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Best Enamel Pin Manufacturers & Suppliers in the USA - [ No Minimum + Low Cost ] 

1. GS-JJ.com

GS-JJ belongs to one of the largest manufacturers of promotional gift products in China. It has been engaged in the production of promotional gift products for over 20 years. 


The price is low, the custom pin variety is large, and the delivery is on time. There are customer self-service web design functions, and designers help you design. This company has a rush service.

Price: As low as $0.343/pc

MOQ: Custom lapel pins, no minimum

Design: Free design, unlimited modification, and design tools.

Shipping: Free Shipping to US/Canada/UK/Australia...

Product Type: Lapel pins / Baseball trading pins / Race Medals Custom / Embroidered patches/ Lanyards / Challenge Coins / Belt buckles /Ornaments / Key chains / Wristbands......


2. EnamelPins.com

The advantage of this Enamel Pins website is that it has cheap custom pins, which are cheaper than other products.


The delivery is fast. The most important thing is that this website has website design online tools, and you can try customizing pins yourself.

Price: As low as:$0.282 /pc

MOQ: Custom lapel pins, no minimum

Design: Free design, unlimited modification, and design tools.

Shipping: Free Shipping to US/Canada/UK/Australia

Product Type: Custom hard enamel pins/ Custom soft enamel pins


3. Pins.US

Pins.us specializes in custom pins such as enamel and button pins. 

Expanding its online service beyond stock orders to include custom pins, Pins.us remains close to its customers - oriented service and top-notch products. 


Pins.us brings together more than 20 years of experience and a rich manufacturing history; currently, its markets are all over the US, UK, Canada, and other European countries.

On-time delivery service and competitive prices provide customized pins to customers.

Price: As low as $0.282 /pc

MOQ: Custom Pins No Minimum

Design: Free design, unlimited modification, and design tools.

Shipping fee: FREE Shipping to /the United Kingdom /Canada /Australia/ etc...

Product Category: Custom Pins//Button Pins/Acrylic Pins/Wood Pins


4. PinBadges.co

Free air shipping to all custom pin badge orders with fast delivery.

Free inquiry of order status, easy ordering through an automatic quotation system, free design, and revision by professional designers.

pinbadges-best-enamel-pin-badges and button-badges-manufacturers-in-usa

The shape of these pin badges is generally limited; you can choose from the different shapes they offer.

Price: As low as $0.27 /pc

MOQ: Custom lapel pins, no minimum

Design: Free design, unlimited modification, and design tools.

Shipping fee: FREE Shipping to /the United Kingdom /Canada /Australia/ etc...

Product Category: Enamel Pin Badges/Button Badge


5. Your Stuff Made

Your Stuff Made is your pin manufacturer for an unbeatable combination of ethical production, top-notch quality at a low price, and excellent local customer service in the US, AU, UK, PH, and CN.


Backed by over 300 5-star reviews and being recommended by Indiegogo, Your Stuff Made has proven itself as a trusted and reputable manufacturer in the industry.

Price: As low as $0.321/pc – get free quotes

MOQ: no minimum 

Design: Free mockup, unlimited modification, free design templatesfree product guides, and design tools

Shipping fee: Free safe and tracked shipping worldwide

Product type: Enamel pins, medals, coins, apparel, stationery products, and gift packages.

Make PinsGet SupportBook a live meeting.


6. Pinlord

Pinlord should be your go-to pin manufacturer. With over 100k pin maker followers on Instagram, they are the largest pin community, offering valuable industry experience and connections. 

Additionally, they provide sales opportunities through community features, allowing you to showcase your pins to a broad audience and boost your business. 

Trust Pinlord as your pin manufacturer and benefit from their industry influence, ethical approach, shared passion, and promotional support.


Price: As low as $0.341/pc 

MOQ: no minimum 

Design: Free mockup, unlimited modification, free design templatesfree product guides, and design tools

Shipping fee: Free tracked shipping worldwide

Product type: Enamel pins, keychains, washi tape, earrings, necklaces, patches, and stickers.

