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Is Real-Time Marketing a New Digital Marketing Trend?

In recent years, the contemporary world has seen a real revolution in digital marketing, and everyone has seen the evolution of digital marketing for the better.

The trend of using billboards and making door-to-door sales are long gone, but the most significant advantage or disadvantage for some in digital marketing is its changing trends.

Trends in digital marketing are like unpredicted weather in which nobody will know what to expect next.

Trends in digital marketing are like unpredicted weather in which nobody will know what to expect next. 

One such trend that has recently come into the limelight is the trend of real-time marketing, also known as newsjacking.

Today, consumers want to be entertained, informed, and engaged at the same time, and brands that succeed in doing that are the brands that successfully stand out from the crowd. This is where the trend of real-time marketing came into the picture.

But before diving into the blog, it is essential to understand precisely real-time marketing. 


Real-time Marketing Definition

Real-time digital marketing refers to marketing when brands use different real-life events and news happenings of the world to deliver a clever and intelligent message.

This type of marketing is specifically designed to tap into the pulse of the moment and make a lasting impression on consumers.

It's a strategy that requires quick thinking, creativity, and the ability to connect with consumers promptly.

The credit for the instant rise of real-time digital marketing would go to social media because it has enhanced the importance of instant gratification in the digital age.

Now that we are on the same page regarding the definition of real-time marketing, it is time to understand whether real-time marketing is a trend.

For this, we have underlined various advantages of real-time marketing, highlighting why real-time marketing has become the talk of the new digital marketing world. 


Advantages of real-time marketing

1. Boost brand awareness 

Consumers in the modern world have a lower attention span; brands must constantly work on increasing their brand awareness.

Real-time marketing is a great way to increase brand awareness because it allows businesses to attract the audience organically.

This implies that when a topic is already trending on social media and on top of that, when brands present the same trending idea with a little twist of their business,

it allows businesses to piggyback the popularity of current events and trending news, which leads to organic shares, comments and reach of business across different platforms.


2. This leads to better sales

When a brand uses viral or trending topics to promote its business, it assists in tapping a new type of audience.

This increases the chances of businesses generating fresh leads and generating better sales.

This benefit is mainly enjoyed by small businesses that often need help generating leads or higher sales among big corporations spending millions of dollars on their marketing efforts. 

When businesses rightfully invest their thoughts in moment marketing, they do not need to spend millions of dollars creating expensive marketing campaigns.

Because if they successfully impress their audience, they will organically get recognition for the same and can help increase conversions by delivering timely

and relevant messages to customers when they are most likely to take action and successfully assist in attaining SMART goals.


3. Establishes brand credibility

When a particular topic is trending across different social media platforms, it gives businesses a great chance to build their credibility.

One prominent example of such moment marketing is when the whole world was hyped about the world cup; Coca-Cola launched a social media campaign with the hashtag #ShareaCoke.

The campaign encouraged people to share photos of themselves drinking Coca-Cola with friends, family, and loved ones.

By tapping into the excitement and emotions of the World Cup, Coca-Cola built its credibility and strengthened its connection with consumers.

By leveraging a significant cultural moment, Coca-Cola was able to build its credibility, increase its relevance, and connect with consumers on an emotional level.

This way, companies can use real-time marketing and build and enhance their credibility on different social media platforms, ultimately benefiting the company's growth. 


4. Reflects brands presence of mind 

One of the most successful stories of the real-time market is of the sandwich cookie brand Oreo during the Super Bowl XLVII power outage in New Orleans.

When the whole was waiting for the power back, Oreo made a simple tweet that went viral in the next few minutes and gained immense popularity.

In fact, as per statistics, the brand got more than 218% of higher mentions on social media, with an increase in CTR of 39%. Impressive.  

The whole world applauded Oreo's presence of mind during the blackout.

This assisted the company in improving its brand image even more because it demonstrated its relevance and timeliness.

Similarly, by hopping on current events and trending news, businesses can tell their audience that they are up-to-date, knowledgeable, and in the know.


5. Add values to the content

Lastly, the most significant advantage of real-time marketing is that it allows businesses to present their products or services uniquely rather than traditional content marketing methods.

This helps businesses present relevant content to the audience more engagingly and interestingly. 

This will also help businesses elevate their content marketing efforts and get better results by investing minimal yet efficient efforts. 

The reason is that when it comes to real-time digital marketing, businesses have to add their business twist to the content already trending on the internet rather than creating whole new content by themselves.

In conclusion, real-time marketing is a new digital trend that is quickly gaining the attention of millions of brands and consumers.

As technology evolves, real-time marketing will likely become an even more critical part of digital marketing strategies.

Hence, real-time marketing is becoming a new trend in digital marketing. 

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