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Where is Cricket Most Popular? Why Cricket is Most Popular in India?

Cricket holds one of the largest fan bases globally. Cricket is one of the earliest known games in sports history. India is the most famous cricketing nation in the world. Cricket has become part of India's culture. Though complex, the young and elderly adore this sport and never miss a chance to watch it.

Cricketing in India began in the early 17th century. It has gradually grown to become a recreational sport for all in India. There are several reasons why India is most famous cricketing nation. This article will help you identify why cricket is most prevalent in India.

Why Cricket is Most Popular in India?

Colonial Background

Most countries colonized by the British play cricket. The Imperialists used it as a form of oppression and discrimination. Being great in the sport was a way to reclaim power from them. Though many commonwealth nations play the sport, India has dominated the cricketing space globally.

Career Path

Cricketing is considered a highly lucrative career in India. Indian cricketers bag millions of crones as they take their way home. They display the most lavish lifestyles. From high-end cars to private jets and luxury homes to classy wardrobe pieces, Indian cricket stars have it all.  

Indian cricket stars can also play for foreign teams, which translates to even higher pay. This lifestyle appeals to the younger generation hence the growing popularity as many seek to pursue cricket as a career.

Cricketing Academies

The presence of many Cricketing Academies in India has also helped nurture the love for the sport. Individuals can seek expert training from coaches in the field to become professionals. Many of these academies have affiliations with cricket stars or have been started by them.

A great example is the M.S. Dhoni cricket academy, where Dhoni is a mentor. It is an excellent avenue for ambitious, upcoming cricket stars to perfect and grows their skillset. These cricket academies have played a significant role in making cricket in India popular.


Cricket in India enjoys excellent viewership. This has created an avenue for many world-class brands to advertise and market their products. This comes in the form of sponsorships and brand deals. Brands such as PUMA, Castrol, and USHA are some of the elite brands that have propelled the growth of cricketing in India.

The Indian Premier League also offers a platform for many companies to advertise. They enjoy great sponsorship deals in return.

Cricket scores the most significant sponsorship opportunities in India hence its popularity against other sports played in the country. Many argue that, this is one of the reasons why other sports in India do not perform well.


Sporting leagues are among the top ways to rile up support for a particular game. The BCCI, India's cricket governing body, has heavily invested in domestic league tournaments to promote the sport.

From the Ranji Trophy to the Deodhar Trophy, the Duleep Trophy to the Vijay Hazare trophy, these tournaments have shone the spotlight on Indian cricket.

The BCCI tournaments play a significant role in exciting the cricket sport in India. It creates more interest in the sport leading to widespread popularity. Tournaments will have everyone talking about the sport. This is the primary goal of cricket tournaments in India.


One of the significant contributing factors to Cricket's huge popularity in India is the country's huge population. The large fan base is bound to influence others to love the sport.

Even if only 30% of India's population hailed the sport, that is a significant number against other countries' populations. This is because 50% in South Africa, though higher, equates to a lower number of people compared to 30% in India.

Cricket Betting

Sports betting has become very popular recently, and cricket has not been left behind. Cricket betting can be addictive and has influenced many to love the sport. Cricket betting is hassle-free compared to other sport betting.

It is simple to play and accessible to all. Cricket betting requires you to follow up on matches closely, which skyrockets the growing popularity of cricket in India. This is a cycle that is hard to beat.

Affordability and Versatility

Cricketing in India does not call for expensive sports gear, unlike other sports. This can also be played on the street or in the park. Cricket makes it an easy choice for many youngsters because the game is not capital-intensive.

Although this depends on the level and type of cricket game you are playing, many forms can be played outside designated spaces.


India has a hard-lined cricket rivalry with countries such as Pakistan and Australia. Games between these countries are known to boost viewership globally as they are highly entertaining.

The pressure and expectations between the battling team are usually intense. This rivalry and high stakes in the matches have helped to increase cricket's popularity in India.

Media Coverage

Media in India places excellent emphasis on cricket. All cricket matches, and events are sure to be scheduled and televised without fail. Print media also always publishes news relating to the cricket fraternity.

All cricketing events enjoy massive marketing platforms and advertisements on mainstream media in India. Besides scaling their revenue through investor funding, the cricketing sport has gained popularity due to the high media coverage. It is a win-win collaborative, and profitable tool for all parties involved.

Final Thoughts

Cricket in India enjoys the most extensive viewership globally. The passion and craze that Indians display for the sport are unmatched. The fact that the Cricket can be played anywhere and by anyone, regardless of age, is consistent throughout the nation.

The citizen's unwavering support for the Indian national team has also helped boost the game's popularity in the nation. India is the undisputed contender for the world's most popular cricketing destination.

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