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Best Employee Onboarding Software For New Hires (2024)

Discover the ten best recommendations for employee onboarding software for building an effective workflow

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Hiring new members for your company is one thing, but adjusting them to a new working environment is another challenge. Recruits often feel lost during the first few weeks, even months, as they must adapt to the culture.

Incorporating employee onboarding software can be the solution to help new hires adjust more quickly. They can access many resources and learn the workflow of their new company.

With many AI-driven features, the onboarding process for new hires can run seamlessly and effectively. Below, we’ve rounded up the ten best employee onboarding software to try in 2024.


What is Employee Onboarding Software?

Employee onboarding software is designed to automate the onboarding process and streamline the progress of new hires in an organization. AI tools can help you boost workflow for your team.

Incorporating onboarding software is a win-win solution for HR managers, team leaders, and new employees. With automated systems, the software will help manage the entire onboarding process.

Some standard features in onboarding software include employee document management, scheduling, performance tracking, task management, collaboration tools, and reporting.

With various features, onboarding software can help you manage many things. You can introduce initial jobs, provide orientation, and give training more efficiently.

You can also add vital documents such as the company’s policies and procedures. Consider adding valuable resources like video content or marketing metrics to help new hires learn and practice their new roles.


Best Employee Onboarding Software (2024)

As your company grows, you’ll recruit new members. Ensuring they are well-thought about their roles and company cultures can be all-consuming.

Employee onboarding software can help you save countless hours and educate new hires effectively. Here are the 10 top recommendations you can try in 2024.


1. BambooHR

Image via BambooHR

BambooHR is an HRIS (human resources information system) suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. It consolidates various HR functions. 

It simplifies centralizing all employee information for HR managers, recruitment teams, and general managers in one place.

Users can use its features, such as applicant tracking, time tracking, payroll processing, employee engagement, and employee satisfaction tools, in a single system. 

Besides recruitment and onboarding functionalities, BambooHR offers payroll compensation, employee management processes, and time-off tracking.

Key features:

● Time tracking

● Performance management

● An e-signature systems

● Automation tools to assign onboarding tasks

● Feedback features


2. Enboarder

Image via Enboarder

Enboarder is a well-known brand for onboarding new employees, offering a comprehensive solution. It integrates pre-built engagement features that are beneficial for educating employees. Tim leaders and HR managers can customize training materials and collect employee feedback.

The platform uses an experience-driven approach to foster excitement and connection among new hires. The platform allows you to schedule bonding sessions and seamlessly assign onboarding buddies, facilitating efficient team integration. 

Additionally, Enboarder has an intuitive interface that won’t trouble new users. It enables you to gather reports, allowing you to track the effectiveness of your onboarding strategy over time. 

Key features:

● Data customization

● Personalize training materials

● Analytics and reports

● Third-party communication tools integration

● Survey and feedback templates


3. Appical

Image via Appical

As a highly regarded onboarding platform, Appical has features for onboarding new employees and maintaining their engagement. It has the tools to measure employee data, streamline necessary workflows, and build enduring employee journeys from day one.

The manager toolkit is one of the standout features. It lets HR managers monitor their new hires’ progress and journey through a comprehensive onboarding blueprint and checklist.

Appical also has built-in messaging capabilities. All members can communicate efficiently within the platform, effectively collaborating.

Key features:

● Content and feedback customization

● Interactive content integration (quizzes, games, and training videos)

● Built-in messaging

● Analytics and Reporting

● Employee journey monitor


4. Qualee

Image via Qualee

Qualee is another top-notch onboarding platform with 4+ stars on many review pages. The platform supports desktop and mobile devices, making onboarding more accessible for new hires.

Qualee offers comprehensive tools to help businesses build personalized journeys, manage training content, and interact with team members. 

Key features:

● Easy-to-use interface

● Onboarding content management

● Data visualization

● Analytics and Reporting

● Compliance training

● E-form and e-signature features


5. Workday

Image via Workday

Founded in 2005, Workday is a well-known cloud-based human capital management software. Many recommend this software for medium to large-sized organizations.

Workday is also famous for having an intuitive interface, allowing new users to learn the software faster. It allows users to manage the entire workforce in a single platform. 

You can’t find any pricing information on its website. However, according to some users, the pricing typically begins at $99 per user per month.

Key features:

● Time tracking

● Payroll management

● Advanced analytics 

● HR management

● Data visualization reports


6. Zavvy

Image via Zavvy

Look no further than Zavvy if you’re looking for an all-in-one employee onboarding platform. It aids the complete employee lifecycle by providing features catering to pre and onboarding processes, training, development, and more.

With an intuitive interface, Zavvy simplifies and automates manual processes in many areas, including performance monitoring and reviewing. It also integrates with existing HRMS systems and team collaboration software. 

Key features:

● performance reviews

● Onboarding event scheduling

● Surveys

● In-built feedback and communication tools

● Development features


7. Talmundo

Image via Talmundo

Talmundo is software that transforms the employee onboarding process into a quick one. It helps you create and customize employee roadmaps, allowing you to get started quickly.

Moreover, Talmundo’s interactive to-do lists and engaging quizzes provide an innovative way to digitize the onboarding process while keeping a human touch. 

The software also offers valuable feedback and analytics, enabling you to identify and resolve issues throughout the onboarding cycle.

Key features:

● Engaging in onboarding quizzes

● Interactive to-do lists

● Comprehensive analytics

● Highly customizable.


8. Arcoro

Image via Arcoro

Arcoro offers a streamlined solution for complying with global regulations while enhancing employee productivity and automating HR processes. Its microlearning capabilities simplify recruiting and onboarding protocols.

One of Arcoro’s notable strengths is its recruiting and applicant-tracking features. The features let HR managers hire, screen and communicate with top talents from reputable career posting sites frequently visited by job seekers. 

● Employee tracking features

● Microlearning capabilities

● Payroll and employee benefits management

● In-built communication tools

● Analytics and tracking features


9. HROnboard

Image via HROnboard

HROnboard is a well-known cloud-based solution supporting organizations’ recruitment and onboarding processes. The platform simplifies the transition from hiring to assimilating into the company’s culture.

HROnboard’s standout feature is its HRIS capabilities. It enables HR managers to automate paperwork and generate employee contracts in just a few minutes. Meanwhile, employees can access the appropriate onboarding content more easily.

Key features:

● Task personalization

● Pre onboarding features

● Document management

● Payroll management

● HRMS integration


10. Neogov Onboarding

Image via Neogov

Neogov claims to be an employee onboarding software that ensures day-one readiness for new employees. The platform also supports new employees’ productivity and keeps them engaged throughout the journey. 

Neogov aids new hires in learning the company culture and their role duties. You can share organizational values, reinforce job duties, and assign training content on their first day. The platform also allows you to schedule check-ins for employees.

Key features:

● Applicant tracking solution

● Onboarding solution

● Candidate relationship manager

● Performance management solution

● Learning management system

● Electronic forms management


Investing in employee onboarding software is necessary as you grow your business. You can save countless hours onboarding new hires, managing tasks, and monitoring their performances in one platform.

The Ai-driven tools help you improve employee onboarding and maintain your productivity during busy days. With an intuitive interface and helpful resources, onboarding software helps new employees learn your company culture.

You can find many options on the market. They may offer different features and prices. But those that made it on our list are top-tier in the industry. Some even give free trials for new users before purchasing a plan.

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