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Top 21 Guest Post Websites in Kazakhstan

Welcome, fellow writers and content creators! Are you ever considered expanding your digital horizons to the vast steppes of Kazakhstan?

Well, now is the time! This comprehensive guide will navigate you through Kazakhstan's top 21 guest post websites.

We'll also provide practical tips for crafting an engaging and informative blog post to hook your audience.


Top 21 Guest Post Websites in Kazakhstan: Your Path to Success

Before we dive into the details, let's clear the air: why should you care about guest posting on Kazakhstani websites?

Simply put, Kazakhstan's digital market is booming, with a diverse audience eager for fresh and engaging content.

So, let's get the ball rolling and explore Kazakhstan's top 20 guest post websites.


1. Punnaka.com

Punnaka.com accept article on general topics like shopping, lifestyle, beauty, business, education, food, software, technology, marketing, digital marketing, travel, health, services, and other general categories.

They allow two do-follow links per post; the article will be permanent. Here the article will be Google indexed as per Google norms. 

If you want to publish an article on www.punnaka.com, then please share the article or article topics at [email protected]


2. KazPost: 

Your Passport to the Kazakhstani Blogosphere KazPost, a cornerstone of Kazakhstan's digital ecosystem, serves as a launchpad for your blogging journey.

Its extensive spectrum of topics promises an enriching experience for every visitor, inviting you to dive into the endless possibilities of blogging.


3. SteppeWords: 

The Springboard for Innovative Ideas Unleashing the power of creativity, SteppeWords provides a sanctuary for writers yearning to express their unique viewpoints.

Whether you're an avid tech geek, a wandering globetrotter, or a versatile enthusiast, SteppeWords ensures your voice gets heard.


4. NomadNet: 

Your Virtual Compass for Travel Narratives Are you consumed by wanderlust?

NomadNet, a compelling platform for travel enthusiasts, welcomes narratives that unravel the lesser-known tales of Kazakhstan's landscape.

Share your exhilarating travelogues and unearth the hidden treasures of this beautiful country with NomadNet.


5. TechTenge: 

The Nexus of Technological Conversations TechTenge is the command center for tech enthusiasts.

A hot spot for discussions on cutting-edge gadgets, innovative software, and technological breakthroughs in Kazakhstan, it's your gateway to the latest tech trends.


6. KazCulture: 

The Canvas for Cultural Expressions KazCulture, an online haven for art and culture enthusiasts, welcomes many posts dedicated to Kazakhstani art, literature, music, and cultural heritage.

If you're passionate about artistic exploration, KazCulture is your perfect stage.


7. EcoKaz: 

The Chronicle of Sustainable Living Green Warriors, your search ends at EcoKaz.

This dedicated platform disseminates information on eco-friendly lifestyle choices, sustainability, and Kazakhstan's green initiatives.

EcoKaz is your ally in contributing towards a healthier planet.


8. KazBusiness: 

The Pulse of the Corporate World For the business-minded, KazBusiness serves as a digital digest of the corporate landscape in Kazakhstan.

Be it startups, finance, or market dynamics, this platform keeps you updated on the latest business trends and opportunities.


9. HealthSteppe: 

Your Guide to Holistic Wellness HealthSteppe, a wellness-oriented website, provides comprehensive fitness, nutrition, and holistic well-being content.

Healthy lifestyle advocates will find this platform an invaluable resource for their journey toward optimal health.


10. EduKaz: 

The Virtual Classroom EduKaz stands as a beacon for education-focused content.

Covering everything from schools and universities to emerging online learning trends in Kazakhstan, it is the hub for academia-related insights and discussions.


11. KazFoodie: 

The Gastronome's Handbook Calling all culinary enthusiasts!

KazFoodie is a delightful food blog featuring content on traditional Kazakhstani cuisine, food culture, and insightful restaurant reviews.

It's a veritable feast for those wishing to savor Kazakhstan's taste.


12. HomeKaz: 

The Architect of Domestic Bliss HomeKaz is your go-to platform for home improvement and interior design inspirations.

If you're passionate about creating beautiful living spaces, this platform transforms your vision into a virtual reality.


13. StyleKZ: 

The Runway to Fashion Trends StyleKZ provides a digital runway for fashion enthusiasts.

Showcasing everything from Kazakh traditional attire to modern fashion trends, StyleKZ is your stylistic guide in the world of Kazakhstani fashion.


14. KazSports: 

The Action-Packed Arena KazSports is the stadium where sports enthusiasts can experience the thrill of every game.

Covering everything from local events to international competitions, it's the ultimate destination for sports updates and discussions in Kazakhstan.


