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Guest Posting Sites List

Writing articles on various topics, hosting your website, having an audience, and being a modern journalism columnist are all ways to express yourself.

Make them love you for doing your own thing while providing information—changing the world for the better.

Yes. Blogging is a new way of writing and publishing articles online. It is responsible for the internet's current credibility.


When one blogger allows another to publish an article on their blog and link to their website, many websites will accept guest posts. 


Simply put, guest posting entails writing and publishing articles for other websites. The idea is to write for industry-related blogs and direct some traffic back to your website.

Additionally, it benefits search engine optimization (SEO) because it provides opportunities for backlinking. As is widely known, a website's chances of ranking highly increase with the number of backlinks it has.


A guest post is an article that is published on another website. You've probably heard of guest blogging, but have you heard of guest posting?

A guest post differs from a blog post or article. A guest post can range from a short article to a longer, more detailed article.

It could be a lengthy piece of content, a brief video, or even a photo gallery.

In any case, a guest post should assist your brand in establishing credibility and authority with the readers of the third-party website. Guest posts are an excellent way to increase traffic to your site and are beneficial to SEO.


How to Find the Best Guest Posting Sites – Methods Used


List of Google Strings search terms

Search engines are the most common and effective way to find any Web information. So why should locating guest posting websites be any different?


This is one of the best ways to discover websites that accept guest posts. Entering the advanced search query into the search bar is all that is necessary.

Once you have the results for a specific search, you can look through them to choose possible sites and begin the process.


Guest post site keywords query


The search engine has a variety of search operators, which we have included below for your convenience to use that business-related search term to identify guest posting websites.


● "Write for us" plus "general travel advice."

● could you write to us + legal firm?

● Write legal blogs for us. Law guest posting is permitted writing for us

● a pet to write for us

● write for us + automotive "write for us" blog

● write for us on sports blogs

● write for us + be healthy + author post

● the beauty

● write to us at the URL

● home enhancement visitor blog

● E-commerce writing for us

● write for us and run a tiny company

● write for us startups

● write for us in the URL with business

● children's "write for us" and parenting "guest post."


For Categories Search – Add a category name along with a query.


● Technology "Write for us" plus "technology."

● "Blogs about technology that allow guest posting."

● Sites for Guest Posting Promotion

● blogs for marketing that welcome guest blogging

● "Blogs on finance that allow guest posting."

● Guest Blogging Sites for Finance

● places for technical guest posting

Featured on or Guest Post Pages

Checking a website's featured section is another intriguing way to uncover guest post pages. As you can see, most websites list every blog or website where their work is presented.

All the listed blogs or websites are those that permit guest posting.

The majority of the bloggers indicated the websites where they had been highlighted.

Consequently, whenever you are browsing a website, check if they have mentioned any blogs they have featured in.

Also, make it a point to compile a list of all the pages with guest posts that you come across.


Competitor Backlinks

If you use the right tools, this strategy may be pretty effective. You may find all of the backlinks a website has by simply entering the URL of your rival.

You can use SEMRush to locate the backlinks, but choosing the appropriate tool is crucial. Using this method, you may examine any website's backlinks and discover some excellent prospects for guest writing.

The most crucial element of this method is your ability to locate the guest posting websites and authors among that lengthy list.

Though difficult, it is not unattainable. You may uncover some top-notch and trustworthy websites that welcome guest posts with some research and effort.


There are website lists which are as follows:


