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strategies to overcome language barriers in digital platforms

  • 2022-12-27 23:45

7 Strategies Digital Platforms Can Use to Overcome Language Barrier 

 The language barrier is one of the biggest challenges most digital platforms face.

Dealing with different cultures means creating a better way to accommodate each culture effectively.

Excellent and effective communication is a crucial element for the success of any business.

Therefore, there should be ways to mitigate and overcome language barriers that affect effective communication. 

Several reasons may lead to failure in interpersonal communication.

For example, the receiver may need help understanding the message clearly as intended by the sender.

Therefore, the sender needs to seek feedback from the receiver.  

Most global and national media platforms are forced to cultivate the adoption and accommodation of mixed cultures and work in varying environments and time zones with different languages. 

To ensure they convey their message or provide services effectively, they must get better ways to deal with language barriers.

It’s hard for one person to learn all languages successfully. Organizations can come up with ways they can strive to ensure good communication with their clients. 

This article will take you through seven strategies digital platforms can use to overcome the language barrier. 

1. Hire Native Speakers 

One effective strategy to overcome the language barrier is to have native speakers of your target audience in your team.

Their ability to convey messages using their native language can make it easy for your organization to provide their services to your clients. 

Native speakers have a better understanding of their people’s cultures and elements of their language; hence they can deliver to your organization effectively.

They can help translate messages, educate the audience using the language they understand, and guide the organization based on the people’s needs.

Most media organizations in China have adopted this method by employing more native speakers from their target market.

For example, Star China, one of the largest media channels in China, has Chinese natives in the organization for easy service delivery.  


2. Work with a Translation Agency

Translation agencies play a significant role in overcoming language barriers.

They help deliver services to your target audience using a simple and understandable language by translating the message or information into the language they understand. 

For example, when communicating with people of different cultures and languages, most Chinese media use translation media to translate the message from Chinese to other languages.   

They also help translate clients’ questions, feedback, and inquiries into a different language. They also do the same to your response.  


3. Use of Automated Translation

With high technology, most media platforms are adopting automated translation tools for their content.

The automated translation tools are fast and work efficiently when used well.

However, when using such tools, you must ensure you re-check your content to make any corrections before sending it.  

Automated translation tools can help translate audio and written content to any language you choose.


4. High Use of Visuals 

Using visuals is a better way to overcome the language barrier while using minimum translations.

Humans learn and understand the content easily using visuals.

Your message will probably be well conveyed using signs, short video clips, cue cards, and other visual aids. 

You can have clear images so that your target audience can understand the message behind them.

When using visuals, you should have minimal to avoid any need for translation.  

Add images on all your social media accounts and websites with explicit instructional content.

Your company logo should be eye-catching and easier to understand without any complications.

Your theme color should be creative and convey a clear message about your organization.

Depending on their cultural beliefs, you must research what symbols mean to the target market beliefs. Using symbols is a perfect strategy to overcome any language barrier. 


5. Respect Cultures and Languages

Once you have identified your target market, you must understand its culture.

Misunderstanding and violation of people’s culture can cause a severe language barrier that can affect effective communication and proper service delivery.

Therefore, you must do in-depth research about your target market’s culture.

Learn more about their language, symbols, signs, religion, preferences, and preferences.

Identify all the taboos, beliefs, and norms that can affect your service delivery and the content to give.

These fundamental elements differ from country to country, and a simple mistake can cause a severe loss to your organization.  

When doing digital advertisement, it would be good to use their language and align it with their culture—this helps build trust and integrity.

If you have keywords to be translated, ensure you use the appropriate language that doesn’t offend your audience. 

The best way is to use professional translators instead of automated translation tools.

For example, when making any digital market in China, you must avoid phrases or words that violate or are against their religion. 


5. Narrow Your Market 

You don’t have to deal with all markets in the world.

Therefore, to avoid too many inconveniences caused by language barriers, you should narrow your market to the audience to deliver services efficiently.

Though larger markets have several advantages, you should note that the larger the market, the more barriers you encounter.  

To avoid such barriers, you can choose a suitable market with no language barriers and maximize your output.

In addition, select markets where you can carry out digital marketing conveniently. 


6. Use Plain and Simple Language

The use of jargon and idioms can be challenging for the majority of people.

Whether you are dealing with highly educated individuals or those with little knowledge, you should use simple and plain language to avoid misunderstanding.

Avoid ambiguous statements that can be interpreted differently. 

Using hard words and jargon, idioms, and an extensive vocabulary only creates room for miscommunication.

This affects service delivery. Create a culture of conveying messages straightforwardly. Simplicity is key in dealing with language barriers. 



Overcoming language barriers is key to ensuring effective communication.

Besides using a different language that others don’t understand, using ambiguity, idioms, jargon, and unclear symbols cause language barriers.

Therefore, digital platforms use such strategies to overcome language barriers affecting their content and service delivery.

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