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best places to visit in dubai

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Best Places to visit in Dubai with Family and Friends

Dubai is heaven in the desert for travelers and adventurers.

Dubai needs no introduction from Tall buildings, exotic beaches, manmade islands, mega shopping malls, lively nightlife, and supercar shows; everything is a little different in Dubai.

A city called Dubai, known as the world's entertainment capital was just a desert not long ago, but now this city is synonymous with a luxury lifestyle.

Dubai offers Ultra-modern architecture, a magnificent skyline, and beautiful beaches.

Dubai is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, as Millions of travelers visit Dubai annually on vacations.

If you plan your vacations in Dubai, you will be stunned by the options as there are enormous places and activities to do in Dubai.

We will list some of Dubai's most famous and visited places that every traveler must explore.

Dubai is rich in history, but that is not something that makes Dubai a famous and most visited place. The hard work and determination of the rulers of Dubai made the desert heaven on earth.

Keep reading as we will list more famous attractions of Dubai along with photos.

Best Time to Visit Dubai: 

Many people prefer to visit Dubai in the summer, but if you want to explore Dubai like a pro, you have to visit Dubai in winter from November to march.

During winter, the weather is complimented by a cool breeze that makes Dubai's weather very pleasant, and you can explore the city throughout the day.

In summer, the weather of Dubai is so hot and humid that sometimes temperatures cross 45 Celsius.

By planning a trip in winter, you will have the chance to witness the New Year celebration and Dubai shopping festival.

Best Places to visit in Dubai

1. Burj Khalifa

2. Burj Al Arab

3. Jumeira Beach

4. Dubai Marina

5. Dubai Desert Safari

1. Burj Khalifa–  Architectural Wonder

Every tourist to Dubai must see the Burj Khalifa, the world's highest structure. How could it not be that this landmark building gives staggering bird eye views of the city and the desert.

This building itself is a city as it is the tallest building you can go to the 124th floor, which is also called the observational deck,

where you can feel like you are on top of the city, and you can eat in the tallest restaurant called atmosphere is located at 122nd floor.

You might be wondering if it will take a hell of a lot of time to get there.

Still, as everything is different and luxurious in Dubai, Burj Khalifa uses the world's fastest glass elevator, which only takes a minute to get to the observational deck,

where a very high-powered telescope gives you a clear view of the city landscape.

Also, you can explore the indoor fountain show, which lit up the 6000 twinkling lights in the evening, and after that,

you can check out Burj Khalifa Lounge, the world's tallest lounge. It is not all about height in Burj Khalifa;

you can enjoy things on the ground. On the ground, you can have a lifetime experience of Burj Park,

where you can enjoy a fountain show; however, the fountains are the world's tallest performing fountains.

2. Burj Al Arab

Burj al Arab is the only 7-star hotel in the world and tops the list of best places to visit in Dubai. This is the fourth tallest hotel in the world.

It is the most luxurious hotel in the world, with 24-carat gold interiors. The sail-shaped hotel is the best destination in Dubai, and it leans against the dazzling blue waters of the Gulf.

You can select any restaurant from a list of high-end and luxurious restaurants like Al Mahara, an underwater seafood restaurant that provides stunning views of sea life as it unravels around you.

If you want to look at the beautiful Arabian Gulf, you can visit the lounge on the outdoor terrace pools.

You can select a therapy or treatment from an array of therapies by visiting Talise SPA. The sky view bar on the 27th floor is the best place to have a bird's eye view of Palm Jumeira.

3. Jumeira Beach

Jumeira beach is one of the most extensive public beaches in Dubai and is ideal for all tourists, especially for beach bums and sunset lovers.

You can spend all day sunbathing and day lounging on the most exotic beach in Dubai.

You can also try water sports like banana boating, donut boating, fly fishing, etc.

If you want to enjoy brunch or Lunch, you can choose beachfront cafes like The Hamptons café and restaurant, Feels by the beach, and The Lime tree café and kitchen.

Enjoy a picnic with your family and friends by choosing a shaded place, as it could be hot during the day.

4. Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is the world's giant manmade Marina and is one of the most visited locations in Dubai.

It has many activities, from shopping plazas to restaurants and cafes, to enjoy meals with a water view.

You can walk along the Dubai Marina and see the most beautiful skylines in Dubai, or the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina, which also includes Dinner idling along the most illuminated skyline of Dubai.

You can also enjoy deep sea fishing in the depths of the Arabian Gulf or rent a speed Boat to give yourself a luxury tour of Dubai marina.

5. Dubai Desert Safari

Musandam Dhow Tours in Dubai is the farthest experience that will give you an adrenaline rush as soon as you hit the sands with a vehicle with maximum force and power capacity.

This captivating experience is siphoned up with a broad scope of exercises like shisha smoking, Hip twirl show, Tanura show, and Fire show.

An evening desert safari visit combines exciting safari undertakings and encounters with traditional Arabic culture.

You will be gotten from your inn in Dubai or Sharjah or chosen areas (assuming you pick transport pickup) at around 2:30 PM.

After coming, you will partake in the rise-slamming ride in Land Cruiser.

Stop at dusk, where you can catch the lovely nightfall over the tremendous desert.

Participate in exercises like Henna Planning, Camel Safari, and Sandboarding assuming you feel that you can take more adrenaline or,

on the other hand, if you look for rush and experience, in contrast to some other experience.

Appreciate bbq Supper comprehensive of Starters, Mixed greens, Primary Course, Grill Station, Pastries, and Beverages. You will likewise get limitless tea and espresso at the camp.

Unwind as you partake in various amusement shows (Hip twirl, fire show, and Tanoura show).


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