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How do I Certify a True Copy in Dubai and UAE?

A certified true copy is a paper signed and stamped by a lawyer attesting that it is a "True Copy" of the original document.

Government agencies, embassies, consulates, banks, and other private entities often demand true copy attestation for papers, including passports, DEWA/utility bills, and employment letters.

What are True copy attestations in Dubai and the rest of the UAE?

The signature and seal authorizing the attorney to appear on any document verified as duplicating the original.

For instance, a genuine copy of a passport is a photocopy of the original passport (often the page with the image) that bears the signature and seal of an attorney certifying the copy's validity.

In certain instances, if there is a written directive or mandate from the institution requiring the actual copy, the attorney may write precise phrasing verifying the true copy.

The purpose of True Copy Attestation in Dubai

Several government agencies, consulates, embassies, and private organizations across the globe often want the certification before they are willing to accept and believe copies of original documents for activities that the document owner wants.

The verification of documents must thus include a true copy attestation.

Our clients in Dubai and the rest of the UAE often ask for true certified copies of passports, utility bills, and other documents to meet the needs of foreign parties and government agencies in the following circumstances:

1. For Immigration to several nations

2. Establishing many other kinds of businesses, not only offshore ones, globally.

3. Sales and purchases of real estate.

4. Creating an offshore bank account.

5. Submitting paperwork to courts all across the globe as part of the legal procedure.

All across the globe, government agencies, consulates, and embassies have confidence in the lawyers who perform certification services for us.

True Copy Attestation vs. Notary Public

Many individuals wrongly believe that attestation and notarization of documents are the same in legal proceedings.

We often get inquiries from customers asking for the papers to be notarized. Indeed, mixing the two is a typical blunder or misunderstanding. In actuality, they vary from one another in several ways.

True Copy Attestation in Dubai

True copies of the papers are necessary if the originals cannot be provided.

In Dubai and the rest of the UAE, a lawyer certifies a document as a genuine copy and states, "I confirm that this document is a genuine and accurate copy of the original, and after cross-checking the original, I sign and stamp the photocopies."

The most prevalent papers in the UAE that need true copy attestations are passports, electricity bills/DEWA bills, and job certificates.

Papers signed by a lawyer are required for several transactions, such as establishing a bank account, applying for a visa, forming a business, and purchasing or selling real estate.

A legitimate passport copy is often necessary for transactions in the UAE. Opening bank accounts, forming businesses, applying for Immigration, and transferring property are a few examples of these transactions.

You must physically see the attorney for them to confirm that the passport picture accurately represents you before they can issue the actual copy.

Notary Public Attestation

A notary public may also certify a document. A document is notarized when a notary public observes its signature and confirms its validity. Only a notary public is authorized to do this operation.

The notary public in the UAE notarizes papers like powers of attorney, signatures, memoranda of association, and certain kinds of affidavits. Draft materials must be translated into Arabic or written in Arabic and English.

Unfortunately, the notary public does not provide authentic copies of papers like utility bills and passports. Some nations, such as the UAE, do not need the notary public to sign the document and affix the notary seal.

The paper is signed, stamped, and the UAE's notary public adds other information about the notary.

How may Notary Public Dubai assist you with True Copy Attestation?

A team of attestation specialists at Notary Public Dubai has over three decades of expertise, offering high-quality attestation services. The true copy attestation procedure varies based on the client's requirements. However, the following are the common steps:

1. Making duplicates of the original document being presented;

2. Confirmation of the authentic copy attestation procedure with authorities;

3. Before marking papers as genuine copies, submission of original documents and copies to relevant authorities (depending on the necessity);

4. Copies of original papers should be signed or sealed, along with a notation on the original documents' verification procedure.

5. Processing of attestation with several federal agencies

Green cards, passports, and similar papers must be verified and confirmed for most legal operations, notably in the UAE. Attested certified copies are often also needed for birth certificates, marriage certificates, and business papers.

To assist with the certified true copy and attestation of authentic copies of documents for use in the UAE, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Hungary, India, Pakistan, and Egypt, among other countries, the notary team has associated with various law firms in more than 80 jurisdictions worldwide.

They can take care of the genuine copy attestation for your document on your behalf to save you time!

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