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20 Best Guest Post Sites in Italy | High DA Guest Posting Websites

Do you want to get your brand or business in front of the right eye? Or want to increase your reach, get backlinks, improve SERPs ranking, and fetch quality leads?

Guest posting solutions are incredible mediums for building an online presence.

They cater to a broader outreach and ensure that you stay relevant. Over the years, this form of content marketing has attained drastic fame due to its benefits.

Whether a B2B marketer or a B2C business, you can undoubtedly choose guest posting services in Italy to boost your marketing KPIs effortlessly.

This content details some of Italy's best and most reputable guest post sites that can help any marketer fetch the intended goals. So, what guest post websites can you consider?


The 20 Top Guest Post Websites in Italy 

1. Punnaka.com

Punnaka.com accept guest posts on general topics like Busines, Technology, Travel,  Marketing, Digital Marketing, Shopping, Fashion, Lifestyle, Food, Beauty, Health, and other.

They allow do follow permanent link and permanent Guest Post. The articles will be faster index in punnaka.com. 

Please share guest post topics and Articles for review at info@punnaka.com



2. Techiestuffs.com 

Are you a software company, a financial institution, a security agency, or a digital marketer?

This might be a perfect opportunity for you to extend your reach. Techiestuffs.com is a rapidly growing tech blog offering updates to thousands of online users and subscribers.

The site has a 37 DA and a DR of 21, as per Moz.com and Ahrefs.com, respectively. It also receives about 1672 monthly traffic. It also offers a do-follow link to bloggers.

Link- https://www.techiestuffs.com/



Anything concerning technology or software development? Then Techtiplib.com is the answer.

The website welcomes quality guest posts from different niches, such as cryptocurrency, technology, games, and business.

It is a reliable platform for sharing your expertise in any field and guarantees good outreach.

It has a DA of 33 per Moz and a DR of 30 per Ahrefs.com.

Additionally, it receives monthly traffic of 48432 with subscribers from countries like the US and Turkey.

Link- https://www.techtiplib.com/



Whether you write blogs on soccer, cinema, or life? This is another site for excellent guest blogging services.

You can also share your expertise or the latest events in your business or area of interest.

As per Moz, it has a DA of 82 and receives enormous traffic. This will allow your guest posts to reach the right audience quickly.

Link- https://www.colombia.com/


5. views.agency 

With a DA of 50 and 40510 monthly traffic, views. An agency can help you extend your expertise and insights to many people.

The site receives traffic from several countries, such as Armenia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Russia.

It has a DR of 34 and a total of 16376 backlinks. Its traffic, as per Ahrefs, is 12517.

Link- http://vnews.agency/


6. techstry.net  

If your niche is entertainment, then techstry.net is an ideal guest posting platform.

The site allows bloggers to share their insights about different arenas such as entertainment, lifestyle, social media, celebrity, health, fitness, and trending topics.

It generally covers a lot of topics in and around these niches. It has a traffic of 2,236,123 monthly.

Link- https://www.techstry.net/ 



Rugr.gr has a DA of 35 (Moz), and its DR, as per Ahrefs, is 16.

It receives monthly traffic of 14053 from countries such as Russia and Greece.

Above all, it offers two do-follow links to its guest bloggers.

The guest post site specializes in different niches such as politics, events, society, lifestyle, and culture.

Link- https://rugr.gr/


8. doba.te.ua  

If you are looking for blogging sites, doba.te.ua is another site to consider.

It has a Moz DA of 43 with a total of 25105 links. Its DR is 40, as per Ahrefs, with 3623984 backlinks.

Its monthly traffic is 5962, and it also offers two do-follow links to guest bloggers.

One can submit guest posts on health, personality, news, or exclusives.

Link- https://doba.te.ua/



Another option, if you want to reach a specific audience in Italy, is migliorblog.it.

The guest post website accepts technology, trading, science, streaming, and news topics.

So, whether you're a professional developer, scientist, or online trader, this is the perfect site for you.

It has a Moz DA of 40, Ahrefs DR of 25, 344143 backlinks, and 4055 monthly traffic. Link- https://www.migliorblog.it/


10. gazzettadilivorno.it  

Gazzettadilivorno has a Moz DA of 31, a DR of 20 (Ahrefs), 2603238 (backlinks), and a traffic of 8338.