Make PinsGet SupportBook a live meeting.


7. Good Band Merch

Good Band Merch stands out with its excellent 24/7 local customer service in the US, AU, UK, PH, and CN, and you can expect reliable and prompt support throughout your collaboration.

custom enamel pins manufacturer in usaIf you require pins for events, they offer exceptional event merch packages catering to your specific requirements.

Price: As low as $0.36/pc 

MOQ: no minimum 

Design: Free mockup, unlimited modification, free design templatesfree product guides, and design tools

Shipping fee: Free tracked shipping worldwide

Product type: Enamel pins, medals, coins, apparel, guitar picks, promotional products, and event packages.

Make PinsGet SupportBook a live meeting.


8. Ethically Produced:

Ethically Produced is deeply committed to maintaining ethical practices throughout its manufacturing processes. They prioritize transparency, fair labor, and sustainable sourcing, ensuring your pins are produced responsibly. 


Moreover, Ethical Produced can assist your business in obtaining ethical certification, further showcasing your commitment to ethical production. By partnering with them, you and your customers can take pride knowing that your pins are made ethically. 

Ethical MissionGet Support Get Ethically Produced Certified for free Find an ethical manufacturer.


9. A-B Emblem:

Perhaps, A-B Emblem is one of the best enamel pin manufacturers & suppliers in the USA that took the stage in 1963 in Weaverville, NC!

Today, after 59 years of efforts & innovations, the company can retain annual sales of nearly 10 to 25 million dollars. 

They produce & supply custom hard & soft enamel pins, embroidery patches, badges, logos, crests, insignia, and more. 

But what makes them more significant are the top-quality background fabrics, laminated backings, and unique pin patterns you have never seen before.

So, are you ready to get the perfect solutions for your retail gift stores? 

Prices: Depends on Quantity & Delivery time. The higher the quantity & more time, the lower the price! 

Design: Free designs with unlimited modifications. 

Shipping Fee: Free for shipping in North Carolina; otherwise, taxes & delivery charges may stand applicable. 

Product Category: Enamel Pins, Custom Pins, Badges, Medals, Embroidery Pins, & Screen-printed Pins. 


10. PinMart:

Another of the best enamel pin manufacturers & suppliers in the USA, offering assorted lapel pins since 1964, is undoubtedly PinMart, located in Elk Grove Village, IL.

Now, they reserve 2 million varieties of lapel pins, thereby making yearly sales of about 5 million dollars! 

PinMart holds the credit of affordable pricing and precise customization on each product, be it a 3D cast pin, vibrant patches & badges, or unique lanyards!

They use a multi-layered embossed print technique to deliver their top-notch products and can even make wood pins on request.

So, if you are looking for top-of-the-line enamel pins to accessorize your fashion & lifestyle products, they shall undoubtedly serve right! 

Prices: Depends on the customization & quantity. However, you can avail of 15% off. 

Design: Free Designs with utmost improvisation. 

Shipping Fee: Free for Shipping at Illinois and nearby States and otherwise charges applicable. 

Product Category: Enamel Pins, Custom Pins, Wooden Pins, 3D Cast Pins, Laser Itched Pins.


11. The Pin People:

The Pin People are one of the leading enamel hard & soft pin manufacturers to sit at the heart of Montvale, New Jersey, since 2000.

Here, you can get a diverse range of enamel pins, such as Ebola pins, Photo Dome Pins, Deluxe Dye Struck Pins, and many more. 

You can always try out the unique-patterned ready-to-ship enamel pins to add extra grandeur to your social activity or religious products!

These pins sum their 5 million dollars in sales in a year. 

However, if custom artwork over a bunch of pins is your call, a team of expert designers that the company possesses shall begin their play!

How the company name stands sufficed, indeed! 

Price: Affordable but depends on the extent of customization and specific pin type. 

