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Six ways to figure out the material of your Glasses lenses

The lens material of your new glasses is the last item on your mind when you purchase them. You consider going to the eye doctor, keeping your prescription, selecting your new frames, and all the benefits like anti-reflective or anti-fog coating. Then you put them on, and that's it.

However, the material of the lenses has a surprising impact on how you should care for them, what products you can use on them, and how you should fix them if they get scratched or frame damaged. Do you know what your own lens crafter's default setting is? Do you have glass or plastic lenses on?

Finding out if the lenses are plastic or Glass does not require a science degree; it only requires a few investigation skills, whether you are looking into your current pair of glasses or a vintage pair you discovered in your attic. Here are seven quick ways to test the composition of your Glasses Lenses.

How to Identify Glasses Lens Materials? 6 ways to figure out !

Ask an optometrist

You may always ask someone whose job is to know lenses inside and out if you need help figuring it out or want to be very sure before using a product rated for only Glass or plastic.

Your optician is this person. What is an optometrist? They are not the ones who examine your eyes. Instead, an optician is the kind employee at an eyeglass store that helps you choose a pair of frames, notes where the focus is on each eye, and assists you in adjusting glasses on your face once they are eventually delivered.

These eye doctors are accustomed to educating customers about high-index lens options. They don't lie about the material and guide honestly.

So, you can ask them about the material you are holding, and they'll guide you. What to do if an optometrist is not available in the store? Don't worry; you can also identify the material on your own. Just follow the points below.

Verify the weight

There is one test between plastic and glass lenses that will always tell the truth, even if you were comparing two otherwise identical brand-new lenses with no scratches and a similar sound response (which might happen with rigid plastic lenses).

In part, Glass can achieve higher indices because it is intrinsically heavier than plastic. So, verify the weight if you want to know the material of your lenses. We recommend plastic because its light weight makes it easy to carry, and you'll feel no weight on your face. 

Your Teeth, Tap

Sometimes a technique gains popularity because it is simple and always accessible. There is one test procedure that has been handed down through the generations and produces answers that are generally trustworthy.

All you need to do is to use an always-available tool, a lens, to tap against your teeth. It is more likely that the lenses are made of Glass if they have a faint ringing sound.

They are undoubtedly plastic if they produce a soft "thunk." So, after hearing the sound, you can quickly identify that you are holding a plastic or a glass lens in your hand. 

The number of scratches

Surface hardness is one of the primary distinctions between plastic and Glass. Due to the natural softness of plastic, which makes it more popular, it is also much more likely to scratch. For this reason, plastic lenses typically have some anti-scratch coating.

If you have ancient lenses, they might not have this coating, and if they have a lot of scratches, they come from an older model of plastic lenses. So, the number of scratches will also help you know whether the material you hold is plastic or Glass. 

Use a Small Metal Object to Tap It.

Plastic and Glass differ, most obviously in how they transmit sound upon light, with abrupt impact. Plastic is softer than Glass and doesn't reverberate as loudly when impacted.

Glass is noted for its distinctive ringing sound or, at the absolute least, a mild "tink," but plastic almost always makes a soft "thud," even with light taps.

Take a small, rounded metal object, such as a penny or wedding ring, to conduct this test. To avoid interfering with resonance, gently place the glasses on one earpiece and touch one of the lenses. The lenses are probably made of Glass if the sound is clear and high-pitched.

Examine Scratching Them

The last technique, which you might not need to do but might be entertaining if you are using an old pair that you don't intend to wear, is figuratively testing the scratch resistance.

Instead of counting and guessing, try marking the edge of one of the lenses with a small and sharp knife. It is plastic if you can make a scratch on it. If not, they are most likely made of hard plastic or Glass.

Knowing precisely what your glasses are constructed of would help you take good care of them & know what to do if they are damaged.

You wouldn't want to leave plastic eyeglasses in a moving vehicle for fear that they might soften and become deformed, and the same goes for using the incorrect scratch repair on glass lenses. Contact us right away for more advice about wearing glasses!


There are six ways to help you identify the material of your eyeglasses lenses. The main thing you should do is you can ask an optometrist about the material. You can easily find one in the store, and that person will guide you.

If the optometrist is unavailable in the store, you should verify the weight to check the material. You should also do the teeth tap and check the number of scratches.

Also, that would help if you did a small metal object to tap it, and you can also examine scratching them. So, all these things will help you identify your eyeglasses lenses' material.

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