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MG Road Camp - Best Place for Shopping in Pune with family & friends

Pune Camp Market is one of the most cosmopolitan zones of Pune city; the core of the Camp is MG Road (Mahatma Gandhi Road); Famously called Main Street.

Here you can enjoy Street Shopping, Mall Shopping, and Shopping in well-known brand showrooms located on street.

In Pune, the Camp market has situated a portion of the well-known showrooms. You will also discover shops selling Kashmir and Jaipur handiworks.

Here you will discover a ton of elegant stuff for women, particularly on the side of the road, slow-down, and little cornered shops which are genuine incentives for cash.

There are numerous desserts and bites shops on this road. Samosas and Kachoris at Karachi Sweets are unquestionable requirement attempts.

Soft dessert at Pasteur, sandwiches at Marz-o-rin, chicken-rich moves at Zoroastrian Seva Mandal are, on the whole shaking. Wafers at Budhani are constantly fresh. These are the best places for street shopping in Pune camp.

List of best shopping places in Camp in Pune:

1. Mahatma Gandhi Road (MG Road Pune)

2. Fashion Street

3. Jaan Mohammed Street (Baba Jaan Street or Baba Jaan Chowk)

4. Shivaji Market

5. Clover Center

6. SGS Mall

7. Wonderland

8. Poolgate Vegetable Market

Best Fish Aquarium Store in Pune

1. Hooked on Fishes - Mohammed Wadi, Near NIBM, Pune (for offers Call - +91-84519 96739)

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Best Shopping Places in Camp in Pune with family & friends

1. Mahatma Gandhi Road (MG Road), Pune

Mahatma Gandhi Road, broadly known as M.G. Road, is one of the most exorbitant zones of Pune. All stamped showrooms and shops are arranged here. Straightforwardly from organizer boutiques to stamped stores and imported items shop too. 

In MG Road Market Pune, you will discover a wide range of shops; the greater part of them are more than 100 years of age and working together from age to age.

MG Road Camp Pune is the best shopping place in Pune. It's an incredible road to spend time with companions, tasting espresso at the BaristaA noteworthy number of the young gatherings acknowledge window-shopping at MG Road.

It turns furthermore energizing and stimulating on parts of the bargains, as the region changes into no traffic zone and all you see here is the individuals walking, getting a charge out of a night with friends and family.


Mahatma Gandhi Road or MG Road is the huge boulevard in the city of Pune and is prestigious for street shopping of best pieces of clothing, cake kitchens, optical, and Walking Plaza during the week's end.

Pune's MG Road is a notable shopping objective with a lot of phenomenal bistros. This street market wakes up at the weekend, with numerous sellers spotting the two sides of the road. The sheer combination on offer makes this the best spot to appreciate some street shopping in Pune.

Location: MG Road, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Direction: Go to Map   

Timings: 09:00 am to 9:00 pm (Monday to Sunday)

Nearest Shopping Places: Baba Jaan Chowk, Fashion Street, Clover Center, SGS Mall, Lifestyle, Kumar Pacific Mall


2. Fashion Street, Pune

If you are planning to do street shopping in Pune, you must visit Fashion Street Pune and MG Road in Pune. Fashion Street MG Road Pune is one of the most mainstream nearby markets in Pune.

It is the spot to be to purchase Kurtis, pants, pants, tops, nightwear, watches, gems, shades, footwear, belts, tank tops, shirts, beautifying agents, and sacks. And so on, and you will think that it's everything here.

You may likewise discover clones of your preferred brands here. Get the most stylish trend embellishments, customary dresses at sensible costs.

The paths inside Fashion Street Pune are small and swarmed. You should be cautious about your signs and wallet. They provide cost estimates based upon the sort of client.

So you should arrange and deal well. Here the stalls are around the size of a trial room, so do not expect it here. A significant number of their sizes composed are additionally not exact; don't anticipate that 32 should be wearable as 32. Simply see and trust your judgment.

The vast majority of the merchants, anyway, will co-work to trade it inside 1-2 days in the wake of purchasing. They have a devoted stopping segment as well.

Fashion Street Pune best-place-for-shopping-in-pune

Generally speaking, Fashion Street Shopping Pune is an incredible spot to visit to understand the rush of the side of the road shopping.

Location: Fashion Street Pune, Near Old Poolgate Bus Stand, MG Road, Camp, Pune, India

Direction: Go to Map    

Timings: 10:00am to 9:00 pm the entire days

Specialty: Clothes, western wear, accessories, footwear,

Nearest Shopping Places: Babajan Chowk, Kumar Pacific Mall, Clover Center, SGS Mall, Lifestyle


3. Jaan Mohammed Street (Baba Jaan Street or Baba Jaan Chowk), Pune

Jaan Mohammed Street is likewise famously known as Baba Jaan Street or Baba Jaan Chowk. This road is, for the most part, engaged with the material and its assembling and creation.

There are just about 40-50 shops on this road all enjoying garments and their causes. The fabrics in all the stores originate from better places; a couple of the stores get their materials completely produced from their own plants.

On the off chance that you need Indian customary, western, or social, you can think that it's everything here effortlessly. You can locate here various kinds of shops and all sorts of garment materials.

