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Best Shopping Malls in Tampa, Florida for shopping, food, entertainment, movies

Tampa is a stunning and gorgeous city on Tampa Bay, along the Gulf Coast of Florida. It is a huge business hub and is home to many cultural places. It has several great museums to connect you with history and past lives. This extremely beautiful and fascinating city has many things and many remarkable shopping malls to shop from.

Some of the great shopping malls in the Tampa region are listed below:

1. University Mall
2. Westshore Plaza
3. International Plaza and Bay street
4. Westfield Citrus Park

Best Malls in Tampa Sub-urbs:

1. Westfield Brandon

Best Shopping Center in Tampa:

1. Centro Ybor
2. Hyde Park Village
3. Britton Plaza

Best Shopping Malls in Tampa, Florida for shopping, food, entertainment, movies

1. University Mall, Tampa

University Mall aka the University Square Mall is 46 years old, built in 1974, and still, the best shopping mall in Tampa as it was earlier with an area of 1,300,000 square feet. 

University Mall has a stunning structural design and even more wonderful interior designs that lure you in. It is the best place to shop from huge options of 160+ choices in their stores from reputed and well-known brands. They give wholesome time of shopping to all their customers. 

All the high-end restaurants serve dishes that are worth every single penny. This mall is the most fun stop around the area with its different fun activities. 

They have many fun things planned for everyone, both the adults and the kids. The movie theatre is of the finest quality and provides the best service. So whenever in this area be sure to visit this one of the best shopping malls in Tampa Florida. 

Location: 2200 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33612, United States 
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Mall Timings: Mon to Sat (11 am to 7:00 pm), Sun (12 to 6 pm)
Best for: Shopping, Dining, Movies (Studio Movie Grill), and Entertainment
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Nearby Shopping Center: La Place Shopping Centre, 2.4 km 

2. Westshore Plaza, Tampa

WestShore Plaza opened in September 1967 is still one of the best shopping malls in Tampa Fl with an area of about 1,059,525 square feet. This best outlet mall in Tampa has a magnificent structure and vibes for a fine shopping trip. 

They offer more than 110 shops and services to choose from and shop from. They have the best brands both national and international that are unavailable in the close-by area. 

The upscale restaurants and diners in this beautiful mall serve really tasty food. The tasty and delectable snacks chase away the tiredness of shopping. The movie theatre and the entertainment options here are incredulous making it the perfect destination to enjoy and chill out.  

This one of the best malls in Tampa is well known for its outstanding services. You should visit this great shopping mall to have the most fun-filled day and you most definitely won’t be disappointed. 

Location: 250 Westshore Plaza, Tampa, FL 33609, United States
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Mall Timings: Monday -Thursday (11 am - 8:00 pm), Friday – Saturday (11 am - 8 pm), Sunday (12 pm - 6 pm)
Best for: Shopping, Dining, Movies (AMC West Shore 14), and Entertainment
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Nearby Mall: International Plaza and Bay street, 2.4 km


3. International Plaza and Bay Street

International Plaza and Bay Street is the best mall in Tampa. It was opened in September 2014 with a total retail area of 1,253,000 square feet, making it also one of the largest malls in Tampa. It is an incredible mall that gives you experience like never before.

From shopping to entertainment they have everything covered for a wholesome time. They have a fantastic ambiance for a perfect shopping spree with more than 200 stores and services from various local and international brands. They also have a vast parking space that no doubt makes this whole experience smooth and trouble-free. 

This gorgeous and top mall of Tampa serves the best food that is not be missed at all. On top of all this, they have entertainment options such as movies and bowling alleys. This best shopping mall in Tampa, Florida undoubtedly is the best go-to place for a fun weekend or even weekday.   

Location: 2223 N Westshore Blvd, Tampa, FL 33607, United States 
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Mall Timings: Monday – Thursday (11 am - 8:00 pm), Friday – Saturday (11 am - 9 pm), Sunday (11 am - 6 pm)
Best for: Shopping, Dining, Movies (Cinemax) and Entertainment 
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Nearby Mall: Westshore Plaza, 2.4 km 

4. Westfield Citrus Park

Westfield Citrus Park also known as Citrus Park Town Center is the famous and top outlet mall in Tampa, Florida. It was opened in March 1999 and has a huge area of 1.0 million square feet, making this wonderful mall also one of the largest malls in Tampa. 

