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Why Choose Laravel Framework to Develop High-Performing Web Apps in 2023?

Laravel is a web application development framework that features creative and refined syntax.

It streamlines the entire web development process, making it simpler, easier,

and more enjoyable for developers by removing all the pain points associated with managing complicated PHP code.

On the other hand, a PHP framework is a platform that can be used to build PHP web applications.

It provides code libraries of frequently used functions to reduce the amount of time it takes to create a web application and to assist in the construction of web applications that are more secure and scalable.

Over 77.6 percent of all websites that are known to utilize server-side programming still make use of PHP in some capacity.


Even though there are many PHP frameworks available in the market,

such as Symfony, Yii, Codeigniter, CakePHP, and Phalcon, among others,

Laravel has remained in the top spot on the list of the best MVC-based PHP frameworks.

This is because it offers web developers simplicity and flexibility in their work.


In this blog post, we will discuss the advantages of the Laravel framework, and based on that,

we will be able to conclude why it is the best choice. You will also be introduced to the top Web App Development Agency in Texas


Brief History of Laravel Framework 

Taylor Otwell is the one who engineered the idea for the Laravel framework,

and his primary goal in developing it was to assist website developers in simplifying and improving their complicated coding.

The Symfony component library served as the foundation for Laravel;

however, Laravel simplifies many routinely carried out tasks, such as routing, authentication, sessions, caching, and others.

This enables developers to concentrate on constructing those aspects of the app that are connected to the company's operations.


Reasons for Laravel's upper hand in web-apps Development

Many people are curious about the factors contributing to Laravel's status as the finest framework and its widespread adoption among developers.

The only reasonable explanation is that they value tranquility in their work on web application development, and Laravel offers much more than that.

The fact that it is so user-friendly and of high quality has undoubtedly contributed to its immense popularity.

However, utilizing such a well-known framework also opens the way for additional advantages.


During the Development of Laravel, problems with various other PHP frameworks have been thoroughly investigated,

addressed, and verified to an extraordinary degree.

Regarding testing, remember that the PHP Laravel framework already includes testing as part of its core functionality.

This ensures that your online application is free from any errors.


Let's discuss a few advantages in detail: 

The maintenance of websites built on Laravel is easier.

The complexity or size of a website does not impact how simple it is to maintain a website built in Laravel.

So, after a few years, you want some new features added to your site,

and a new developer can straightaway begin from where the previous developer stopped working.

This is because your site has been built in such a way that it is easy to add new features.

The ease with which a site written in Laravel can be maintained over time is a direct result of the excellent features offered by the framework,

including support for clean code, an MVC architecture (which divides presentation from functionality), and built-in features.


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Mail integration feature

The SwiftMailer library that comes packaged with Laravel is a highly potent male integration framework that can be utilized to simplify mail API configuration for individual accounts.

In addition to its built-in library, Laravel enables the transmission of emails and notifications via several different channels.

It also provides drivers for several local and cloud-based email services, including SMTP, Mandrill, Amazon SES, and PHP mail functions.


Automation Testing 

The excellent testing support provided by the Laravel Framework is one of the substantial benefits of this framework.

If you don't put a web application through extensive testing,

there's no way to know that it satisfies the original requirements or is free of bugs.

The Laravel framework offers assistance for automation testing,

which makes testing an application more efficient while ensuring that your web application functions properly.

It provides straightforward methods for simulating users' fundamental actions

(such as submitting requests, examining outputs, and clicking on forms), enabling you to perform descriptive testing on your application.


You can test each component or module of your application using the unit testing capability of the PHP Laravel framework.

This helps to guarantee that the integrated application functions effectively when all the components are combined.

This results in web applications that function well and have optimized code for the web.


Optimized traffic controller 

Managing application traffic becomes increasingly tricky as its usage becomes more widespread.

The current state of affairs is as follows: current state of affairs is as follows:

the more traffic a web app receives, the more request numbers it should deal with each second.

It indicates that the hosting of the web application will be subject to an expensive price tag

or even that the website server will cease functioning, which will result in the loss of data.

You cannot possibly want to imagine putting yourself in such a predicament, can you?


A message processing system supports the load-balancing capabilities of the PHP Laravel Framework.

Along with assisting in efficient traffic management, the method makes keeping a web server in good health more accessible.

One of the many advantages of using Laravel is that it ensures the continued good health of a web server.

The Laravel queue service offers a unified application programming interface (API) that works with various queue backends.

Queues enable you to postpone processing work that takes a significant amount of time,

such as sending an email, which significantly accelerates the speed at which your application responds to web requests.


Secured web applications

Most businesses' primary focus is on enhancing their level of security.

Laravel makes installing advanced security features on any website simple, enhancing site protection and making it more difficult for hackers to access sites.

To get into the nitty-gritty of things, Laravel employs the Bcrypt hashing algorithm, meaning it does not store passwords anywhere in the database.


Developers can find solutions to the most significant security issues, such as cross-site scripting, query spoofing, and SQL injection, with the help of Laravel.

As a secure framework, Laravel protects developers to code and helps resolve security vulnerabilities and technical issues before deployment.


No Technical Vulnerabilities 

"Security Vulnerabilities" refers to something that occurs concurrently with developing websites.

According to a study conducted by the OWASP Foundation, the most severe threats to the security of web applications include SQL injection,

cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripting, among other threats.

As you progress in the software development lifecycle, the time and money required to patch these vulnerabilities will increase significantly. (SDLC).

The following graph illustrates how increased security vulnerabilities lead to increased costs.


According to the reports, removing vulnerabilities during the post-production phase costs thirty times more than during the design,

requirement identification, and architecture stages.

Laravel is the only framework to protect your web application from the three most dangerous attacks:

cross-site request forgery, SQL injection, and scripting.

When it comes to security, there is no other framework that can compete with Laravel.

Therefore, why should you use the Laravel Framework?

Because it is highly secure and does not let any malicious activities or security threats into the web app.

This straightforwardly denotes that Laravel offers your PHP web program the highest possible level of safety.


Some of the famous websites built on the Laravel framework: 

1. The New York Times 

2. Invoice Ninja 

3. MyRank 

4. Barchart 

5. Alison 

6. Disney+ Hotstar



Having discussed many advantages of Laravel,

we can conclude that the Laravel framework is the best for content management systems and e-commerce websites.

For complex applications, this is the most suitable platform.

You can contact us at SilverXis to hire skilled Laravel developers with 8-10 years of experience working as developers.

This framework has been on the market for over a decade,

more than a million projects have been created, and several hundred thousand developers have worked on and with the system;

it has proven reliable.

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