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What is the procedure to resell a mobile phone legally?

Whenever we decide to sell phones, there are big things we need to consider. However, on a legal basis, we are bound to sell old mobile phones, if we own them.

If you have the rights to the device and the original invoice offered, you can go further. There are no Hard and fast rules that any seller has to follow.

You only have to be honest, and you have to be on the device that you are looking to sell. However, so many people learn to sell the old phone as it benefits them.

You must know when to sell the phone for the best possible amount against it. 


Here Are Some points that you must note before you sell an old phone 

There is no set of rules you must follow while every cell is an old phone you have used for a long time.

However, these are some points you might keep in mind, and they might also prove helpful for you while you sell a used phone. 


1. Research average market value 

You must know the average market value of your mobile phone depending on its brand and conditions.

When you buy your mobile phone, the price might be different, and now as electronic devices are appreciated, the price is different.

However, it would help if you researched the device and brand a lot.

There’s a need to maintain the external and internal conditions to get a reasonable price against it.

When you sell an old phone online, there are chances you will get good deals as the exposure is more significant than what is received offline. 


2. Back up the data from your old phone 

This is an essential step that you must follow. As you will have so much data, which will include photos, videos, audio, or any other files or documents.

You will need to transfer this data from one device to another. That is why it is advised that you always back up the data on your phone and keep it in another secure place.

You can move or transfer or copy the data to another device so that you can upload this data on the new mobile phone you buy.

Backing up the data before giving away a mobile phone to someone else is the central point, as you want the data to be recovered. 


3. Factory reset the device 

Factory resetting or formatting a device is easy and can be performed by oneself. This can be done on Android as well as any iOS device.

The backup point is mentioned before the factory reset point, as it must be clear to you that if you factory reset first, you will never be able to retrieve any data.

That is why it is advised that when you sell the old phone, you must back up the data first and only then go for the factory reset step. 


4. Sell it with a genuine website 

Everyone wants a good deal on a used phone. However, how will you get a good deal for your used phone?

Here’s the trick. You will have to sign up with a simple website that will help you sell old phones online,

and this is one of the most basic yet popular ways today to get rid of your old phone. 

Roles help you to carry out the process in an easy way. Suppose the website has professionals working on it.

You must research the website that you are deciding to sell your old phone for. This will help you to crack a good deal against your old phone and earn some feasible amount against it. 


5. Take off the Sim card and memory Card 

Today we have dual Sim card phones. Usually, not all SIM cards are inserted physically. There are also eSIM cards.

You must remember to take off the Sim cards, put in the new mobile phone, and re-register your eSIM card on your new device.

Also, the memory card that holds so many files or images must be taken off as it has your confidential data. 


Sell mobile phones online with Quick mobile. 

Quick mobile is one website that will help you sell all phones online. It has a transparent and online process with the experts on board.

The experts will guide you through the process and derive a reasonable price for your device, depending on its condition and brand value.

All you have to do is give a detailed description of your device. 

With the help of the description provided, experts can analyze the device's condition.

The best part is that the seller can also provide me with the desired quotation they think the mobile phone deserves depending on other factors. 

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