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Best Shopping Malls in Richmond, VA for shopping, food, fun & movie with family & friends

Richmond is one of the USA's oldest significant cities, with many historical events and revolutions hidden inside its streets.

Virginia's capital city is best known for its American Revolution sites, such as the famous St. John's Church, Civil War Museum, etc.

However, this great city is undoubtedly filled with many unfounded secrets. This city also has some of the best locations for shopping. So, we have provided you with a list of the best shopping centres and malls in Richmond to do shopping.

 Best Malls in Richmond, VA:

1. Chesterfield Towne Center - Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond

2. Regency Square - 1420 N Parham Rd, Richmond 

3. Short Pump Town Center - 11800 W Broad St, Richmond


Best Shopping Centers in Richmond, VA:

1. Virginia Center Commons-Brook Rd, Glen Allen, Richmond 

2. Willow Lawn- Willow Lawn Dr, Richmond


Best Shopping Malls in Richmond, VA for shopping, food, fun & movie with family & friends

 1. Chesterfield Towne Center 

Chesterfield Towne Center is a luxurious and gracious shopping mall in the heart of Richmond city. This best mall in Richmond, VA has been in operation since 1975.

Not only this gorgeous shopping mall is the epicenter of fashion, but it is also the best outlet mall in Richmond that too with an area of 1,019,193 square feet. The building of this mall is a marvelous creation that is the perfect blend of modern architecture and traditional designs.

This mall is considered among the best outlet malls in Richmond, VA, with over 130 stores and services from the most trustable and quality retailers. The top-notch brands and the designer boutiques found here are extremely rare. With a range of beautiful products for your every need, this mall also has the finest eating arrangements.

You can order various dishes and cuisines from different places in this mall. Numerous food chains, restaurants, hotels, and famous food stalls are confined in this best shopping mall in Richmond, Virginia.

The Entertainment of this mall completes the wholesome experience of your trip here. You can enjoy various games, activities, and other things along with your friends and family in this one of the best shopping malls in Richmond, VA.

Location: Chesterfield Towne Center, 11500 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23235, United States 

Direction: Go to Map

Timings: Monday to Thursday (11 am to 7 pm), Friday to Saturday (11 am to 8 pm), Sunday (12 to 6 pm) 

Contact # +1 804-794-4662 

Website: Chesterfield Towne Center 

Best For: Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment 

Nearby Shopping Center: Robious Hall Shopping Center, 3.6 km 


2. Regency Square 

Regency Square is a high-tech and elegant shopping mall situated in the city of Richmond. The optimum level of comfort and the shopping experience of this mall is unbeatable since 1975.

This mall is an important name in the list of best malls in Richmond, VA. It is spread to quite a large extent of about 820,000 square feet.

This mall comprises some of the most fantastic shopping outlet collections. The scenario of shopping here is undoubtedly one of the favorites of all the lovely shoppers of Richmond.

This best outlet mall in Richmond, VA, has got it all from the top brands, high-quality products, great discounts, latest fashion to the most trustworthy retailers. Not only is this mall a well-known mall in the field of shopping, but this mall is quite famous in great dining places too.

You can find some of the best restaurants and diners of Richmond in this mall. From a quick snack to a full meal in comfort with your loved ones, you can all experience it in this mall.

This mall is often called the best shopping mall in Richmond, VA, for the entertainment activities available for both adults and kids here.

So, you can enjoy all your day without an ounce of boredom and have the most of your day. So, do pay a visit to this best mall in Richmond, Virginia. 

Location: Regency Square, 1420 N Parham Rd, Richmond, VA 23229, United States 

Direction: Go to Map

Timings: Monday to Saturday (11 am to 7 pm), Sunday (12 to 6 pm) 

Contact # +1 804-740-7467 

Website: Regency Mall

Best For: Shopping, Dining, Movies (AMC Regency 24), and Entertainment 

Nearby Shopping Center: Ridge Shopping Center, 600 m 


3. Short Pump Town Center

Short Pump Town Center is a classy and modern urban open-air shopping mall located right in the center of Richmond. Since 2003 this is Richmond's best mall, serving the people walking in here with friendly and appreciable services.

It is quite a big shopping mall in Richmond, Virginia, with 1,200,000 square feet. This shopping mall is among the best places for shopping in Richmond. At least 140+ stores and services are currently open and serving in this gorgeous shopping mall.

You can find all the latest fashion hits to the most essentials in this best shopping mall in Richmond. This shopping mall has got it all to declare it among the best places for a shopping mall in Richmond, VA. 

 Apart from being the most fantastic shopping mall and preferable choice for all the fashionistas, this place also serves some tastiest foods. The food here is utterly delicious and a must-try if you are in close vicinity ever. You can taste all the flavors and different kinds of pleasure while eating the food here. 

This outlet shopping mall in Richmond, VA, has the perfect combination of shopping, eating, and Entertainment. In addition, you can find various entertainment activities and events in this shopping mall, making it a lot more interesting than it seems. So, if you are in Richmond, this shopping mall should be on your priority list to visit. 