1. Top Shopping Guest Posting Sites List


● No Starch Press

● Shopplax

● Dazzling Point

● Styles Weekly


2. Top travel Guest Posting Sites Lists

● Luxurylaunches

● TravelPulse

● Asia Times




3. Top food Guest Posting Sites Lists

● Muscle & Fitness

● Food Tank

● Food Safety News

● VegNews

● Kitchen


4. Top Fashion Guest Posting Sites Lists

● Business of Fashion

● Next Luxury

● College Fashion

● Fibre2Fashion

● The Fashion Police


5. Top Blogging Guest posting Sites Lists

● Creative Bloq

● B2Bmarketing

● Thesitegirls 

● CoSchedule

● The Blog Herald


6. Top lifestyle Guest posting Sites Lists

● Ultra Updates

● Pinstripe Magazine

● JewelsNext


● The Art of Living Foundation


7. Top entertainment Guest posting Sites Lists

● Metro

● ScreenRant

● HelloGiggles

● Autostraddle



8. Top education Guest posting Sites Lists


● Lean Forward

● ProProfs

● EdSurge

● Edutopia



9. Top casino Guest posting Sites Lists







10. Top Poker Guest posting Sites Lists







11. Top Cryptocurrency Guest posting Sites Lists

● coinDesk

● CoinTelegraph

● CryptoCoin News

● NewsBTC

● Coinbase

12. Top Digital Marketing Guest posting Sites Lists

●     Smashing Magazine

●     Business 2 Community

●     ProjectCubicle

●     Business Insider

●     Freshdesk

13. Top health and fitness Guest posting Sites Lists

●     Mind Body Green

●     Fitness Magazine

●     Breaking Muscle

●     Yoga Basics

●     Wealthy Gorilla

14. Top business and finance Guest posting Sites Lists




●     openDemocracy

●     Money Crashers

15. Top real estate Guest posting Sites Lists

●     MyFancyHouse

●     Money Crashers

●     Real Wealth Business

●     Grown and Flown

●     Flex House

16. Top technology Guest posting Sites Lists

●     Smashing Magazine

●     Tuts+

●     Business 2 Community

●     ProjectCubicle

●     Business Insider

17. Top web design Guest posting Sites Lists






18. Top family Guest posting Sites Lists

●     CafeMom

●     Busy Creating Memories

●     TakeLessons

●     Red Letter Christians

●     Working Mother

19. Top photography Guest posting Sites Lists







Top dogs and pets Guest posting Sites Lists

●     Listverse

●     One Green Planet

●     The Spruce Pets

●     Petfinder

●     Petful


How to Get Success in Guest Posting

You should follow the procedure that will enable you to be successful in your endeavors if you want to invite a guest writer to write for your website.

To connect with other blogs for guest blogging, you should email professionally to communicate with the blogger or editor.

Your writing should be clear and concise. Adopting a "Youth" perspective is preferable when requesting approval for blog posts. To effectively upload your articles,

you must complete the steps listed below.

● Examine the website's niche before submitting a guest post there.

● When requesting a guest article, provide an explicit request.

● Wait for the recipient to respond.

● During the dialogue, use patience.


The Benefits of Guest Blogging

Here are a few advantages of guest blogging, some of which are well known:

● for obtaining backlinks that are high-quality, targeted, and specialized

● To increase our website's domain authority (DA) and search engine results for targeted pages and search phrases. To attract more relevant traffic to our website.

● For the sake of branding

● to engage with their blog readers and form ties with other bloggers

● To demonstrate knowledge of a specific subject or enhance your general writing abilities.


Best Practices to Get Your Guest Blog Posted

1. Advance your field of expertise.

It would be beneficial if you set yourself out from your competitors. Become an authority in your subject, then provide unique content to validate and give credibility to your blogs.


2. Craft a compelling pitch

Make a customized pitch. To establish credibility and knowledge, research the company you pitch to, its website's blogs, and its audience.


3. Consider your network and connections.

Even if a newspaper rejects your pitch for a guest post, you may still develop your network and keep up your relationships in the hope that a different article you write in the future will be accepted.


Do's and Don't of Guest posting.

1. Do visit their blog: 


One of the most crucial steps before approaching a site owner with your pitch is to take care of this. You must be aware of your readership when writing.

And reading their blog is the only way to accomplish it.

You can gauge the quality of their writing, tone, and—most importantly—the subjects they have addressed by reading their blogs.

If you keep a similar style to them, there is a reasonable probability that their site may showcase your stuff.


2. Do produce original material.


To be included on their blog, your content must be remarkable. No website owner will ever post poor content.

They receive hundreds of pitches daily, so you must ensure that your material is particular if you want them to take notice of your pitch. So email them your brilliant ideas before submitting your essay.

You will benefit only from high-quality information. Therefore, research what appeals to their audience and tailor your material to suit.


3. Do establish a connection


You must establish a rapport with them before sending them your proposal. After all, establishing a few contacts and acquaintances inside the field is not terrible.

Being acquainted with the site's editors is usually a brilliant idea. Your material has a greater probability of being approved.

Additionally, it will serve as a bridge for upcoming partnerships. Start by communicating with the site's administrators and editors on social media.


4. Make sure to include a catchy subject line and title.


To get the editor's attention, use intriguing and engaging subject lines. A compelling subject line will encourage the editor to read your email in full.

To pique the curiosity of your prospective audience, you must ensure that your blog post's title is equally original and intriguing as the subject line of your emails.


5. Do adhere to the rules. 


Every website owner often gives guest bloggers a set of rules to abide by. Therefore, you must make sure that you adhere to all of those guidelines.

Because occasionally, they could reject your stuff if you don't comply.

Keep in mind that they are hosting you on their website and that they are more familiar with the readers than you are.

Therefore, the recommendations will only improve the attraction of the information to its readership.


1. Do not spam the blog.


People typically believe guest posting is obsolete because of many black hat SEO tactics. But that is not at all how things are.

Avoid cramming your content with keywords and links if you want guest posting to be a successful tactic. Articles should be written for readers, not search engines.


2. Avoid writing on subjects that have already been covered.


Why bother writing on subjects that have previously been discussed? Writing on a subject previously covered on the internet serves no purpose.

There are slim possibilities of your issue being approved because their audience would have previously read about it.

Therefore, conduct research and write on novel issues that will enrich the blog and better the knowledge of the new audience.


3. Avoid sending everyone duplicate emails and postings in bulk.


It's not nice to send bulk emails to all website owners. Additionally, there is a reasonable risk that your email may get in the spam bin.

People can immediately detect bulk emails. Therefore they delete them without even reading the contents.

Therefore, cease sending out bulk emails if you don't want to be in this predicament. People prefer customized emails over generic ones and always appreciate a little effort.

It's important to note that not every website has the same audience as your issue. So it might not be a good idea to send the same topic to all the sites. So please don't do it.

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