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Top 20 Best Guest Post Websites in Kyrgyzstan – High DA PA Website List


When we market any product or brand, our representative moves door to door and verbally explains the features and benefits to the customer or audience. That verbal communication on paper is called content.

In other words, the content is an article.

Someone writes it for marketing purpose, and in this context, the writer fulfills all the expectations required by the audience or customer about the answers to the question about your product or brand, builds trust and relationships, and help to generate leads.


Top 20 Best Guest Posting Sites in Kyrgyzstan: 

1. Punnaka.com

Punnaka.com is an international business directory where anyone can get information about businesses and malls. 

Punnaka.com provides a platform to submit a guest post on general topics like shopping, food, Beauty, Lifestyle, Services, marketing, digital marketing, business, education, Software, technology, travel, and more.

They allow do-follow links for the permanent, which will be helpful for any website.

The article and blogs will be indexed as per Google norms.

If you wish to publish an article and blog on www.punnaka.com, could you please email an article topic or articles for publication at [email protected]


2. 24.kg

24. kg is the leading online magazine service in Kyrgyzstan. 24. kg has a high number of DA which is the best part of the site for submitting articles.

You can post Business, Sports, Technology, and other subjects and advertise on this site.


3. Financial Times

Financial Times is the leading news agency that works worldwide with its essential service for independent and original news.


4. Tufts 

Tufts is the open blog submission site and gives a platform to submit articles, blogs, and content with High DA and PA, boosting your website.


5. The Diplomate

The Diplomate is the international current affair online magazine service for Asia-Pacific continental. Guest post submission and its conditions are mentioned on the site itself.


6. Manta

Manta is an online marketing agency providing services for SEO. And also provides a platform for the guest blogger on technology and digital marketing.


7. Brill

Brill is a publication house with a strong international focus—brill focus on the Humanities and Social Sciences, International Law, and selected areas in the Sciences.

Brill publications include several significant impacts with a reputed history of publishing high-quality and successful headlines.


8. Habar Dairesi

Habar Dairesi is a publication and online news agency providing a platform for guest posting on Sports, life, health, education, art, culture, etc.


9. NYU Jordan Center

The Jordans are a Russian-American collaboration with strong links between business, culture, and religion on both sides of the Atlantic and a tradition of cultural sponsorship and complaisance.


10. Green Finance & Development

Green Finance & Development agency or a website provides ideas, research, and capacity on green finance and the development of green energy.

Supports only content on Green energy and financial ideas.


11. Trendy-U

Trendy U is a website for fashion and clothes; they accept guest posts on stylish ideas and fashionable things.


12. Miridei

Miridei is focused on articles on women and fashion; they accept articles written about women's life. 

Content on the Miridei should be on the habitual way of thinking, cosmetology, health, beauty and fashion, educational things, exercise, etc.


13. Mladiinfo

Mladiinfo is one of the online education institutes working to empower youth with tips and information to develop and succeed in different fields.

Mlaniinfo provides a platform to submit guest posts about educational content.


14. Aktau.NZ

Aktau.Nz is a leading online magazine that offers writers to submit their articles online.

Placing direct, open search engine hyperlinks to the cited articles is obligatory for online publications. Violation of terms and conditions is punishable by law.


15. Anja Mutic

Anja Mutic is a travel experience site. On this site, you can submit content about travel and express your travel experience of different traveling locations, the beauty of the location, and others.


16. Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange is an international news agency providing a guest posting platform for the content writer to spread awareness about different topics.


17. LoogleBiz

LoogleBiz is the platform for the fresh, sharpest mind platform, which allows you to publish or submit your story, article, or guest post on a single platform.

Submission of your first blog or article is accessible on this site.


18. Prevention Media

Prevention Media, the leading online news agency, provides its service in Kyrgyzstan and nearby countries.

So, the articles or content submitted on this site will be the author's responsibility.



Friends of Kyrgyzstan is a volunteer guest blogging site that provides a platform to express or submit your thoughts to its website on any topic.

Guest posts submitted on this site should be unique, and no duplication and adulteration in the content.


20. Russian Advertising 

Russian Advertising is the leading marketing agency that shows its visibility in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.

If you are trying to develop a marketing plan, Russian Advertising is the best agency.

It also provides services on blog posting, article submission, and many others.


Why Guest Posting?

Guest Posting or Guest Blogging is the most potent tool in Off-Site SEO. Guest Posting is used to create a backlink using content writing.

Content written for guest posting is submitted on other sites to promote the product or brand to other websites; by doing this, when you add the links to that content, that is redirected to your website, and those links are called Backlinks.

Guest Posts are considered the best way to create a backlink, a great medium to get traffic to your site.

So, Guest Posting is the most powerful tool for SEO.


What are Backlinks and its Benefits?

Backlink has its definition in its name itself, "Back + Link." Backlink is the most common word or term used in SEO.

For marketing purposes, when you add the link of your website to other reputed websites by submitting an article, blog, or guest post is called Backlink.

Backlinks are used to build traffic to your website and to make the Google algorithm the term whether a website ranks high or falls in Google search results.

Backlinks are most potent to generate organic traffic to your site, which is helpful for any SEO. So, backlinks positively impact the visibility of your website and the ranking of your website on the Google algorithm.


Backlink Types:

Two types of Backlinks are mainly generated: Do-follow Backlinks and No-follow Backlinks.


Do-follow Backlink:

A link that moves or redirects from one web page or website to another web page or website is called Do-follow Backlink. These links help to increase the CTR of the website and help to increase the ranking of the website.


No-follow Backlink: 

No-follow links are links that are not redirected from one website to another, and these links tell search engines not to follow this link and not to consider the CTR of the website. No-follow links might increase spam on the website.

No-follow links are not directly helpful for SEO but can still help build traffic and increase the website's visibility.


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