15. CodeKaz: 

The Coders' Sanctuary For those fluent in the language of codes, CodeKaz is your playground.

This tech-savvy platform is devoted to all things related to coding and software development in Kazakhstan, offering a virtual home for tech writers.


16. AgriKaz: 

The Green Thumb's Guide AgriKaz is an agricultural treasure trove, imparting knowledge on farming techniques and sustainable practices in Kazakhstan.

For agri-enthusiasts, it's an enriching platform that cultivates growth.


17. KazLaw: 

The Virtual Courthouse KazLaw shines a spotlight on the Kazakhstani legal framework.

A must-visit for those interested in legal writing, it offers fascinating insights into the country's legal system.


18. KazSci: 

The Science Spectrum KazSci, a dedicated platform for science content, covers everything from groundbreaking research to scientific advancements in Kazakhstan.

It's a thrilling space for science buffs eager to keep abreast of the latest scientific developments.


19. KazAuto: 

The Gearhead's Garage KazAuto is the go-to pitstop for auto enthusiasts in Kazakhstan.

Whether you're into the latest cars or the nitty-gritty of automotive technology, this platform shifts your passion into high gear.


20. RealtyKaz: 

The Property Tycoon's Desk RealtyKaz provides comprehensive coverage of the real estate market in Kazakhstan.

This platform offers a panoramic view of the property landscape for real estate experts and enthusiasts.


21. KazFintech:

The Future of Finance KazFintech is the frontier of financial technology in Kazakhstan.

For those intrigued by the world of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and online banking trends, this platform provides a glimpse into the future of finance.


The Essentials of Crafting a Compelling Blog Post

To ensure your guest post stands out and connects with the readers, here are some essential guidelines to follow:

1. Understand Your Audience

The first step in creating rich content is understanding your audience.

Dive into their interests, needs, and content preferences. When you know who you're writing for, you can tailor your tone, style, and content to match their expectations.


2. Create Engaging and Informative Content

Remember, content is king. Your blog post should contain helpful information, engaging narratives, and relatable examples.

Ensure your post adds value to your readers and leaves them with new insights or knowledge.


3. Be Authentic

Honesty and authenticity go a long way in establishing a connection with your audience.

Share personal experiences, real-life stories, and original ideas. An authentic voice is more likely to resonate with readers than a generic one.


4. Use SEO Strategies

To increase the visibility of your post, incorporate relevant keywords, internal and external links, and meta descriptions.

But remember, while SEO is important, it should never compromise the quality of your content.


5. Proofread and Edit

Nothing can undermine your post's credibility faster than grammatical errors and typos.

Always take the time to proofread your work, or better yet, use a reliable editing tool.



Exploring Kazakhstan's Top 21 Guest Post Websites can open doors to new opportunities.

Following our guidelines, you can craft engaging and informative blog posts that hook your Kazakhstani audience.

So, why wait? Start preparing your masterpiece today!


FAQs: Clearing the Air

1. What is the preferred language for blogs in Kazakhstan? 

Ans. While Kazakh and Russian are the official languages of Kazakhstan, English is widely used and accepted, especially on digital platforms.

It facilitates a broader global audience and encourages international discourse.


2. How do I know which platform suits my content best? 

Ans. Each platform caters to a specific niche or topic.

Identify the central theme of your content, then match it with the platform with the same focus.

For instance, KazFoodie would be an excellent platform for your content if you're writing about traditional Kazakhstani recipes.


3. Can I submit the same article to multiple platforms? 

Ans. Submitting identical content to multiple platforms is generally not advised due to SEO implications and potential plagiarism issues.

Each submission should be unique and tailored to the specific forum and audience.


4. How long should my blog post be? 

Ans. The length of your blog post can depend on the platform and the topic.

However, most platforms prefer posts that are between 800 and 2500 words. It's always best to check the specific submission guidelines for each forum.


5. Is it necessary to include images in my blog post? 

Ans. Including images in your blog post can help to engage readers and illustrate your points more effectively.

However, whether it's required or not would depend on each platform's submission guidelines.

Some may require images, while others might not.


6. How do I engage with my readers? 

Ans. Engaging with your readers can involve:

-Responding to comments on your blog post.

-Asking questions within your content to encourage discussion.

-Sharing your blog post on social media platforms.

Remember, engagement is vital to building a robust online presence.


7. How often should I post a new blog? 

Ans. The frequency of your posts can depend on various factors, including your schedule, the platform's guidelines, and the audience's expectations.

Regular posting can help maintain audience interest and improve your visibility in search engine results.

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