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Top 10 Tips for a Healthy Beard & Moustache - Grooming Tips

Steps to consider for taking care of the beard and mustache

As in any good care routine, several aspects must be considered. If you want your beard and mustache to look spectacular,

write down these five tips and the recommended products for each step, and avoid the ones that damage your beard health.


1. Trim your beard regularly

Even if you've reached your desired length, it's essential to trim your beard and mustache hair occasionally.

This way, hair growth is better controlled, and its shape is maintained correctly.

You may also be unhappy with the result and prefer to make a clean slate.

In this case, we remind you that there are shaving foams and aftershave products among the beard and mustache care products.

An example of this is, first of all, moisturizing shaving foam, perfect for a shave without irritation.

Thanks to its formula, it hydrates the most sensitive skin, providing a much smoother and safer shave.

And for later? Well, an aftershave balm from the same brand.

Both in its version with green tea and menthol or with rosemary and red chili, both formulas manage to soothe irritation from shaving in the most sensitive skin, thanks to its nourishing, moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory ingredients.


2. Beard and mustache cleaning is essential.

A hygienic beard and mustache are essential to show a well-groomed image.

In this case, it is not only about hygiene because not washing the beard daily can cause itching and flaking of the skin.

For this routine to be done correctly, as per LXR, soap should always be applied to the beard descendingly to avoid the formation of knots.

After washing, it's time to comb and, of course, dry the beard completely.


3. Beard and mustache, constantly hydrated

Once the beard and mustache are clean, another step for both to look perfect is to remember hydration.

A good ally for this is to use a nourishing balm. This balm consists of ingredients known for their high moisturizing power.

If you are not a lover of balms, you can also use a foam format. Not only hydrate, this product also helps to eliminate itching, flaking, and redness of the skin and contributes to the growth of beards and mustaches thanks to quinine and caffeine.

In both cases, applying just the right amount of product is essential. Otherwise, you could end up with a dirty or greasy-looking beard.

And with this, we end our tips to care for the perfect beard and mustache, although we want to mention a few things.

First, a care routine does not have to end here, as there are fixing products or products to stimulate facial hair growth.

Finally, and after so much care, it is essential to remember that to show off an 

Enviable beard and mustache, it is better not to touch these areas too much during the day to avoid dirtying and greasing the hair.


4. Things that damage your beard

Growing a beard is a big decision and a trend many have joined.

However, along the way, various problems can arise.

Whether you are growing a beard for the first time or have had a beard for many years, we will tell you a series of mistakes you should not make with your beard; take note!


5. Not using care products 

It is the biggest mistake you can make. Just like we need to care for the hair on our heads, we must do the same with our beards.

The main products and care that will keep your beard healthy and attractive are beard oil, wash, and a beard comb.


6. Not trimming it

Many men only get a trim or shave once they visit their barber, but the hair grows wild after a few weeks and looks messy.

Outlining the neckline is one of the essential elements for your beard to look perfect.


7. Shaving against the grain

If you shave against the direction of your hair growth, you will likely end up with minor cuts and specks of blood on your face;

Always run the edge in the direction in which the beard grows.


8. Use cheap machines

The cheapest blades tend to be dull and rust very quickly, giving results that leave much to be desired.

It is recommended to invest in a good razor, not only to look better but also to care for your skin.


9. Put on a lot of aftershaves.

You should avoid this product if you have sensitive skin since many contain alcohol and could irritate your skin.

Use natural products such as aloe vera or other balms.


10. Let it grow like crazy.

Even in the beginning, you need to trim your beard.

After a month or so, if it has never been trimmed, it will start to look unbalanced as not all areas grow at the same rate.

Trimming the most extended parts will help reduce their patchy appearance as the slower-growing areas catch up with them.


11. Washing it too much

It would help if you only washed it when you felt it was needed.

External factors such as weather, pollution, etc. They may require you to wash it more often than usual but try not to overdo it.


12. Be impatient

Your beard won't grow overnight. The wait can be frustrating, and this can cause you to make mistakes, such as removing your beard or paying for products that promise a thick, full beard in just a few days.

Impatience will do you no good. Wait at least two months before making a decision and seeing desired results.


11. Touching it too much

Let's face it, touching, combing, and stroking your beard is inevitable.

However, excessive or aggressive playing or pulling of the beard can stress the hair follicle, causing it to shed prematurely.


12. They need to comb it more

Running your fingers through your beard doesn't have the same effect as running a wide-tooth comb.

Even after washing it, there can be trapped particles that can only be removed by combing.

Plus, it's also great for beard health: it disperses oil evenly and stimulates the follicles and the skin beneath.

Ideally, comb your beard after each wash.

Now you know if you love facial hair and take care of your beard, you must do the exact opposite of these points.

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