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How to Change Language on Disney Plus? login/begin and Watching your favorite content in your language gives an entirely different feel while you are watching in another language; you may understand it, but you don't get satisfaction.

The same is true with the Disney Plus user, who wishes to watch their favorite content in their native language. However, due to internal glitches, Disney Plus faced an issue related to the language. If it's the same scenario as you, then stay connected till the end to get it solved.

Is your Disney Plus content appearing in a different language than yours? Do you have no clue about how to tackle it? If you face a similar issue, you are at the right place.

This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of changing the language on Disney Plus.

Disney Plus Language Glitch

Several times before, numerous faced the issue of content language in Spanish, or the language continued to interchange from Spanish to German.

Initially, users thought it to be a cyberattack. However, at a later point, it was an internal error of the Disney Plus team, which was later solved by the Disney Plus support team. 

Thus, contact Disney Plus Support if you are dealing with the same issue with the language. However, before moving to the support team, check the sound setting inside your profile to change the language on Disney Plus.

Check for all the possibilities of error from your end before contacting the support team. 

How to Change the Language on Disney Plus

Disney Plus gives various choices to change the language of any title or even the total language of your Disneyplus user account.

There are several methods to change the language of Disney Plus. Some of the easy methods of changing language are mentioned below:

Change Disney Plus Language from the Profile Settings of your account.

-Firstly visit the official website of Disney Plus on the internet browser and log in using credentials to your user account. 

-Then, click on profile in the upper right corner and go to the Edit Profiles choice.

-After that, pick the profile from which you are viewing your favorite content. 

-Now find and click the App Language choice and pick your favored language.

-To confirm, click the Done option on the top right corner of the current screen. 

Change the language from the Disney Plus application

Changing language on the Disney Plus application is the same as changing the language from the profile setting on the internet browser.

Below mentioned steps will help you in changing the language from the Disney Plus application. 

-The first step is to visit the Disney Plus application and then click on your profile at the bottom of the screen. 

-Then, tap the "Edit Profiles" option on the next screen. 

-Afterward, find and pick your profile and go to the "Application Language" option. 

-Then select your favored language from the rundown list. 

-Click the "Done" button in the screen's upper right corner. 

-A while later, you will get a message of updated text on the Disney Plus screen. 

-Now the language has been changed on Disney Plus.

Change the Language of a Particular Movie or Show

If you want to change the language of a particular movie or show, follow the steps mentioned below. 

-Open the Disney Plus app or official website and start streaming the content of your choice. 

-Then, at that point, inside the video player, click the "CC/Subtitles" symbol in the upper right corner.

-Now from the list, pick your favored language.

-This will change the language, and you can begin watching the title with the changed language.

Instructions to change Disney Plus language to English

To change the language to English, follow the steps mentioned below. 

-Firstly go to your Disney+ account.

-Now select the profile option. 

-Then on the pop-up screen, find and click the edit profile settings option.  

-Now select English (US or UK) from the rundown list of the languages. 

-Afterward, click on the done option, and your language will be changed.

The language options available on Disney Plus

Disney Plus has multiple language options available for its users. Currently, the content is available in 14 different languages. The list of these Disney Plus languages is mentioned below. 

-English (US and UK)




-Spanish (Latinoamerica)


-Francais (Canadien)




-Portuguese (Brasil)

-Suomi (Finnish)

-Svenska (Swedish)

How to change the language on Disney Plus Apple TV?

To change the language on your Disney Plus Apple TV, follow the below steps.

-Firstly visit the official Disney Plus website or mobile application on Apple TV. 

-Then, select the title you want to view. 

-Select "Sound and Subtitle settings" from the video player in the upper right corner.

-Then select your favored language from the sound area

- Finally, begin watching Disneyplus start code on Apple TV in a changed language.

What is the process of changing the language on Disney Plus Roku?

To change your preferred language on the Disney Plus Roku, follow the step-by-step process below.  

-Visit the Disney Plus website or application, select your favorite movie or show and start streaming it. 

-After that, press the Star button(*) on the remote to open the Audio menu on Roku. 

-Then, the next step is to pick your ideal language. 

-Now you can keep watching the Disney Plus on Roku in changed language.

The easy method to Change Subtitles on Disney Plus

To change the subtitles on the Disney Plus website or application, follow the below steps.

-Firstly, open the Disney Plus application, select any title to watch, and start streaming it.

-Then while watching, you will see a closed caption symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. 

-In the next step, the caption menu will open from where you have to pick your favored language to view the subtitles. 

-Now you can enjoy watching your favorite Disney Plus content in your preferred language.


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