You will discover a ton of them selling dress materials. They are on the whole entirely sensible, estimated, and have a wide range of kinds of assortments and hues. There are likewise looks for Sherwanis, Stationary, Auto Mobile Spare Parts, dairy.

During Ramadan, the whole road is topped off with nourishment, slows down selling a wide range of indulgences for Iftar, and the paths become one of the most significant Khao Gallis of the city.

Location: Baba Jaan Chowk, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Direction: Go to Map

Nearest Shopping Places: Shivaji Market, Fashion Street, SGS Mall, Kumar Pacific Mall


4. Shivaji Market, Pune

One of the most well-known cosmopolitan markets of Pune city is the Shivaji Market. The assembled route in 1885 by British Lt Jen John Ross and planned by Gen Cecil D'Urban La Touche and W.M Ducat.

The structure is comprised of Greystone rock rocks suggesting a vintage Warriors Fort remaining during the quick-paced city life.

The structure is a legacy building and that was known simply after the PMC chose to take up the remodel work to suit more merchants.

The dull shades of the structure are before long taken over by dim, brilliant new vegetable, and natural products merchants slowing down.


Shivaji Market is situated in the core of the camp and it is our go-to put for new vegetables, foods grown from the ground. This is the spot you gotta visit to find any kind of nearby, universal, extravagant vegetables and natural products.

You will discover slow-down recipes for lemon, coconut, beats, and bananas as well. There are additionally merchants who sell colorful glass churi (bangles) close to the rear passageway of the market.

The market is additionally most popular for its crisp sheep, chicken, meat, and fish items slow down. There are committed segments inside for every one of them.

There are additional shops inside the market which sell Iranian flavors. Indian masalas. Sudanese flavors, Sharbats (cool beverage), dry natural products; Parsi nourishment things Dairy items.

The costs are sensibly reasonable and requesting deals will give you a couple of forceful glares. Anyway, once you become a standard known client, you can anticipate a warm welcome grin from the vast majority of them.

During summer you will likewise locate the acclaimed "Baraf Gola" slow down (squashed ice wrapped on a stick and enhanced substance poured over it) close to the passage.

Most days outside the market there are roads turned into parking lots and stopping is constantly an aggravation. It's ideal to visit this spot by two-wheeler or auto-rickshaw.

On the off chance that you do visit by your four-wheeler, at that point, be set up to stall out for long in rush hour gridlock.

There are likewise stray steers relaxing in the street. The spot looks chaotic the vast majority of the occasions, with streaming sewage, and soil dissipated, anyway; shopping here is a pleasant reviving encounter.

The tweeting sounds, hustle, and clamor of the merchants yelling, kites flying practically over your head; splendid crisp shades of food grown from the ground all mean the shopping experience.

Location: Shivaji Market, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Direction: Go to Map    

Nearest Shopping Places: Babajan Chowk, Fashion Street, SGS Mall, Kumar Pacific Mall


5. Clover Center, Pune

Clover Center shopping complex is situated at MG Road Pune. You can go into it from MG Road and exit towards Moledina Street and the other way around. 

The complex has two equal entries on the primary floor and one entry inside the storm cellar. It has around 300+ little and medium-sized shops selling a wide range of extravagant stuff. 

This is one of the best shopping centers in Pune, here you will discover boutiques, watches, totes, handbags, men's wear, ladies' wear, kids stuff, classical adornments, instruments, blessing shops, wine shops, aromas, athar's, tailors, Kurtis, sherwanis, coats, winter wear, footwear, Arts and specialties.

Location: Clover Center, MG Road, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Direction: Go to Map

Timings: 10:00am to 9:00pm the entire days

Nearest Shopping Places: SGS Mall, Babajan Chowk, Fashion Street, Kumar Pacific Mall, Lifestyle


6. SGS Mall, Pune

SGS Mall Pune stays a priceless retail expansion to MG Road, Pune city, and keeps being a humming place in more than twelve years of activities.

This Mall is incomparable in its feeling and is among the best shopping centers of the nation as far as retail inhabitants and the way it's being overseen.

No big surprise, each driving brand in the nation has spoken to in SGS Mall since its origin and is becoming more grounded in its business.


This mall comprises some of the best shopping brands in the whole city. You'll find numerous shopping options here.

Some of the most loved and fashionable shopping destinations are located in this shopping destination. For all these reasons, it is one of the best shopping destinations in Pune. 

Location: SGS Mall, Moledina Road, Camp, Pune -411001, Maharashtra, India

Direction: Go to Map

Timings: 11 am to 9:30 pm (Monday to Sunday)

Nearest shopping places: MG Road, Lifestyle store, Dorabjee's store, Fashion Street Pune


7. Wonderland, Pune

Wonderland is both a commercial building and a residential building on both roads, i.e. M.G road Pune and East Street Pune. The living arrangements are arranged over the shopping complex.

The shopping complex has its passageways from both sides of the road. A shopping complex is an intriguing place for women.

There are shops identified with apparel, jewelry, purses, handbags, accessories, and so on. There are around 60-70 shops in the Wonderland Complex.


