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EAC TR CU Certification

What will this certificate give me?

If you want to produce and sell your products in the Single Economic Space, you need this certificate. Without it, you will not have the right to do so.

It is issued only after the successful completion of all tests.

We are happy to assist you with these materials and relieve you of some of your responsibilities. We expect only the necessary documents from you.

A pleasant bonus for you will be that you can pay for the work after it is completely prepared.

The seller must have a permit to produce issued after the inspection and execution of the certificate of conformity.

The vendor will be held administratively accountable in the absence of such permission.

How can I get a certificate?

To certify your production, you need to contact organizations designed to provide advice and support in certification, which must be accredited.

It is impossible to say precisely how long it will take since everything is individual. However, you can contact our staff for more information.


Where can I get a certificate?

You can get a certificate from organizations that provide advice and support in certification matters.

For example, in our organization. All you need to do is deliver specific documents to us. Then you completely trust our staff, who do all the work for you. Stages of certificate issuance.

You may come across different certification schemes, but some items are the same. Among them:

  1. Preparation of documents.
  2. Conducting research in the laboratory.
  3. Submission of application for certification.
  4. Submission of docs to certified center.
  5. Checking documents.
  6. Drawing up a certificate.

But if it turns out that you have provided incorrect information or you do not have the test results, then this document will be considered invalid.

Research results are valid if they were carried out in a testing center.

Ways to get an EAC certification

Ways to get an EAC certificate https://mastcert.com/tr-cu-certification/ are different.

The volume of products you sell affects which one of the 9 schemes might work for you. Our staff will advise you if you are interested in the nuances of each scheme.

How long will my EAC certificate be valid?

It varies. It depends on many individual parameters of your products. After it expires, you must get an EAC certification again.

Necessary documents

  • Application
  • Company details
  • Scanned copies of constituent documents
  • Technical passport


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eac tr cu certificate

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