Design: Free designs over every kind of enamel pin, available for broader customization. 

Shipping Fee: Free for all states in the USA. 

Product Category: Enamel Pins, Custom Pins, Hard Enamel Pins, Soft Enamel Pins, Photo Dome Pins, Screen Printed Pins, etc. 


12. Custom Pins:

Whether you want standard hard & soft enamel pins or customized ones anywhere within the USA,

Custom Pins can offer you the perfect deal! They are those enamel pin manufacturers & suppliers in the USA who specializes in making artwork on

Gold pins, Brass pins, Nickle pins, and stainless pins. 

The company lay centered in Rye Brook, New York, for about 33 years since it appeared on the market in 1989, and meanwhile,

such a specialty made them reach the graph of 1 million dollars in yearly sales! You can barely hesitate to derive those enamel pins once you see their collections. 

Price: Reasonable Quotes depending on the quantity, pin type, and artwork. 

Design: Freestyle, flexible for customization. 

Shipping Fee: Free Shipping in the USA. 

Product Category: Enamel Pins, Custom Pins, Century Hard Enamel Pins, Die Struck Pins, Stamped Soft Enamel Pins, Printed Pins.


People also ask:

1. What is an enamel pin, and what are its specific classifications?

A. Hard Enamel Pins:

They go by the name Cloisonné Pins as well. They evoke notions of durability and jewelry attributes. They are made of die-struck metal. Additionally, the metals are manually painted with vital enamel paints.

The enamel-colored pins are heated first, then polished. The surfaces of the finished items are smooth.

-Smooth and bright finish

-Vivid, vibrant colors

-More Expensive

-Most Robust

-Multiple Plating Choices

Best Uses: The personalized hard enamel pins may be worn for employee appreciation, corporate branding, and during conventions and trade shows.


B. Soft Enamel Pins:

They also go by the name Embossed Pins. The full-color options for soft enamel lapel pins are the same as those for hard enamel pins.

The enamel colors are recessed areas, and their metal lines are somewhat elevated, which gives the die-struck pins an intriguing look of layering.

-Flexible and textured

-Colorful and detailed

-More affordable

-Flexible and textured

Best Uses: Schools, businesses, military groups, and associations can use the personalized soft enamel pins to identify and advertise themselves.


2. How To Make Enamel Pins?

It's not as difficult as you may imagine. Having a pin concept in mind is the first step in creating enamel lapel pins. Using the suggestions, one of our talented enamel pin designers will create a unique personalized pin.

The last phase is production-ready at the enamel pin manufacturer once all of the digital proofs of the design have been approved.

Making a mold based on the pin design is the first stage in the manufacture of enamel pins, and this mold is then used to create all of the pins.

The completed metal is polished, the packing is examined, and accessories, electroplating, coloring, and baking are applied.

The other video resources will be beneficial for creating your enamel pins and selling enamel pins.



1. What is the standard cost of a custom enamel pin in the USA? 

Answer: A custom enamel pin can cost around 0.61 to 3.48 dollars in the USA. 

Q.2. Why are custom enamel pins expensive? 

Answer: Custom enamel pins are expensive because you need enormous effort to create a mold of the definite email pins as per the custom shape and then add colors & artistic values to it.

The mold production is so costly that the manufacturer can help keep a lower cost for a single pin. However, they will likely go cheaper than expected when you order bulk. 

Q.3. Can custom enamel pins be made in the USA? 

Answer: Of course, it can be made in the USA or anywhere else; on the globe. All you need to have are a place to build & retain a factory, the latest technologies, and a group of skilled employees. 

Q.4. Are the enamel pin manufacturers shifting more to digital platforms? 

Answer: Yes. Following the COVID'19 pandemic and the emergence of extensive digitalization, enamel pin manufacturers are shifting more toward digital businesses.

The digital platforms not just help them reach a wider audience but can also make them reduce the cost of hiring suppliers and emerge as a brand.

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