The complex gives individuals an extraordinary assortment of stylish things. It is an incredible spot to shop just as to deal. Most of the materials are self-made by each retailer.

These producers have been running these shops for more than 20-30 years and passing it on into the family. Wonderland isn't only a shopping complex; it is a trademark at M.G Road Pune.

On the off chance that you need to shop quality, you can unquestionably visit Wonderland which will satisfy your necessities of intrigue.

If you are searching for Kurtis, tank tops, underwear, winter wear, travel packs, impersonations, all at an entirely sensible rate, is accessible here.

Location: Wonderland, MG road, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Direction: Go to Map   

Timings: 9:30 am to 10:00 pm (Monday to Sunday)

Nearest shopping places: Clover center, SGS Mall, Babajan Chowk, Fashion Street


8. Poolgate Vegetable Market, Pune

Poolgate Vegetable Market is situated close to the beginning of MG Road. Consistently from morning 8 am this market gets loaded up with merchants selling fresh vegetables and natural products.

The market stays open until around 1 pm in the evening. The earlier you come here, the better assortment of foods grown from the ground you can choose.

The best stuff gets over till around 12 pm. You can deal with the sellers on the costs. The rates here are very sensible. On late nights this spot is totally abandoned and all you will discover is stray cows devouring the extras of the day.

Location: Poolgate Vegetable market, near the old Poolgate Bus Stop, MG Road, Camp Pune, Maharashtra, India

Direction: Go to Map    

Nearest shopping places: Fashion street, Kumar Pacific Mall, and more


Best Fish Aquarium Store in Pune

1. Hooked on Fishes - Mohammed Wadi, Near NIBM, Pune

Hooked on fishes is one of the best shops in Pune to buy fish, fish equipment, aquariums, fish food, and everything else you require for your home tank.

You can rely on Hooked on fishes for all your aquarium needs. Hooked-on fishes provide the best aquarium options to have the best product. They also offer good decorative items for the aquarium. 

Give us a call or send us a WhatsApp message at +91-84519 96739 for amazing offers and an online view of available fish tanks.

Location: The greater good society (GKG Ventures Corinthians club entrance, Mohammed Wadi, Pune-411060, Maharashtra, India

Direction: Go to the shop map

Timings: Monday to Friday, 11:30 am to 4:30 pm. Saturday and Sunday 11:30 am to 08:30 Pm.

Contact #: +91-9823273521 / +91-84519 96739

Available Products & Services: all types of fish, Fish Tank, Goldfish, Feng Shui Fish, Cichlid Fishes, Crowntail Betta Fish, Fish Equipment, Aquarium, Fish Food, Cockatiel Bird, Love birds, Birds, fish tank accessories, gift items, home decor items, and everything else that you require for your fish tank.

Additional Services: Curbside pickup & delivery


A few years back it had an idea of the strolling square, at the end of the week, at night, where individuals could simply come and walk and no vehicles permitted. They later halted that. It is still an extraordinary spot for strolls late at night.

Everywhere throughout the road, you will discover beautiful women looking for their preferred things, which additionally makes it a well-known birdwatching zone (where we get the chance to see genuine ones out of a city nowadays).

It's intensely packed during merry seasons, be it Diwali, Christmas, or New Year, all shops are enlivened and lit up. Stopping (paid) is additionally efficient on the two sides of the road for two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

It's the perfect sort of spot for shopping, spending time with companions, late-night strolls, or simply relaxing. An amazing must-see for everyone visiting Pune.


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People also ask

1. What is famous in Pune for shopping?

Pune is famous for its Marathi Sarees, Kolhapuri Chappals, Maharashtran Naths, Clothes, and accessories. You can buy everything in Pune easily.  

2. What is best place for street shopping in Pune?

Pune is famous for its shopping, and all the above shopping places in Pune are the best to do great street shopping.

3. Which top 5 restaurants in Pune should you travel to during your city tour?

During your Pune Tour, the top five restaurants in the city where you can go are - Tao-Fu, Paasha, Aasmana, Three Kitchens Restuarant & Bar, and Barometer.

4. Which are the top 5 luxury hotels in Pune to get accommodations during your trip?

JW Marriott Hotel, Conrad, Sheraton Grand, Novotelk, and The Westin are the top five luxury hotels in Pune where you can get accommodations during your trip.

5. Which local dishes come on the list of the top 5 famous foods in Pune?

The local dishes of Pune, appearing on the list of the top five famous foods in the city, are - 1. Pithla Bakhri, 2. Bhakarwadi, 3. Dabeli, 4. Mastani Milkshakes, and 5. Bun Maska.

6. Which are the top 5 shopping places worth visiting in Pune?

Fergusson Road Market, Hong Kong Lane, Mahatma Phule Mandai, Lifestyle Stores, and Phoenix Marketcity are the top five shopping places in Pune City worth visiting at least once.

7. Which can be the top 5 places to visit in Pune within two to three days?

The top five places to visit in Pune within two to three days are - 1. Parvati Hill, 2. Aga Khan Palace, 3. Pataleswar Cave Temple, 4. Sinhagad Fort, and 5. Pune-Okayama Friendship Garden.



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