Location: Short Pump Town Center, 11800 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23233, United States 

Direction: Go to Map

Timings: Monday to Thursday (11 am to 7 pm), Friday to Saturday (11 am to 8 pm), Sunday (12 to 6 pm) 

Contact # +1 804-364-9500 

Website: Short Pump Town Center

Best For: Shopping, Dining, Movies (Regal Short Pump & IMAX), and Entertainment 

Nearby Shopping Center: The Shoppes at WestGate, 1.8 km 


Best Shopping Centers in Richmond 

1. Virginia Center Commons  

Virginia Center Commons is a charming shopping center of Richmond city that has been in operation since 1991. This shopping center is the perfect combination of high-key fashion products and the tastiest food.

Virginia Center Commons is the best place for shopping in Richmond, with an area of approximately 775,000 square feet. 

This upscale and open-air shopping center is home to many national and international brands with the most trustworthy and loved reputation.

The cheerful and happy vibes of the shopping center are what exactly you dig for while shopping. The great offers you find here are honestly the perk of the shopping center. This shopping center has got some of the tastiest food that is undeniably good and worth every penny.

It is the best place for shopping in Richmond, VA, because of this killer combination of great authentic food and unlimited offers on shopping. Moreover, it provides relief to the hunger monster you will soon grow fond of the food of this place.

Besides, the entertainment options of this place make this shopping center even more lovable. Games, events, and many more activities are available for people of all ages to enjoy together. You can also catch the latest movie in the cinemas here with the perfect view and excellent service. 

Location: Virginia Center Commons, 10101 Brook Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23059, United States 

Direction: Go to Map

Timings: Monday to Saturday (11 am to 7 pm), Sunday (12 to 6 pm) 

Contact # +1 804-266-9002 

Website: Virginia Center Commons

Best For: Shopping, Dining, Movies (Regal Virginia Center), and Entertainment 

Nearby Shopping Center: Creeks at Virginia Center, 1.6 km 


2. Willow Lawn 

Willow Lawn is the shopping center in Richmond, Virginia that has cracked the code to be the most fun shopping center with some of the best quality products. This undeniable best place for shopping in Richmond is there since 1956.

It is quite a big shopping center with a vast space of 441,000 square feet. All the locals love this cozy and lovely shopping center with great enthusiasm. You can find everything from essential items to the most expensive and luxury items in this shopping center without hassle.

It is the perfect spot for shopping in Richmond and for getting in touch with the authenticity of this city. The great diners and eateries of this shopping center have different kinds of dishes from various parts of the world.

The gorgeous eating arrangements of this shopping center are praise-worthy for sure and are loved by everyone who visits them. The taste, presentation, and environment all are of top-class level.

This shopping center also provides the customers with some of the most acceptable entertainment options to enjoy themselves. The various activities and events planned are a great way to spend your weekend with your friends or family. Even watching the latest movie in the high-tech cinemas seems like a great option. 

Location: Willow Lawn, 1601 Willow Lawn Dr, Richmond, VA 23230, United States 

Direction: Go to Map

Timings: Monday to Sunday (9 am to 9 pm) 

Contact # +1 877-265-7417 

Website: Willow Lawn 

Best For: Shopping, Dining, Movies (Cinema Treasures), and Entertainment 

Nearby Shopping Center: Crossroads Shopping Center, 850 m 



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People Also Ask 

1. What is the biggest mall in Richmond? 

Chesterfield Towne Center is the biggest mall in Richmond that was built in 1975 and had an area of 1,019,193 square feet.  

2. What malls are in Richmond? 

Richmond has many malls, but some of the best shopping malls in Richmond are listed above for your convenience. 

3. What's the name of the mall in Richmond? 

Richmond has two very famous malls that are, namely, Chesterfield Town Center and Regency Square. 



Kindly check for the updated timing of the shopping malls/shopping centers on the respective websites. Do not forget to let us know about the activities and features you enjoy in the above mall/shopping centers that you visited.

Also, please share with us other shopping malls/centers in Richmond that we should add to the above list.



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1. Do You Know The Best 5 Places To Eat In Richmond?

The restaurants that usually top the list of top 5 restaurants in Richmond are – The Bookbinder's Seafood & Steakhouse, L’Opossum, The Rappahannock Restaurant, The La Grotta Ristorante, and The Julep’s New Southern Cuisine. Visit for delectable meals!

2. Can You List The Best 5 Places Where I Can Stay In Richmond?

Tourists often prefer hotels that are safe, comfortable, and luxurious. Therefore, the top 5 places to stay in Richmond are The Berkeley Hotel, The Jefferson Hotel, The Westin Richmond, Embassy Suites By Hilton Richmond, and Delta Hotels by Marriott Richmond Downtown, among many others.

3. Can You Recommend The Best 5 Delicacies That Are Native To Richmond?

Without wasting any time, I recommend the best five foods in Richmond that you must try while in the city – 1) The Quoit Punch, 2) The Parmer Apples, 3) The Mountaineer, 4) The Sailor Sandwich, and 5) The Smithfield ham. These are some mouth-watering Richmond treats.

4. Name The Best 5 Flea Markets In Richmond.

For cost-effective shopping, you should visit the local markets of Richmond. The top 5 flea markets constitute The RVA Flea, The Azalea Flea Market, The Bellwood Drive-In Flea Market, The Jefferson Davis Flea Market, and The Oddballs Antiques & More.

5. What Constitutes In The List Of The Best 5 Attractions To Enjoy In Richmond?

To make the most of your trip, visit the best five tourist attractions in Richmond. They are – 1) The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 2) The Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, 3) The White House of the Confederacy, 4) The Hollywood Cemetery, and 5) The Edgar Allan Poe Museum. You won't regret it!

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