It covers different niches such as politics, entertainment, culture, sports, events, and work.

It also offers advertisement solutions. It can help digital marketers attain incredible SEO results, including more conversions and leads.

Link- https://www.gazzettadilivorno.it/



Do you write anything about entertainment blogs, sports events, culture, politics, or animals?

This site is a possible consideration for guest blogging solutions. It receives traffic of 80374 from Italy, Switzerland, and France.

It has a Moz DA of 41 and an Ahref DR of 40.

Link- https://www.quinewspisa.it/


12. appsgeyser.com  

AppsGeyser is a website specializing in creating Android apps; however, it also offers guest blogging services.

The AppsGeyser App Builder allows anyone to create and use an app instantly.

If you're a creative writer or a blogger who would love to extend your reach, appsgeyser.com is a possible choice.

You can submit content on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Technology, Gadgets, Websites, and Software Development.

The site has a traffic of 1,173,076.

Link- https://appsgeyser.com/


13. Quinewsfirenze.it

Do you write about art, Entertainment, culture, events, animals, or politics?

You can use Quinewsfirenze.it to build your online presence.

The site has a Moz DA of 45, an Ahref DR of 38, and gets about 62798 of web traffic.

It offers one do-follow link for any content submitted and accepted.

Link- https://www.quinewsfirenze.it/


14. D-nk.com.ua

D-nk.com.ua is a great link-building site with 1132 traffic. It has a Moz DA of 31 and an Ahref DR of 10.

It offers to do-follow links for guest bloggers with quality content.

It focuses on a few niches like business, the latest events, health, weather, and education.

Link- https://d-nk.com.ua/ 


15. Newsdigitali.com

This site offers excellent link-building solutions for brands and businesses.

It focuses on a few niches, such as technology, software development, and gaming.

It has a Moz DA of 55 and an Ahref DR of 27. It also receives traffic of about 14197, mainly from Italy and Russia.

Link- https://www.newsdigitali.com/


16. ilprimatonazionale.it  

This site covers robust niches such as politics, economy, sports, culture, society, foreign affairs, news, media, and digital news.

It has a Moz DA of 61 and receives about 827,152 traffic.

Link- https://www.ilprimatonazionale.it/


17. Fileproinfo.com

Do you want to share your expertise in digital marketing, advertising, websites, software development, cybersecurity, and technology?

Fileproinfo.com is an ideal platform for you, even if you're a professional writer.

The site's traffic is 1,320,394, with a Moz DA of 62.

This means your content will get to the right eye, allowing you to drive SEO results or sustain your brand.

Link- https://fileproinfo.com/


18. Thecommonscafe.com

If you've been looking for a site to share your lifestyle, food, and cuisine content, then thecommonscafe.com is the answer.

It has a Moz DA of 35 and receives monthly traffic of 1,669,169.

This beautifully curated website will offer your content the limelight it deserves and take your brand to the next level.

Link- https://www.thecommonscafe.com/


19. Getwox.com

Over the years, Getwox.com has established itself as one of the best guest post sites bloggers can consider.

It focuses on different niches such as gaming, health, fitness, technology, and gadgets.

It has a Moz DA of 61 and receives 1,118,083 monthly traffic.

Link- https://www.getwox.com/


20. Opensquares.org

If you write any content related to business, health, technology, fashion, travel, gadgets, gaming, or anything in general, Opensquares.org is the answer.

It has a Moz DA of 57 and 1,270,282 traffic.

Link- https://www.opensquares.org/


21. Musicraiser.com

Another high-authority guest post website that you can consider to build your online presence or attain backlinks is Musicraiser.com.

It focuses on business, banking, finance, style, travel, health, and fitness. It has a DA of 61 and up to 1,308,099 monthly traffic.

Link- https://www.musicraiser.com/


22. isaiminis.com  

Isaiminis.com  is a steadily growing guest post site focusing on niches like business, health and fitness, lifestyle, social media, food, and technology. It has a Moz DA of 56 with 1,522,334 traffic.

Link- https://isaiminis.com/



Guest posting is an incredible opportunity for digital marketers, SEO professionals, and business owners who wish to reach out to more people.

This content marketing tactic can help improve website traffic, search engine ranking, and conversions.

It can improve business ROI and usher a brand into a new audience.

This piece of content presents some of the best guest post sites in Italy that you can consider to extend your reach. 

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