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Top 11 Restaurants for Vegetarian Food in Pune - Pure Veg Restaurants


Two of Pune's most distinctive selling points are its cultural and culinary opportunities.

Vegetarians may find a variety of tasty alternatives to meat-based dishes in this city. 

Whether you are a devotee of Indian cuisine or an adventurous foodie eager to try something new, the best vegetarian restaurants in Pune have something for everyone.

Pune is home to a large number of vegetarian eateries.

With this piece, you're in for a real treat as we showcase twelve of the city's best vegetarian restaurants.


11 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Pune - Pure Veg Restaurants

So, Here are the Top 11 Pure Veg Restaurants. Let’s discuss them one by one.


1. Dario's serves vegetarian Italian cuisine with a modern touch

If you're a vegetarian who likes Italian cuisine and lives in the picturesque Koregaon Park neighborhood, Dario's is the place to go.

By creating a refined ambiance and using fresh, local ingredients, Dario's can recreate the authentic flavor of Italy.

Some pasta dishes' taste improves when seasoned with fresh basil and garlic, such as Penne Arrabiata and Spaghetti Aglio e Olio.

Pizzas made by wood-fire, such as the Margherita and the Quattro Formaggi, are known for their crisp outside crusts, chewy interiors, and tasty cheese and vegetable toppings.

Try a delicious tiramisu or authentic Italian gelato for dessert.


2. In southern India, the Vaishali is a staple.

On Fergusson College Road, you'll find Vaishali, a highly-regarded South Indian eatery.

The relaxed atmosphere and substantial fare make for a winning combination at this eatery.

Masala Dosa is an Indian crepe often filled with spicy potato and served with chutneys and sambar.

Spicy lentil fritters called Medu Vada go well with a traditional Indian beverage called filter coffee.

Uttapam and Pongal are must-haves if you want to taste South Indian food the way it was meant to be eaten.


3. Shreyas Dining Hall: Traditional Maharashtrian Thali

Traditional Maharashtrian food, such as the Thali, is available at Shreyas Dining Hall, part of Deccan Gymkhana.

The establishment is dedicated to using only locally grown, organic foods. They provide authentic Thali, or Maharashtrian, food.

Bharli Vangi, a soup stuffed with eggplant and tomatoes, and Puran Poli, a sweet flatbread laden with lentils, are two of the many tasty foods available. Delicious Bhaji, Pithla, and Kolhapuri Sukha Rassa are just a few of the dishes included in the Thali.

Excellent and soothing dessert choices are Basundi and Puran Poli.


4. Savya Rasa, a Journey through the Flavors of South India

Savya Rasa, a restaurant tucked away in Koregaon Park, is like a South Indian culinary adventure.

The diner's beautiful retro decor is perfect for the occasion.

Some well-worth-tasting cuisines are Bisi Bele Bath, a rice and bean dish typical in the southern Indian states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh, and Avial, a mixed vegetable stew cooked with coconut and yogurt.

Buttermilk is the secret ingredient in the tasty Rasam and Mor Kuzhambu. Classic South Indian sweets like Rava Kesari and Mysore Pak are great ways to round off the meal.


5. Good Luck Cafe: Irani and Parsi Vegetarian Delicacies

The Good Luck Cafe offers vegetarian options from Irani and Parsi cuisines.

Near Fergusson College Road, at Good Luck Cafe, you can enjoy delicious traditional Iranian dishes.

This beautiful restaurant honors the long heritage of Irani businesses in Pune.

We recommend the Veg Dhansak, a hearty lentil and vegetable soup, and the Veg Pulao, a fresh vegetable and spice combination served atop hot, fluffy rice. The Mawa Cake is something you must try.

This sweet treat is made by combining flour and mawa.

Lagan Nu Custard is a baked custard whose sweetness and richness are just right because of the caramelized sugar on top.


6. Prem's restaurant serves excellent Gujarati and Rajasthani thalis.

The real Gujarati and Rajasthani Thalis at Prem's Restaurant in Sadashiv Peth.

The restaurant has maintained a steady clientele because of its commitment to serving only the freshest, most flavorful ingredients.

Khandvi may be made by rolling gram flour, coconut, and mustard seeds into a cigar shape.

Dal Baati Churma is a traditional Rajasthani dish consisting of lentils, baked wheat balls, and sweet broken wheat.

Examples of classic dishes from Gujarati cuisine are Gujarati kadhi and gatte ki sabzi. Try Prem's Thali for authentic North Indian cuisine and culture.


7. Flaky Chaitanya Parathas Are The Best There Is

You can have both sweet and savory parathas at Chaitanya Parathas in Kothrud.

Try some traditional Aloo Paratha or venture out of your comfort zone with Nutella Paratha, a delicious blend of Indian and Western tastes.

Parathas may be elevated to a new level when paired with chutneys and sauces.


8. Donuts from Café Peter:

A Gastronomic Pleasure Peter Donuts is a necessity for every sugar addict. It's located in the Camp district.

You're in luck, sweet tooth, since this adorable eatery offers a vast selection of vegetarian doughnuts.

Cafe Peter Donuts offers various baked donuts, including classic flavors and creative twists like Nutella Berry and Red Velvet.

These delicious treats are fair game for satisfying your sweet tooth.


9. Sapporo Offers Delicious Vegetarian Options, Japan

Sapporo is an excellent choice for a vegetarian Japanese meal in the Viman Nagar neighborhood.

In Sapporo, you may find restaurants serving both traditional and contemporary twists on Japanese food. It places value on being original and cutting-edge.

Sushi, made with fresh veggies and rice, is a tasty option, or you might warm up with a bowl of flavorful vegetarian ramen.

Tempura and miso soup, two staples of Japanese cuisine, are perfect instances of this. Sapporo is an excellent starting point to investigate the rich variety of Japanese cuisine.


10. Spicy Vegan Dishes from Around the World

Fusion Spice is a culinary gem serving innovative fusion cuisine focusing on veggies.

The restaurant's convenient location in a lively area and its innovative fusion of cuisines from around the world make it a must-visit.


If you're looking for a dish that combines Thai and Italian flavors, try the Thai Green Curry Pasta or the Paneer Tikka Quesadilla, which combines Indian spices with Tex-Mex.

Fusion Spice'sfor so that selection of creative cuisine is like taking a vacation for your taste buds.


11. Tiny Town Vegetarian Italian Extravaganza

If you're craving some authentic Italian cuisine while in Pune, head to Little Italy.

This vegan Italian restaurant serves hearty, authentic food.

Pizzas made with vegetables and cooked in a wood-burning oven are delicious.

End your Italian meal with a delicious dessert like tiramisu or a chocolate bomba.



Restaurants serving vegetarian cuisine abound in Pune, the cultural center of Maharashtra.

This region has some of the world's most distinctive and varied cuisine.

Whether looking for traditional Maharashtrian Thalis at Shabree and Shreyas Dining Hall or worldwide fusion delights at Fusion Spice, you can find something unique and outstanding at each restaurant.

You may find what you want if you are looking for traditional Maharashtrian Thalis at these eateries.

Every customer can expect a unique and wonderful experience at each of these eateries.

Pune's finest vegetarian restaurants will take you on a gourmet journey that will leave you wanting more when you indulge your desires.

A top vegetarian restaurant in Pune can satisfy your cravings, whether you are craving Italian, South Indian, or Japanese food.


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