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New Approaches to Candidate Sourcing: A Guide for Recruiters

If you are a recruiter in today's marketplace, you will know firsthand that getting the right candidate is hard. This difficulty is primarily because of the limited number of candidates in the lineup to fill the limited vacancies. 

Also, while you may have many applicants for a particular job, not all of them may meet your requirements. However, with the help of modern technology, getting the right person becomes more accessible. You can get some of the best candidates to fill your vacant positions from the comfort of your home.

In a short while, this guide will provide nine tips to help recruiters get the right employees. Follow us closely as we delve in!

9 Tips For Getting the Right Candidate

To grow your business to the next level, you need the right people to help you achieve that. These are the nine tips for getting the right workers. 

1. Have a database during the sourcing stage

The sourcing stage is a critical stage that many recruiters usually ignore as soon as they are done with it. They usually concentrate on the best person for the job, forgetting that others who applied for the same position are also good. 

Here is what we mean. Let's say you need two people to fill a vacancy in your company, but a hundred applied. In the end, you could pick fifty who could do the job. Since you needed two candidates, you had to use specific parameters to slash out forty-eight people. 

As the company grows, you may need more people or have some workers leaving for another job. You only need to start recruiting again if you have done proper sourcing and have a database of successful applicants. Go to the database and call one or two people from the forty-eight still available to work for you. This process will save you time and resources while still getting the best. 


2. Keep in touch with unsuccessful candidates

For the first step above to succeed, you must keep in touch with unsuccessful applicants by occasionally sending them newsletters or emails to keep them interested in the company. 

Even if the applicant is not available for the following vacant position, the chances that they will recommend your company to other professionals like them are very high. 


3. Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms, if not the best, for sourcing the right people to fill any vacant space in your company. It is where employers who are looking for the best among the best go. Millions of professionals on the platform are available to work but just waiting for you to call. 

What makes LinkedIn stand out is that with the filter feature available on the platform, you can get the right people by selecting a location and job title, among others. Within seconds, you can narrow your hunt for applicants, saving you time, energy, and resources if you are to look at the applications of several candidates one after the other. 

Although LinkedIn may be one of the best sourcing platforms, it is also essential to use other platforms to not lose out on those not using LinkedIn. 


4. Treat candidates as customers

Because of the high demand by many for limited jobs, many recruiters become arrogant in the recruiting process. They need to remember or be aware that they are selling their company to job seekers during this process. 

A job seeker will accept the job opening if treated with respect and clear and frequent communication. Even if a particular applicant is unsuccessful, when they are contacted the next time, the chances that the person accepts the offer are high because of the professional and friendly treatment they received the first time. 

Only when customers are satisfied with the first service are they likely to come back? 


5. Attend professional events and host one

While many see the internet as the best sourcing resource for employers, getting the right people for the job is more comprehensive than checking online. 

Sometimes, a face-to-face interaction will give you something you may not get from online sourcing. It all depends on the size of your company and the type of candidate you are looking for. 

While we admit that using online for sourcing is cheap and saves time, attending a professional event where the best in the industry meet to interact can be very useful. Through these events, you can have a database of real people that can be helpful to your business when the need arises in the future. 


6. Check B2B contact database tools

One of the best ways to source candidates for your company is to leverage B2B contact databases. These tools provide unrestricted access to the contact information of many businesses and professionals. 

If you want access to professionals in the United States for hire, you will do well to use Leadar. This comprehensive B2B database platform contains over 110 million experts in different niches to meet your business needs. You may obtain their phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, social media profiles, and other contact information.


7. Use the services of a recruitment consultancy agency

The responsibility of sourcing and recruiting employees for large companies that employ thousands can be quite taxing, even with technology. However, you need not worry; many consultancy agencies can help handle the task. 

All you need to do is define what you are looking for in your ideal candidates and allow the agencies to worry about the rest. 


8. Encourage your employees to provide referrals

Your existing workers are great referrals for credible, reliable, competent prospective employees. Your present employees are already professionals who may have former colleagues and friends who are ideal persons to fill the vacant position in your organization. 

The best part of encouraging employee referrals is that they will do all the background checks for you. No present employee would deliberately refer a person with a bad reputation to the company. The present employees understand the company's rules and know their reputation will be jeopardized if they do not refer the right person.  


9. Fast decision making

Often, recruiters miss the ideal candidates due to slow decision-making. You may only sometimes have a well-defined role for your ideal person, but if you eventually need them in your organization, bring them on board. 

People who are ideal for most businesses are in high demand, and they may only sometimes be available. So when they are available, maximize the opportunity and hire them. 


Key Takeaways

Recruiting the best candidate for your company can sometimes be a nightmare for some recruiters dealing with thousands of applications in a single job opening. Having the proper sourcing methods is, therefore, essential. 

Regarding online sourcing, LinkedIn and B2B database tools have proven to be among the best options. However, because of the other credible prospects on other platforms, we advise you to put only some of your eggs in one basket. 

Regarding offline sourcing, attending professional events and using your present employees for referrals are good ways to get the best people for the job. Keep the data of unsuccessful applicants for future use and treat them well when communicating with them. 

If you are overwhelmed with getting the best candidate, employ a recruitment agency's services. In all, please do not waste time bringing the right persons on board once you find them.

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