With more than 200 stores providing the best and finest services to customers this mall is the most impressive and preferred option for shopping always. It has many stores that are not available in the whole town, making it the perfect spot to shop for everything. Along with a superb shopping experience, they also have the tastiest food. This shopping mall has many authentic dishes that taste just wonderful. 

The cinemas here are extremely comfortable and relaxing to make the movie time remarkably comfy. The entertainment options here both for adults and kids are extremely exciting and fantastic. Above all best services had made Westfield citrus Park one the best shopping malls in Tampa Fl. 

Location: Town Center, 8021 Citrus Park, Tampa, FL 33625, United States 

Direction: Go to Map 

Mall Timings: Monday – Thursday (11 am - 7:00 pm), Friday – Saturday (10 am - 8 pm), Sunday (12 pm - 6 pm)

Best for: Shopping, Dining, Movies (Regal cinema) and Entertainment 

Website: Go to Mall Website

Nearby Shopping Center: Westchase Town Centre, 4.2 km 

Best malls in Sub-urbs 

1. Westfield Brandon 

Westfield Brandon is also known as Brandon Town Center, is one of the largest malls in the Tampa area with a large area of 1,100,000 square feet. It was opened in 1995 and since then it is an artistic structure. The grandness of this mall could be felt with its structure and its outstanding services. 

The extremely creative and astonishing interior designing of the mall is truly magical. The shopping experience here is purely joyous and is completely worthy. It has 250+ stores from reputed and renowned stores from both Regional and International brands to shop from. This mall provides the best shopping experience with its innumerable range of shops. 

All the exceptional restaurants here have foods and dishes that are tasty beyond imagination. One could grab a quick bite during shopping or even have a full meal this mall offers a solution for everything. The entertainment and fun options are also truly mystical and fun-filled.  

Westfield Brandon is most certainly one of the best malls in Tampa and should be visited to spend an incredibly great day filled with peace and relaxation. 

Location: 459 Brandon Town Center Dr, Brandon, FL 33511, United States 
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Timings: Monday – Thursday (11 am - 8:00 pm), Friday – Saturday (10 am - 9 pm), Sunday (11 am - 6 pm)
Best for: Shopping, Dining, Movies (AMC the Regency 20 cinema) and Entertainment 
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Nearby Attraction for Entertainment: Town Centre Mall, 500 m 

Best Shopping Center in Tampa

1. Centro Ybor

Centro Ybor, located in the heart of the town was built in October 2000 in a very large 241,826 square feet of area. It is one of the largest shopping centers in Tampa and has solutions for everything from shopping, dining to entertainment. 

This fabulous 2-floor shopping center has over 20 retailers and multiple authentic food outlets. It also has a 10 screen movie theatre, bars, and even stores and offices. 

They have a cool and fun atmosphere that brings a smile to your face. With numerous branded stores and designer boutiques and high-end stores, this is the perfect spot for great shopping. 

All the upscale and well-reputed restaurants have unbeatable dishes and food. The mouthwatering food here just makes the whole time here more wonderful. You could also watch a movie here in their 10 screen cinemas which offer a fantastic time. 

Besides all this, this super call and one of the top malls in Tampa do have many entertaining and fun activities planned for all the customers. Undoubtedly this is the most fun and one of the best outlet shopping centers in Tampa that oozes happiness and glee. 

Location: 1600 E 8th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605, United States
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Timings: Monday – Saturday (10 am – 10 pm), Sunday (11 am - 7 pm)
Best for: Shopping, Multiple food outlets, 10 screen cinema (AMC cinema), Bar, Stores, Offices & Entertainment
Go to Website 

Nearby Attraction Place: Channelside Bay Plaza, 2.4 km 

2. Hyde Park Village

Hyde Park village is the most stylish open-air shopping center built in a vast area of 265,000 square feet and was opened for the first time in 1985. Still, the ambiance here is just phenomenal making it one of the best shopping centers in Tampa Fl. This place is a picture-perfect blend of regional and international cultures. 

