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Ten Best Mobile App Development Companies in the United Kingdom (UK) 

Today the UK is known for being the top software development company hub in the UK. Many developers in the UK are acing the Mobile App development game with a team of expert developers and advanced technology that can solve your business problems.

The revenue in the UK app developers is expected to reach £30 billion by 2025. This shows every individual depends on technology, and most depend on mobile app development.

Do you know that most of the mobile apps you use are the products of the top mobile app developers in the UK?

From London to Manchester, Edinburgh to Birmingham, the The UK is home to a vibrant and dynamic app development ecosystem. The companies featured in this list have been selected based on their track record of successful projects, client testimonials, technical expertise, and industry recognition.

They present the cream of the crop, delivering exceptional mobile apps that captivate users and drive business growth.

By partnering with one of these top 10 mobile apps development companies, businesses can leverage the latest technologies, such as AI, blockchain, AR & VR, and seamless app experiences.

Stay tuned as we embark on an exciting journey to discover the innovative minds behind the UK's most exceptional mobile app development companies.

Top 10 mobile app development companies in the United Kingdom (UK)

1. Nimble AppGenie:

Founded – 2017

Min project -$10k-$50 k or more

Avg hourly- $20-$45

Nimble app genie emerged as a prominent player in the mobile App development company in London, UK.

With a strong focus on creativity, innovation, and technical expertise, it has been instrumental in transforming app ideas into business reality.

Moreover, they deliver high-quality projects that align with client requirements and objectives. Whether a start-up, SME, or enterprise, the company has successfully catered to diverse industries, including healthcare, finance, e-commerce, and many more.

2. Hedgehog lab:

Founded - 2007

Min project-$50k- 100k or more

Avg hourly-$150-$199/hr

It was founded to revolutionize digital experiences; Hedgehog Lab has been at the forefront of mobile app development since its establishment.

With a strong presence in the UK, the company has made a name for itself by delivering cutting-edge, on-demand app development solutions that transform business across various industries.

3. Magora:

Founded- 2010

Min project- $10k or more

Avg hourly- $50-$99

It is among the top app development companies in London, The UK. They have delivered projects in various industries like logistics, transport, FinTech, catering, tourism, IT, etc. 

Magora is counted among the top Software development company in UK, and it has worked with many companies like Motorola, Cisco, Unilever, HP, and many more.

4. Apadmi:

Founded- 2009

Min project- $10k +

Avg hourly- $100-$149

Apadmi has expertise and experience working with industry giants like BBC, The Guardian, and NHS. It is the most prominent Custom software development company in Manchester, UK.

Since its inception, the company has delivered projects for diverse clients, including larger enterprises. In addition to app development, Apadmi also provides post-launch support and maintenance services to ensure longevity and performance.

If you are looking for a mobile app development partner that combines technical excellence and innovative thinking, Apadmi is a company to consider.

5. Digiryte:

Founded - 2015

Min project - $10k+

Avg hourly - $50-$99

It is one of the best mobile app development companies in Manchester, UK. They offer road mapping, creativity, and excellent development services to clients.

It is a dynamic and forward-thinking digital technology company based in the UK specializing in mobile app development. Digiryte has established a strong presence in the industry with a mission to drive innovation and empower businesses.

Whether it's a native app development for iOS and Android platforms or cross-platform app development, the company possesses extensive expertise in delivering high-quality & scalable solutions.

6. My Oxygen:

Founded- 2001

Min project - $10k +

Avg hourly- $100-$149

My Oxygen is a prominent mobile app development company based in Bristol, UK, with a passion for innovation and a focus on delivering exceptional digital solutions. My Oxygen has a team of the best software developers in UK.

They are specialized in creating mobile apps for finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and more. Aside from app development, My Oxygen also emphasizes (UX) design.

My Oxygen's success is reflected in its track record of delivering successful projects and earning clients' trust. If you are in Bristol, UK, and seeking a trusted mobile app development partner, My Oxygen, is a reliable choice.

7. Novoda:

Founded -2008

Min project - $50k

Avg hourly - $100-$149

Novoda is a renowned mobile app development company making waves in the industry. With offices in Berlin, London, and Barcelona has established itself as a leading player in crafting innovative & high-quality MVP development mobile


Moreover, they follow an agile development methodology which promotes regular feedback and iterative development cycles.

One of the distinguishing factors of Novoda is its emphasis on innovation. The company thrives on exploring new technologies, techniques, and ideas to push the boundaries of what is possible in mobile app development.

8. Ampersand+ Ampersand:

Founded -2011

Min project -$50k or more

Avg hourly - $100-$149

Best mobile app development company based in London with clients like NHS, Wikipedia, Intel, TED, etc. With a team of talented developers, designers, & strategists with diverse skills and expertise.

If you are looking for a digital agency that combines design and technology to create compelling digital experiences, Ampersand+ Ampersand is a company worth considering?

With their expertise, creativity, and commitment to collaboration, they are well-positioned to elevate your brand and captivate your audience in the digital realm.

9. Corporation Pop:

Founded- 2003

Min project - $25,000

Avg hourly - $100-$149 

Corporation Pop is an award-winning digital agency based in Manchester, UK, with a passion for innovation and a focus on creative solutions.

Moreover, Corporation Pop has been at the forefront of transforming digital experiences for businesses across diverse industries.

The team at Corporation Pop comprises talented designers, developers, strategists, and creatives dedicated to delivering exceptional results. They pride themselves on pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the digital space and creating immersive experiences that captivate audiences.

10. Sonin App development:

Founded – 2008 

Min project - $25k +

Avg hourly - $100-$149

Sonin App Development is a leading mobile app development company based in Reigate, Surrey, UK, with a passion for innovation and a focus on delivering high-quality mobile solutions.

Additionally, Sonin has made a name for itself as a a trustworthy partner for companies eager to make use of mobile technologies.

They understand that each business has its own set of challenges and target audiences, and they work closely with customers to develop tailored solutions that address these specific needs.


With this blog, your search for a top mobile app development company in the UK serves you well. These are the best mobile App development companies to keep in consideration.

If you want to hire one, check their portfolio and industry expertise. This will help you choose the right tech partner for your mobile app development project. 

It is recommended to consult the cost before investing in mobile app development.

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