into meaningful interactions with your followers through comments, messages, and live sessions. 


Collaborate and Expand: 

Team up with like-minded influencers or brands in your niche. These alliances open doors to new horizons and a broader audience.


Stay In the Know: 

Stay tuned to trends and industry updates to ensure your content remains fresh and appealing.


Become an Influencer: Step-by-Step Guide

Becoming an influencer isn't a sprint; it's a carefully orchestrated marathon. Here's your step-by-step playbook:


Define Your Unique Niche: 

Select a niche that genuinely resonates with you and aligns with your expertise. Your niche is your creative canvas.


Create Stunning Content: 

Invest in quality equipment, master photography and video editing, and churn out visually striking content.


Consistency Rules: 

Establish a content schedule to grace your chosen platform (Instagram) regularly.


Engage and Empower:

Create a two-way conversation with your audience by responding to comments, asking questions, and making them feel valued.


Measure Your Progress: 

Harness analytics tools to gauge your growth and fine-tune your strategy for optimal results.


Monetize Your Impact: 

As your follower count swells, explore revenue avenues like sponsored content, affiliate marketing, or even launching your products and services.


Build a Following: A Modern Phenomenon:

Building a following on social media platforms like Instagram has become a modern phenomenon. It's all about growing your Instagram account to attract real followers who engage with your content. Creating an authentic, engaged following takes time, effort, and content from those genuinely interested in your products or services.


Buy Instagram Followers: A Shortcut to Success?

Buying Instagram followers is often seen as a shortcut to success. Reputable providers like BuyFollowersNZ offer services to streamline Instagram account growth. They provide accurate, active followers to boost your Instagram marketing efforts. can target specific countries, including New Zealand, the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, and Spain, and a global audience.

While buying followers gives your account a jumpstart to the Influencer journey, it's essential to continue creating quality content to maintain and grow your Instagram presence organically.


Final words: 

New Zealand's Instagram influencers offer diverse insights into fashion, travel, tech, and more. Partnering with them helps businesses connect genuinely with their audience. Explore influencers in lifestyle, food, and indigenous culture. While buying followers may help initially, quality content is critical to organic growth. Follow these top influencers for unique perspectives and trends.

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