This unique outdoor lifestyle shopping mall is one of the top outlet shopping centers in Tampa. They offer outstanding shopping, dining, and entertainment choices unavailable anywhere nearby. Besides amazing shopping stores of local and international brands, they do have blissful food in their incredible restaurants and diners. The delectable food here tastes perfect and heavenly. 

Along with all these amazing services they have fun zone and movie theatres too. This best shopping center in Tampa do provides a laudable and delightful experience making it one of the first places on your to-do list whenever in Tampa. 

Location: 1602 W Snow Cir, Tampa, FL 33606, United States 
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Timings: Mon to Sun: 10 am to 12 am 
Best for: Shopping, Dining, Movies (Cinebistro cinema) and Entertainment
Go to Website 

Nearby Place for Entertainment: Channelside Plaza, 3.1 km 

3. Britton Plaza 

Britton Plaza was opened in 1956 in a vast space of 522,689 square feet. This open-air shopping center is one of the best shopping centers in Tampa Florida. 

Despite many ups and downs they still offer the best services in the whole area, which are unbeatable. They have magnificent architecture and extremely beautiful decor both outside and inside. 

They are home to many reputed and fabulous branded stores which are unavailable anywhere else in the whole area. The food, from the food court and high-end restaurants, here is the best and is a must-have whenever in the area.

Their excellent entertainment options are the most fun and most amusing. It is one of the largest shopping centers in Tampa Florida due to its amicable ambiance and environment. This remarkable shopping mall needs to be visited. 

Location: 3802-3850 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33629, United States
Direction: Go to Map 
Timings: 8 am to 10 pm 
Best for: Shopping, Dining, Movies (Britton cinema) and Entertainment
Go to Facebook Page 

Nearby Shopping Center: Hyde Park Village, 5.5 km



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People also ask

1. What is the biggest mall in Tampa Florida?

University Mall is one of the biggest malls in Tampa Florida. It is quite a wonderful and fantastic place to spend the perfect day. 

2. What Malls are in Tampa? 

Tampa has many great malls, namely, University mall, Westshore Plaza, International Plaza and Bay Street, Westfield citrus park, and Westfield Brandon. 

3. What is there to do in Tampa? 

Tampa is a really beautiful and lovely town. It is famous for many things but the shopping here is also really recommended. You can shop from the above list of the best malls in Tampa. 

4. Which is the most famous mall in Tampa? 

University mall of Tampa is very famous and quite well-known around the town for its shopping, dining, and entertainment services.



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1. Can You Recommend The Top 5 Places To Eat In Tampa, Florida?

One of the most reliable sources when you're looking to have a filling meal is either Yelp or Google. As these may affirm the top 5 places to eat in Tampa, Florida are – The Ulele, The On Swann, The Edison: Food + Drink Lab, The Columbia Restaurant, and The Mise En Place, among others. Do try them out, as they all have 4.5 star+ ratings.

2. Can You Recommend The Top 5 Places To Lodge In Tampa, Florida?

The top 5 Tampa luxury lodgings with affordable prices are – 1) The Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay, 2) The Epicurean Hotel - Autograph Collection, 3) The JW Marriott Tampa Water Street, 4) The Floridan Palace Hotel, and 5) The Le Méridien Tampa - The Courthouse.

3. Can You Recommend The Top 5 Places Where I Can Eat Foods Native To Tampa, Florida?

The top 5 foods in Tampa, Florida, are Cuban Sandwich, Stone Crab, The Bloomin' Onion, William Dean Chocolates, and Tampa Roll. These are the delicacies that best represent Tampa. So, delve in!

4. Would You Mind Specifying The Top 5 Thrift Stores In Tampa, Florida?

Love saving? The Sunshine Thrift Store, The Community Thrift Store, The Vine Thrift Store, The Bloom Again Thrift Store, and The Spring Boutique are the top 5 thrift stores you should visit to refill your wardrobe.

5. Which Are The Top 5 Incredible Sights To See In Tampa, Florida?

To experience the true essence of Tampa, Florida, you should drop by The Busch Gardens, The Florida Aquarium, The Glazer Children's Museum, The Tampa Theatre, and The Tampa Bay History Center. These make it to the list of top 5 incredible sights to see in Tampa, Florida.

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